Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11676:

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If nothing else, at least in terms of physical strength, it can definitely be ranked high.

He was actually knocked unconscious by a freshman a slap?

Lin Yi glanced at Xue Gang: “presently, can you teach me how to dominate the body? If not, then I will drop the class.”

Heavenly Dao Academy stipulates that students can withdraw from the course at any time within two days after registering for the course.

It’s true that he came here for Xue Gang, but if Xue Gang made up his mind not to give guidance personally, then there is no need to stay here and waste time.

“Wait a minute.”

Xue Gang stood up suddenly, and the next second he hit Lin Yi like a humanoid cannonball.

A powerful sense of oppression hit his face, and Lin Yi instinctively had the urge to retreat, but was forcibly stopped.

“Not bad at all!”

Xue Gang praised, then suddenly reached out and pinched Lin Yi‘s shoulders.

Lin Yi’s expression changed.

Since he became a god, he has basically never suffered any losses in the physical aspect. No matter what kind of enemy he faces, no matter how strong or weak he is, at least in the physical aspect, he will always take advantage.

But at this moment, Xue Gang pinched his shoulder, and his physical strength, which he had always been proud of, was suppressed in all directions!

Every bone in the body began to rattle and scream feebly.

This suffocating feeling of powerlessness has been a long time coming for Lin Yi.

The person who can become the tutor of Heavenly Dao Academy is indeed different from Xiaoke!

Soon, Xue Gang let go of Lin Yi, his eyes ecstatic: “Intermediate divine body! A freshman who has just been admitted to the hospital actually has an intermediate divine body. There is such an outrageous thing in the world!”

Lin Yi felt a chill in his heart.

The intermediate divine body is one of his trump cards in important. Although it is not as sensational as the new World when exposed, he will not show it easily unless it is absolutely necessary.

Even if ordinary people saw him taking action, at best they would think of his physical strength, nothing more.

After being pleasantly surprised, Xue Gang reacted after noticing Lin Yi’s‘s expression: “Don’t be nervous, there are many people with divine bodies in the hospital.”

As he spoke, golden patterns flashed all over his body, and a domineering physical aura was immediately released without reservation.

Under the close range impact, even though Lin Yi has an intermediate divine body, he couldn’t help but have a stress reaction.


A strong thought immediately hit my scalp.

advanced divine body!”

Lin Yi couldn’t help but be stunned. He had never seen the divine body of advanced, but he knew clearly that the other party was the undoubted divine body of advanced!

“Why are you surprised? Father is also a strong person in the divine realm after all, and he specializes in hegemonic body. Is it strange to get a advanced divine body?”

Xue Gang looked unconcerned.

Becoming a tutor in Heavenly Dao Academy does not require you to be a strong person in the divine realm. It is not uncommon for senior students who have not graduated from formal to become tutors and teach in the forum.

Of course, most of them are serious god-level experts.

However, even if you are a strong person in the divine realm, not everyone can develop a divine body, let alone a advanced divine body.

Lin Yi can conclude that even if we look at the entire Heavenly Dao academy camp, including all the Heavenly Dao big shot and god-level experts, those with advanced divine bodies are definitely rare.

The Overlord Xue Gang in front of me is really talented.

Xue Gang looked him up and down and sighed: “But you, a freshman, have an intermediate divine body. This is very unusual.”

Lin Yi was about to open his mouth to explain a few words, but he didn’t give him a chance at all and couldn’t wait to say: “Come on, come on! I will personally teach you the dominance of the body! I will send you to the next battle of the dominance of the body!”

Lin Yi was stunned: “Hegemony battle?”

Hegemony battle, as the name suggests, is a battle of hegemony. In the Heavenly Dao academy, this is also known as a battle for tough guys.

The last physical battle between the two mentors, Xue Gang and Lu Tianya, caused a collective sensation in the entire Heavenly Dao academy.

Those passionate scenes are still talked about today.

Before Xue Gang could answer, a hand suddenly raised from the ground: “Master Xue! Didn’t you agree to let me fight in this hegemonic battle? Master Xue, you can’t keep your word!”

The one who spoke was Wei Zhen, who had just been stunned by Lin Yi a slap.

Xue Gang glanced at him: “I told you, you can’t do it.”

“Why can’t I do it? I am your best student, Master Xue. In your eyes, am I still no better than his freshman? Why?”

Wei Zhen stood up suddenly, with arrogance coming out of his body.

Xue Gang was stunned for a moment and said quietly: “You are my best student, so who does Lu Tianya mean?”

Wei Zhen said loudly: “He can’t count, he is a traitor!”

Lin Yi was surprised when he heard this.

Listen to this, Lu Tianya, who just defeated Xue Gang a while ago, turned out to be Xue Gang’s student?

There is such an inside story?

Defeating the mentor with student, especially with such a subversive style, will indeed cause a huge blow to people. It is understandable that Xue Gang was unable to recover because of this.

Wei Zhenyue said more and more angrily: “What miserable state was he, Lu Tianya, back then? If Master Xue hadn’t saved him, he would have died in the demon battlefield long ago. When he came back, he wouldn’t even be able to get a single credit. It was all thanks to Master Xue. With your support, you also taught him body control for free, he presently paying kindness with enmity…”

“Shut up! Isn’t that embarrassing enough?”

Xue Gang gave a cold shout and said in a deep voice: “If you are inferior to others, you have to admit it. If you start chirping like a girl here again, get out.”

One sentence can change Lin Yi‘s outlook.

Being willing to accept defeat is a good quality. If the other party insists and refuses to admit defeat, Lin Yi should really think about it.

Wei Zhen hesitated to speak, but after taking a look at Xue Gang’s face, he finally chose to shut up angrily.

Xue Gang looked at Lin Yi again and said calmly: “When I lost to Lu Tianya, it was because of my lack of personal strength, not because my body was lost to his Thanos. You have to understand this.”

Lin Yi nodded: “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have signed up for your physical class.”

Xue Gang’s eyes lit up: “You have a lot of vision.”

“You have a good talent. With me teaching myself, you will be able to master the essentials of **** in less than ten days. After another half month of polishing, you will be able to enter the palace.”

“If you can win the physical dominance battle at the end of the month, not only will I waive your credits, but I will also teach you my ultimate physical dominance skills. How about that?”

Before Lin Yi could agree, Wei Zhen couldn’t hold it in any longer: “Master Xue! Didn’t you promise to teach me the dominating physical skills? How could you pass it on to him?”

Xue Gang glanced at him, and Wei Zhen suddenly didn’t dare to speak again.

Lin Yi asked: “What is the hegemony skill?”

In his understanding, the hegemonic body is a pure status paradigm. The effect of immune control is very strong, but that’s all.

Xue Gang didn’t speak, he just stretched out a finger and tapped it on the ground.

Lin Yi didn’t know why at first.

But the next second, even Lin Yi suddenly shuddered.

There is a hole as thick as a finger on the ground.


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