Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11675:

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Chu Yunfan felt awkward for the first time: “It’s not that I don’t want to teach you personally, but it’s best if you have a certain foundation before I show you.”

Looking at Taxi Wushuang winking at him, Lin Yi understood immediately.

I know how to use it but I can’t teach it.

Shi Wushuang whispered: “Do you think that our mentors have average talents and are passionate and inspirational hard-working people who climbed up from the bottom step by step with efforts far beyond ordinary people?”

Lin Yi didn’t respond, but subconsciously that’s what he thought.

Chu Yunfan has always given people the impression that he is relatively dogmatic and rigid. He has no deep background but has been able to reach the position of deputy Director. No matter how you look at it, he is a model of hard work and counterattack.

“Then you are totally wrong.”

Shi Wushuang said cautiously: “Our mentor’s talent is astonishing in the past and present. Even Director is full of praise. Director once said personally that he is the most talented person he has ever seen, no one.”

Lin Yi was surprised: “That’s no wonder.”

It is really difficult for someone with extraordinary talent to come up with a paradigm like teaching.

After all, in the eyes of others, the difficulty of these things is about the same as one plus one, and they have no idea what the difficulty is in the eyes of ordinary people.

Shi Wushuang covered his mouth and said: “I have been bothering my mentor for a long time and asked him to teach me the paradigm in person. How can I say the effect? ​​It is better to learn by myself.”


Chu Yunfan’s hand that was pouring tea shook: “That’s too much.”

However, there is no refutation of Shi Wushuang’s description.

In the end, Lin Yi spent two hundred credits and signed up for Xue Gang’s course.

Overlord secret realm.

This is Overlord Xue Gang’s personal secret realm, and it is also the classroom where Ba Ti teaches.

In the past, this was the holy land of **** in the minds of many people in Heavenly Dao Academy. Only those who came out of here could develop a truly powerful body.

In comparison, other so-called hegemonic classes can be regarded as parallel imports.

Therefore, even if there is a threshold of two hundred credits, there is always an endless stream of people here.

However, right now, it is empty.

A tall middle-aged man sits on the main seat in the center of the secret realm. From his perspective, he can overlook the entire secret realm and have an unobstructed view.

He is Xue Gang.

However, at this time, the momentum of this Overlord was far less impressive than before. Instead, he felt desolate and desolate, as if no one cared about him.

“Lu Tianya!”

Three words popped out from between Xue Gang’s teeth, and there was undisguised hatred between his teeth!

“Master Xue, don’t worry, the villain Lu Tianya has succeeded, he won’t be proud for long, this place student will definitely help you get it back!”

A strong man with an iron tower beside him said.

Xue Gang glanced at him and shook his head: “You can’t.”

The person in front of me is one of the few student who is still willing to continue training with him after he was defeated by Lu Tianya in the Hegemony Battle. His name is Wei Zhen.

Wei Zhen’s qualifications are not bad, he has already started to master the tyrant body, and he is quite promising, but compared to Lu Tianya, he is still far behind.

Wei Zhen said unconvinced: “Even if I can’t beat Lu Tianya himself, can I still beat his student?”

Teacher versus mentor, student versus student, this is the rule.

As long as he can defeat Lu Tianya’s disciples, he can still regain his position.

Xue Gang still shook his head: “You can’t beat him. Hegemony training is the most important qualification. Your qualifications are limited and you can’t pass the level of being the first disciple of Lu Tianya’s sect. However, if it were Zhao Yeguo, there might be a chance.”

“Zhao Yeguo…”

Wei Zhen’s face darkened: “He’s just a rookie with freshman. Master Xue, you think too highly of him.”

After speaking, he jumped directly to the ring below. With a whistle, dozens of powerful silverback gorillas rushed out from all directions and attacked him.

Wei Zhen was in the center of the storm, like a humanoid Titan, standing still.

Outside, any arm hammer from these silverback gorillas can make the scalp of University members numb. However, in this Overlord secret realm, it can only be regarded as a routine operation.

To a certain extent, the silverback gorilla can be regarded as the unique label of the Overlord secret realm.

It was very exciting down there, but Xue Gang couldn’t get the slightest bit of interest out of it.

After all, in the past, there would have been at least dozens of people sparring with these silverback gorillas, unlike presently, where Wei Zhen was alone.

The more I look at it, the more frustrated I become.

At this moment, Lin Yi suddenly flashed in.

“Is anyone signing up for classes?”

Xue Gang suddenly became energetic and subconsciously glanced at the visitor’s information: “freshman? Why isn’t it Zhao Yeguo?”

Zhao Yeguo was able to teach himself to master Ba Ti during the trial training and selection stage. He had heard about it for a long time, and he was full of praise at the time. He directly concluded that as long as Zhao Yeguo came to take his class, he would definitely be able to reach the top in Ba Ti in the future!

Unfortunately, after waiting for several days, he still heard no news from Zhao Yeguo.

We can’t let Father shamelessly take the initiative to recruit people, right?

Compared to Zhao Yeguo, Lin Yi, the more popular newcomer king this year, did not receive any preferential treatment from him.

What about the new king?

There are so many parallel newcomers who can’t even master the hegemony.

Xue Gang only looked at him once, then looked away and casually ordered: “Wei Zhen, come and teach him.”

Lin Yi frowned slightly.

He spent two hundred credits to sign up for the course, and what he valued most was Xue Gang’s personal guidance. If it were someone else who taught him, it wouldn’t be worth the price.

Wei Zhen jumped out from a group of silverback gorillas and suddenly landed in front of Lin Yi, feeling full of oppression.

freshman, right? If you want to learn physical prowess, you can practice with me from now on. See and think for yourself. I will tell you if there are any important points. Don’t ask around. Father is the most annoying.”

Wei Zhen said while activity flexing his hands and feet: “Are you ready?”

Lin Yi is confused: “What are you ready for?”

“Of course I am ready to be beaten, why don’t I have any understanding?”

Wei Zhen looked at him with retard‘s expression: “If you want to cultivate a dominant body, the First step is to lay a good physical foundation. Since you want to practice with me, of course I have to take a look at your physical strength.”

“The fastest way to test the physical strength is to get beaten.”

“I’ll say it first. A spanking will only hurt a little bit, but if you show your real life, don’t blame me, a senior, for being rude.”

After saying that, he opened his right arm, as if he wanted to slap Lin Yi.

As a result, as soon as he exerted his strength, Lin Yi came last and came first.


A heavy slap immediately resounded throughout the entire Overlord secret realm.

Under the shocked eyes of a group of silverback gorillas, Wei Zhen fell straight down on the spot.

Looking at the unconscious Wei Zhen on the ground, Lin Yi clapped his hands in a leisurely manner: “This should also be able to measure the physical strength, right?”

Xue Gang above couldn’t help but open his eyes.

He is indeed not satisfied with Wei Zhen’s qualifications, but no matter what, Wei Zhen is also the most domineering student under his sect.


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