Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11670:

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Heavenly Dao’s top management unanimously passed the decision, and the pressure suddenly fell on the Appraisal Department.

To be precise, it all came to the head of Xu Bi, the director of the Appraisal Department.

Before, he could still make decisions with just one word based on his authority, but presently, under the general trend, even if he is the unequivocal leader of the appraisal department, it no longer works.

Theoretically, the Appraisal Department has completely independent functions, and can even ignore the highest level of the Heavenly Dao Academy in order to maintain impartiality.

But this is just a theory after all.

Although the Appraisal Department is completely independent, the people inside are not.

The last time Xu Bi was able to forcefully suppressed the situation, it was essentially relying on his personal authority, but presently, his authority alone was as worthless as a fly to the bright moon in front of the highest level of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

However, Xu Bi still did not bow down, and still insisted on it!

Even if the general trend is the general trend, as long as he still sits in the position of director of the Appraisal Department, the ground technical and counterfeit paradigm will not be able to judge the superior paradigm!

Unless, the highest level of the Heavenly Dao Academy initiates a recall process to remove him from the position of director of the Appraisal Department.

After saying that, he never looked at Xu Bi again and left directly.

King Di Xuan said without any worry: “The lowest level…will there be no problem?”

“You seem to remember him. You haven’t severed the relationship between father and son. Where are you going? Does it seem to be related to Director Xu?”

“Haha, a little Lin Yi set off a power vortex in the entire Heavenly Dao hospital as soon as he was admitted to the hospital. It is a big disaster.”

It is worth mentioning that Xu Bi was sitting on Sui Hongke’s right hand, as if he was Xu Hongyao’s right and left hand.

Xu Bi took a deep breath and said sternly: “Public is public, private is private. Even if I give him the Heavenly Dao pillar, my father will still rate my ground skills as inferior because of this. What should I do?” Wait and see.”

Xu Bi immediately smelled of alcohol and walked slowly down, looking carelessly up and down at his only man who had lost his wife. His usually serious face could no longer hide the look of joy.

Di Feihong said quietly: “Do you still think presently can be faked?”

Xu Bi stopped talking.

Sui Hongke looked at me thoughtfully: “Who was deceived? Does he know it himself? You are standing outside, and he still doubts other people’s instigation?”

Looking at the figure sitting outside his bedroom, his whole body suddenly became excited, and then he became ecstatic.

Di Feihong continued: “It was Gu Xiaoju who weakly ranked the ground technology pseudo-paradigm as superior. That operation is stupid and within reach. Its gold content is beyond this. Even he, Director Xu, will definitely not be able to do it. Maybe, you know what he thinks.”

If it was because of the Lin Yi’s incident, you would have come there as soon as you broke out of your cocoon.

“He must make Sui Hong’s ground technique pseudo-paradigm superior. Why?”

Xu Bi said firmly: “Hongyao, you have seen the video of the demon sacrifice ceremony carelessly, and you are very knowledgeable about it. It is not Sui Hong who is taking the lead and holding him back.”

Di Feihong laughed when he heard this: “He is a bad person who can distinguish between public and private affairs. Didn’t he use that excuse to kill your mother back then, and presently used it on you again? It’s really… you have to change your destiny.”

Seeing that I finally showed no intention of waking up, Di Feihong’s expression became a little anxious.

“Other things cannot be faked, how can that kind of image be faked?”

“Hongyao is a fan of the authorities and was fooled by people with ulterior motives.”

I frowned immediately.

Di Feihong snorted, stood up and walked towards the door.

Xu Bi’s face suddenly darkened: “You are his father, and he talks to you with that attitude?”

Looking at the unseen father, Di Feihong, who was dressed in red, looked slightly moved.

“Is it related?”

The rest of the people saw this and echoed.

With our series of Energy, if you want to protect a Xu wall, the problem is really small.

Xu Bi returned to his residence smelling of alcohol.

Di Feihong frowned: “Does he really think that images can be faked?”

All the core members of Xu Hongyao’s family gathered together.

Xu Bi was stunned and looked at the entire image in person. When he saw the scene where Lin Yi gave up the Heavenly Dao column to Di Feihong, his expression changed.

“You know what he read. But if he still feels that what he said is wrong after reading that, just treat it as if you didn’t say anything at all.”

“Red medicine? Did the red medicine break?”

Sui Hongke said bluntly: “Lin Yi is your benefactor. I’m sure he doesn’t have any favors. He should be paying kindness with enmity.”

Xu Bi was stunned when he heard the words: “What did you say? Hong Yao was fooled by us, right? We are obviously harming him. If it were these two taboo fires, he would definitely fall into such a situation. From the situation! ”

Di Feihong’s tone was filled with anger: “His man’s life was saved by Lin Yi. I must have given the Heavenly Dao pillar to you. You have long been buried with the Demon Sacrifice!”

If we are more diligent and slow, it will be a problem to empty out all the resources of Heavenly Dao Academy!

You have a lot of complaints about your father, especially when this incident was related to the death of mother. For you, this hurdle was a thing of the past.

The power entanglement involved here is not just one or two.

Wang Di Xuan laughed warmly and said: “Uncle, you must be looking down on me. I am just a tool in Chu Yunfan’s hands. What kind of ground technology fake paradigm? I found a group of people to create a momentum. A group of people with brains. Silly Que really believes it!”

When passing by Xu Bi, Di Feihong paused: “After such a young man, you thought he wouldn’t have changed. It seems you really thought less.”

Xu Bi was silent for a long time and murmured: “So you really misunderstood this big guy?”

Xu Hongyao thought: “Big things can be suppressed.”

“It’s important, both are important.”

Xu Bi’s expression changed: “Where is he going?”

In the evening.

“Keeping a clear distinction between public and private affairs is not a big ugly thing in the eyes of others.”

Xu Hongyao waved her little hand and patted Xu Bi’s shoulder affectionately: “Old Xu is willing to join you and fight for your common cause. That is the most important. As for the other person, Chu Yunfan, I am also bad. Sui Hong is also bad, it’s just the details, he’s important.”

No one thought that things would turn out like this style Fermentation upgrade, the position of director of the identification department may not be so conspicuous in ordinary times, but in the eyes of discerning people, the position of important Sex is no less important than any independent department!


Xu Bi said firmly: “Of course it’s possible to fake it. No one in the world has such a technique!”

Di Feihong was so disappointed that he took out a broken image of the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony and threw it behind the opponent.

Xu Bi’s expression was startled: “Hong Yao, your father and son are so young, why do you mention me as a relevant person?”

Xu Bi, the Director of the Appraisal Department, is not a living God of Wealth in front of us. As long as Xu Bi is not around, we can get past credits.


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