Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1016: break the formation (10)


After Giant Sword stabbed Wubao this time, there was no Wubao to block it. Instead, it rushed out from the other side of Wubao. Then the flying sword made another very flexible turn. After a stab, After entering the dock, and then turning around, after several times, the dock finally exploded with with a bang sound occur, and the entire dock was completely blown up. This is because the formation in the dock was destroyed, and the Yin-Yang of the French in the formation The balance was completely destroyed, so formation exploded, which caused the Wubao to also explode.

Then Nawu Fort exploded, and today’s battle was officially over. Zhao Hai directly called Giant Sword back, and Mao Xuan responded to them there, but there was not much reaction. It was just another failure. , they have long been accustomed to it, so even Shadow Sovereign didn’t show anything special. On the contrary, Shadow Sovereign nearest/recent began to send people into Void World there to start raising refine metal and making formation rune. He must further strengthen the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation. Strength, only then can they fight against Blood Slaughter Sect.

For this situation, Mao Xuanying will certainly not object. This method can indeed improve their formation rune Might. In other words, equal to is improving his strength. Of course, he is happy, and this time they don’t need it. Then long time, after all, they have a lot of metal left after they were refined before, and Mao Xuanying also proposed to replace all the formation rune in the Wubao that were not destroyed with ordinary formation rune, and those replaced The formation rune, after going through Refining, is remade into a suitable formation rune and installed on those Divine Beast, so that they can save a lot of time. As for whether the power of those docks will be affected, it will not be affected too much. Big impact, after all, those docks are mainly used for fighting. Now those docks absorb energy from Imperial City here for combat, so any formation rune can be used on those docks, so this will not affect the fighting strength of the docks.

In addition to this method, they are also thinking of other ways to see if they can use other methods to improve the Might of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations at a time. Finally, after the efforts of Mao Xuanying and others, research, they all decided to add the seven twelve Earthly Fiend array to the French in the formation. The seven twelve Earthly Fiend in the formation formation rune will be made of ordinary metals first. If there are opportunity in the future, they will slowly be replaced with metals extracted from void magnets. , I believe their formation and Might will definitely be even bigger.

If they can really arrange the Earthly Fiend seven twelve array, then they will have a Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend array for equal to. This is definitely a good news for Shadow Clansman, and Shadow Sovereign also fully supports this kind of array. practice, so their Earthly Fiend seven twelve array has officially started to be produced, except that it is Blood Slaughter Sect and don’t know. This time in order to prevent people from Blood Slaughter Sect from knowing what they are doing, they will normally will carve this Magic with flowers. Open it in order to prevent people from Blood Slaughter Sect from seeing what they are doing. Zhao Hai doesn’t care about this. He is just keeping the same in response to changes. He really wants to see what Shadow Clansman can do, so he does this After recovering Giant Sword once, I went directly to rest.

Early the next morning, Zhao Hai came to Command Hall here early, and White Eyes and others also arrived. Everyone saluted simultaneously at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nodded, and then he look at a few people said:yesterday After listening to my words, you guys Any ideas? ”

When Zhao Hai said this, Ding Chunming all looked at each other, and then Ding Chunming open the mouth and said: “Young Master, after listening to your words, I yesterday also thought a lot, I suddenly just discover, our understanding of Law seems to be It’s still a little bit short. All of us have understood Law. We have also been working on comprehend‘s Law, but for Law, we have not done it. We believe what Young Master said, and we have not integrated our will into Law. , so our Law Might has not been fully utilized.”

Zhao Hai nodded said: “Indeed, if Strength of Law integrates will, then Might will be even bigger, and we cultivator can practice to degree of comprehend Law, no one’s spiritual will is bad, so integrate will Being in Law is indeed very beneficial to us. correct/pretty good is very good. If you can think of these, it is already very good.”

Ding Chunming They all nodded, Ding Chunming and then open the mouth and said: “But Young Master, what will happen after we integrate our will into Law? How will our future path go? I am a little confused now.” Ding Chunming is one of them Among them, except for Zhao Hai, he is the strongest, but it is precisely because of this that he will fall into this confusion, because he discover, if they really integrate Law with will combined together, they will really let themselves The strength of formidable has become extremely strong, so what should they do next? He was thinking about don’t understand, so Ding Chunming asked Zhao Hai. When the others heard Ding Chunming ask this, they all also look at Zhao Hai. This was also the question they wanted to know. When Zhao Hai heard what they said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he said solemnly: “To be honest, I haven’t thought about the future, because I haven’t given a Law to a complete comprehend understand. We can integrate our will into Law, but what exactly does Law and comprehend mean?” degree is the end. I am still don’t know about this, because the more comprehend I go, the more profound I feel the Law. If I want to fully penetrate the Law to the comprehend, I still can’t do it now, let alone the future. On the way.” Zhao Hai is not in talk nonsense, because he has not revealed Law to comprehend yet.


White Eyes and the others were silent after hearing what Zhao Hai said. They knew the strength of Zhao Hai. They really couldn’t tell how strong Zhao Hai was now, but one thing was certain, that was Zhao Hai Compared with them, their strength is no longer on the same level. It is precisely because of this that when they heard Zhao Hai say this, they became silent, because Zhao Hai all saw the way to the end, and they actually thought, I How will they go after this road comes to an end? They can’t even reach the level of Zhao Hai now, let alone come to an end on this road, so they behave like this.

Zhao Hai turned around and glanced at White Eyes and the others, then slightly smiled said: “All right, don’t think so much, you have actually done a good job. The reason why you ask this is because you haven’t reached this step yet, as if You are walking. When you first walked this road, you thought you would reach the end of the road soon, but when you started walking forward, you were just discover. This road is very long. How long is it? You simply don’t know, and even don’t know yourself how long can reach the end of the road. By that time, you will not think so, and I will not think about that. We have to go to the end of this road first, maybe this When the road comes to an end, we will naturally see another road. If there is really no other road, then we will build a road ourselves. You must remember that no matter what, we cannot stop, because once But you stop once, you is possible discover, stop very relax, you is possible don’t want to move anymore, but this kind of comfort does not come at a price, is possible wait for you When you want to leave in the future, you will discover, you I no longer have the energy to move forward, understand? “Everyone simultaneously responded.

They all mean understand Zhao Hai. Training is like that path. They are now although comprehend Law, but they have just embarked on this path. They now think that they will soon reach the end of this path. But in fact, this road is much longer than they imagined, so Zhao Hai told them not to worry, let alone stop. Once they stop, they may not have the energy to continue advancing in the future. This is exactly what Zhao Hai doesn’t want to see.

Ding Chunming and the others can say that they are all the a batch people in Blood Slaughter Sect who are the most loyal to Zhao Hai and also the strongest, and are trusted aide of Zhao Hai. It is precisely because of this that Zhao Hai will tell them this, like Ding Chunming and them These people actually don’t need specific‘s guidance, such as teaching them how to practice. Their strength lies in there. simply doesn’t need to guide them. On the contrary, guidance like this from a high position is for them. Talking is the most useful thing.

Zhao Hai glanced at Ding Chunming and them, then slightly smiled said: “Actually, I would like to thank Shadow Clansman. These Shadow Clansman have indeed given us a lot of enlighten(ment).” After speaking, Zhao Hai glanced at everyone, and everyone Hearing what Zhao Hai said, they were all stunned, and then they all looked puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at, then slightly smiled said: “It’s actually very simple, Shadow Clansman used these Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations so well this time , this is something I didn’t expect, and you didn’t expect it, right? And from this matter, I saw one thing, which is about practice, whether it is Law, formation, Cultivation Method, anything. thing, if you use pinnacle, it can play a role far beyond your imagination, just like this Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation, Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation, is it a Might huge formation? Not necessarily, we used to? This kind of formation is almost not used, firstly because it is very troublesome to arrange, and secondly because the Might of this kind of formation is not very big, but why does Shadow Clansman bring us so much trouble after using this kind of formation? It’s very simple. Their formation uses pinnacle, which is why the formation Might becomes so big. So what will happen if we use Law to pinnacle to get the simplest penetration? Let’s take Law. If we use this Law with pinnacle, will this Law directly penetrate the Space? If we can really use this degree with the Law, then will we? Can we directly penetrate Space and check it in other Space? Then can we check it in Space which is more high level? That’s why I said, Shadow Clansman gives us a lot of enlighten(ment).”

When everyone heard Zhao Hai say this, they were all stunned, and then they all nodded. It is indeed the case. Ding Chunming still dare not imagine what kind of situation one type of will be after Law of Strength reaches pinnacle. What will happen? You can’t really do it, hate the sky and the earth for the degree? If he really reaches that kind of degree, what will he do? What changes will happen to Heaven and Earth here? He really couldn’t imagine it. ()


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