Blade of the Sword Master Chapter 4440: New game





Looking at the little girl’s sweet smile, Xiao Chen and the others frowned slightly.


Although I have guessed the little girl’s ability right now, it is still not an easy task to really win.


After all, although the rules also restrict the little girl, the use of these rules is obviously much stronger than the little girl.


It’s like the same martial art, one person has practiced it for many years, while the other person is new to it, can the result be the same?


But right now, if you want to leave here successfully, this is the only way you can go.


As the little girl’s voice fell, the surrounding scene changed again, and soon everyone came to a grassland.


There is green grass all around, and there is nothing but a big tree directly in front of it.


You can see the end at a glance, and everything you can see is green grassland.


The scenery is indeed good, but at the moment everyone is obviously not in the mood to watch these scenery.


The eyes were fixed on the little girl, facing everyone’s attention, the little girl didn’t care, and she still smiled brightly.


“The third game, I will also play in person.”


Since Xiao Chen and the others had already guessed her ability, the little girl no longer concealed it or demonstrated anything, but participated in the game openly.


The rules of the game are also very simple. The little girl turns her back to the big tree, counts to three, and then turns her head. Everyone must stop the moment they turn their heads.


Once someone moves, they will be directly killed by the rules.


“Isn’t it very simple?”


It was said that Xiao Chen and the others didn’t reply, it was indeed very simple, and according to the rules, no matter who they were, as long as they could touch the little girl’s body, they would be considered as winners.


The little girl can no longer stop everyone, and all the treasures on this continent belong to everyone.


After introducing the rules, the little girl asked again.


“How about it? Is there any problem? You have to be careful in this level, you will really die.”


It has already been made very clear. Once a mistake is made, the rules will kill it directly, no matter what cultivation level it is, including Bailian and Lu Ze.


Of course, if she wins, the little girl must abide by the rules and must not deal with Xiao Chen and the others.


“Let’s get started.”


Hearing this, Xiao Chen said lightly, the little girl smiled sweetly at this, and then went to the big tree on her own, with her back to the big tree. A hundred meters away.


The rules here are even more strange, except for spiritual power, source power, power of law, and even physical power have disappeared.


In other words, the current Xiao Chen and others are actually no different from ordinary people.


Without a bit of strength, the speed is naturally the same as that of ordinary people.


This can be regarded as a limitation of the rules, otherwise, if you still retain the power of your body, even without the blessing of spiritual power and source power, the distance of 100 meters is just a blink of an eye for everyone.


Perhaps before the little girl could open her mouth, everyone had already come behind her. If this happened, there would be no way to continue the game.


The rules cannot be broken, only accepted. Following the little girl’s voice, Xiao Chen and the others also rushed forward.




The speed is not considered fast, which was discussed before, after all, this game is not a fast game.


After counting the first word, the little girl lost her voice. Obviously, the rhythm is also under her control, and she changed the rhythm deliberately and randomly.


Paused for about a few breaths, the little girl behind quickly finished counting two numbers, and then turned her head abruptly, and everyone stopped their movements for the first time, standing in place one by one, as if petrified.


“It’s nothing difficult.”


At this time, several masters were sneering in their hearts. What is so difficult about such a game? Isn’t it possible to succeed casually?


To be honest, there is no comparison with the previous two games at all, the difficulty is too low, not to mention that they have guessed the little girl’s ability now, so it is even more impossible to lose.


Just before they were happy, suddenly, the green grass under their feet seemed to come alive.


In an instant, it became like a sharp sword, and began to cut the feet of everyone.


Because they don’t even have physical strength, every time these grasses pass by, a bloodstain will appear on everyone’s feet.


It quickly became bloody.


And I don’t know if there is any other reason, these wounds are extremely painful, unbearable, and there is a burning feeling.


One of the masters couldn’t bear it anymore, and moved his feet a little, and the little girl laughed immediately.


“You moved.”


It is indeed moving, although the movement is not big, or even completely negligible, but if it moves, it is moving.


Following the little girl’s voice, before the master could respond, the grass below suddenly grew rapidly, and instantly seemed to turn into a sharp sword, killing her on the spot.


Even the corpse has turned into a pile of flesh and blood, completely invisible.


Seeing this scene, everyone gasped. It was just a matter of two or three breaths, but a powerful ruler was killed in front of them like this.


Everyone gritted their teeth and tried their best to restrain their emotions, but the little girl still smiled sweetly and said.




Then turned his head and continued to start a new round.


The moment the little girl turned her head, everyone moved instantly, but this time, the little girl was very fast, counting three numbers almost instantly, and then turned her head abruptly.


Another master didn’t stop his body movements immediately. The moment the little girl turned her head, her feet still moved.


It can be said that it was almost at the same time, but the little girl still saw it, with a sweet smile on her face.


“You moved too.”


As he spoke, the grass under his feet grew again just like before.


But this time, seeing this, another companion next to him jumped up immediately, wanting to save but in exchange for the same attack from Qingcao.


Can’t move, even to save people, seeing this scene, Xiao Chen and others gritted their teeth, but they didn’t move at all.


In the end, the two masters were directly killed without any resistance.


Rules are indestructible, everyone has already learned this, even Bai Lian and Lu Ze are very clear.


Even if two people fight, they won’t be able to save anyone, and they will even risk their own lives in vain.


The little girl reminded everyone with a smile.


“Don’t break the rules of the game.”


As he spoke, he turned his head again, and Xiao Chen and the others felt the original wound on his foot again at this time, and it began to become extremely itchy, making him want to scratch him uncontrollably, but at this time it must be Can’t move, and this is undoubtedly the little girl’s method.


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