Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11674:

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Chu Yunfan continued: “If you major in Thanos, then of course it’s a different matter. But if you just use hegemony as an auxiliary paradigm, traditional hegemony is a better and safer choice.”

Lin Yi said seriously: “student understands.”

Shi Wushuang said from the side: “In that case, it’s just right for you, Elementary School brother, presently, to sign up for Xue Gang’s class. He used to be the most sought-after Overlord Teacher. Even if you want to learn it, you may not be able to get it, presently? , no one will steal it from you.”

Lin Yi wondered: “Do I have to sign up for a class to learn Paradigm? Can I just buy Paradigm directly and study on my own?”

If nothing else, the entry-level paradigms of their freshman class are all self-taught.

“Of course you can, and it’s cheaper.”

Shi Wushuang nodded and said: “But brother Elementary School, you should be very clear about the difference between self-study with textbooks and having a famous teacher teach you.”

Lin Yi thought for a while: “That’s true.”

To be honest, I didn’t think so before. Paradigms are all fixed loops. As long as you grasp what they should be, they will be what they are.

But after studying with Cao Kuang for a day and a half, Lin Yi has already deeply felt the difference between heaven and earth in it, even though he is learning Thunder Strike and not all Thunder-type paradigms.

Although the paradigm is still the same paradigm, the specific ways it can be used are completely different between heaven and earth.

A single seemingly simple lightning flash is enough for Lin Yi to learn for a while.

It’s a pity that Cao Kuang doesn’t teach.

Shi Wushuang opened an interface out of thin air. After refreshing for a while, he finally locked on the course selection interface.

“Two hundred credits?”

Lin Yi is a little stunned at this price.

Credit points are precious, and as a rookie king, he only has a reward of 500 points. Putting aside the daily consumption of basic resources, he has to pay credits for every course he takes.

Five hundred points may seem like a lot of credits, but in reality they are really useless.

If you buy any paradigm course, you will need to start with 50 credits at the very least. If you want to sign up for a course, it will start with 100 credits.

To be honest, two hundred credits for a popular paradigm like Ba Ti are really not expensive. There is no place to buy it outside.

But even so, it is really not something ordinary students can afford.

Lin Yi has learned that Heavenly Dao College has very strict control over the production of credits, and it is not easy for even senior senior students to earn some credits.

The time when most students have the most credits in their lives is when they enroll in freshman.

After that, it is often difficult to make ends meet.

For freshman admission, unless you have excellent performance, you will basically only have the most basic 100 credits.

Others who are better, let alone getting 500 credits like him, getting 200 credits are already pretty good.

After finishing all the required courses, how many 200 credits are left?

Shi Wushuang added: “One course with two hundred credits is not guaranteed to be successful. If you can’t learn it, you will have to apply for Second again, which is another two hundred credits.”

“The one I have seen the most, applied for five issues in a row.”

Lin Yi grinned: “Have you learned it?”

Shi Wushuang shook his head: “I didn’t learn, so I gave up.”


Lin Yi was speechless: “This guy is miserable enough.”

The total of the five periods is one thousand credits, which is a huge sum of money even for him.

The result was that it was smashed into nothing.

Chu Yunfan said while sipping tea: “Many paradigms require talent selection. You can’t learn it by pouring resources and energy into it, but you will definitely be fine.”

Lin Yi was shocked: “You think so highly of me?”

Although he has always been confident in his learning ability, he has never felt that he can learn everything.

Manpower is sometimes scarce, and everyone has their own limits. Lin Yi is still very clear about this truth.

Chu Yunfan smiled: “Being optimistic is optimistic, but it is not blindly optimistic. The Heavenly Dao library has its own qualification review function. Since the paradigm system it recommends to you includes the hegemony item, it means that it has judged You are qualified enough to master the Overlord Body, otherwise there is another option.”

“That’s it.”

Lin Yi was stunned and turned to look at Shi Wushuang: “Does that mean that guy spent a thousand credits but never entered the Heavenly Dao library?”

There are certainly few keys in the Heavenly Dao library, but since this person can score a thousand credits, his background must not be simple, so he should not be unable to get key.

Shi Wushuang spread his hands: “He has been in, but he doesn’t believe in evil.”

After a pause, Shi Wushuang added in a funny voice: “But presently, he believed me. This guy is quite interesting. I will introduce you to him later.”

Lin Yi was stunned: “Your friend?”

“Barely so.”

Shi Wushuang said in an experienced tone: “Brother Elementary School, if you want to earn credits, you should get to know more wealthy people, it will help you save a lot of trouble.”

Lin Yi deeply agrees: “Good views, senior!”

Listening to the two singing in harmony, Chu Yunfan couldn’t laugh or cry, but he had no intention of intervening.

In fact, as his de facto deputy Director, if he really has the intention, he can use his credits and various other resources to help his disciple student. After all, the number of student he accepts is quite limited.

But Chu Yunfan never crosses the line unless he has to.

He will naturally fulfill his responsibilities as a mentor, but other than that, he will usually only provide some guidance and will not interfere in other matters.

This can be regarded as the characteristic of his series.

Lin Yi suddenly asked: “Teacher, do you know how to dominate the body?”

Chu Yunfan was speechless for a moment.

Shi Wushuang patted Lin Yi on the shoulder and burst into laughter, showing no sign of a lady at all.

“Let me tell you, brother Elementary School will definitely ask this question. I won the bet today. Tutor, you are not allowed to cheat.”

Chu Yunfan laughed and shook his head: “You two are really Senior Sister brothers from the same school. You even ask the same questions when you get started.”

“If you are not a family, why don’t you enter the same family.”

Shi Wushuang subconsciously answered the sentence, and then realized that there was some ambiguity. His pretty face couldn’t help but blush, and he quickly changed the subject: “Brother Elementary School, you really can think of it, let a deputy Director who has everything to do with everything to teach you body dominance, in the world Are there such deputy Directors who don’t do their job properly? ”

Lin Yi takes it for granted: “Two hundred credits is not a small amount. If you can save it, save it. Is this the right idea?”

“You are right. I thought so too.”

Shi Wushuang said earnestly: “But there are specialties in the art, and just teaching the hegemony, Overlord Xue Gang can surpass our tutor by ten ways!”

Lin Yi was surprised and couldn’t help but look at Chu Yunfan: “The instructor doesn’t know how to dominate the body?”

In his opinion, Ba Ti has immune control properties and is extremely practical. It is a must-have for the top expert.

Shi Wushuang answered on his behalf: “Yes.”

Lin Yi asked again: “Is the instructor’s hegemony strong?”

Shi Wushuang replied: “Very strong. Everyone said before that Xue Gang’s body was the strongest, but our mentor is still above him.”

Chu Yunfan did not deny it.

Lin Yi understands that, given the other party’s rigorous character, since he does not deny it, it is a definite fact.


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