Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11669:

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Cao Kuang glanced at his empty sleeve: “Isn’t it obvious? This person is the real one, and you are just a tool at best.”

When these words came out, many people present were stunned.

When they saw the names of Lin Yi and Song Jun in the creator column, they all took it for granted that Song Jun was the protagonist, and Lin Yi only provided some relevant ideas at most.

presently reacted immediately to Cao Kuang’s point.

Song Jun only has one arm in total, and his ground skills are definitely severely limited, if not completely unusable.

In this case, the possibility of Song Jun taking the initiative to develop a complete set of ground skills is slim.

“The creator of this set of ground skills is actually Lin Yi?”

Everyone in the stands silently labeled Lin Yi as a perverted animal.

A freshman who was just admitted to the hospital actually created such an epoch-making pseudo-paradigm. This is something that most graduates cannot do!

People will die when comparing with others, and goods will be thrown away when comparing goods. The ancients do not deceive me.

Twin thunder flashes are boring at first glance.

Lin Yi glanced at me like retard: “If he thinks I’m a bad guy because that guy is approachable, then he’s just waiting to be tricked by me.”

On the seventh day, no more than ten graduates launched a joint signature to support the demands of the Guangzhou Elementary School members.

No one said a sour word.

Yes, Cao Kuang agrees with the reminder of Lin Yi’s from the bottom of his heart.

What I said about being able to get started in two or eight years is based on the other party’s extremely low understanding. In eight days, he can barely grasp the basics.

Song Jun and Lin Yi looked at each other and replied: “I may not be willing to teach you.”

Cao Kuang was stunned: “Why don’t you want to? I’m so talented, why should he dislike me?”

Song Jun said seriously: “He taught me with all his strength for eight days. It is my business to succeed in what I have learned.”

Ling Di looked sideways.

That’s an investment.

Song Jun Jingjing(quietly) looked at me and spoke.

The news about the ground technology pseudo-paradigm spread quickly, and soon triggered huge repercussions within the entire Heavenly Dao hospital.

Cao Kuang asked: “Why?”

Lin Yi is crazy slow.

The final result was that the Ground Technology Paradigm was included in the top-level meeting agenda of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

It’s wrong to listen to the other party about that kind of thing.

Lin Yi hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded: “Okay, when the time comes, the big guy will pull his hips by himself, and he will learn everything. He can’t blame you for this.”

As soon as Lord Song left, everyone in the stands was disappointed.

Although Lord Song and I have been together for a long time, after we got along with each other, I still quite trust the character and vision of military instructor.

Lin Yi patted Ling Di on the shoulder: “Find a place to teach you ground skills.”

“Because of that?”

Whether it’s Song Jun, Ling Di or Depression, they are all at the mercy of others. Even if we at presently are still at the top of the Heavenly Dao academy, reaching this point in the future is a sure thing.

Ling Di smiled evilly and said, “Senior, do you think that is a slander?”

The Song Dynasty monarch said with disdain: “This is a private paradigm, why should others teach you? Unless you show enough pretense.”

Ling Di responded directly: “Bad.”

Lin Yi laughed in a forbidden manner, and then changed the topic: “You just slandered me!”

Cao Kuang’s eyes lit up slightly.

“Damn it! God is so thunderous! Isn’t the lion opening his mouth?”

Before Depression left, Lin Yi curled his lips and said, “Play with me more.”

Ling Di: “…”

That’s all, and the impact is still spreading.

That time, it was Lin Yi‘s turn to be convinced: “What do you mean it’s more than that? What do you mean by just learning it? Come on, Lao Song, he will point out something even worse, but you have to learn it in a bad way!”

The trend is small, and even if no one intentionally stops it, it can basically be stopped.

Cao Kuang replied: “Teach you thunder.”

Although the others did not agree when they heard this, most of them still shook their heads.

Song Jun paid no attention to me, turned around to say hello to Depression, and turned to leave.

Lin Yi let out a laugh: “I also know what Lao Song sees in him. With my dull temper, I actually took the initiative to fight for him. It’s just eight days. You really know it’s meaningless.”

Is this something you don’t mind?

Song Jun turned to Ling Di and said: “That guy is good at other things, but not good at thunder and lightning, so he can just learn it.”

I have to say that in terms of thick skin, these seniors who have already graduated have to study more.

“It’s so bad that there is no one covering your back. Everyone should give some face.”

Lin Yi spoke with certainty and a look of determination.

As a senior who is admired by everyone, I am convinced that I can put on that expression without any psychological burden.

Lin Yi pinched her chin and circled Ling Di twice: “Dad, he taught you ground skills, how about you teach him the double-shot lightning flash? It’s very useless.”

After holding it back for a moment, Lin Yi said in a stronger tone: “Things like Lei Da, it takes two or eight years to even get into it. Even if you are willing to teach me, you only have so little time. That time you When I come back and hand in the assignment, I have to leave immediately, which will only take eight days at least.”


Cao Kuang asked: “How many people have I tricked?”

“What is this?”

Song Jun waved his hand: “I will talk after he finishes teaching.”

A Song monarch, a Lin Yi, presently even took the initiative to extend an olive branch during the depression, what kind of Divine Immortal treatment is that?

Lin Yi sneered: “Has he ever seen a perfect person with imperfections?”

Is that a fight?

The reason is the same, not intuition.

Everyone was speechless.

Thunder attack is the core of my strength. Lord Song asked me to teach Cao Kuang thunder attack, which is different from asking Ling Di to empty my base.

Cao Kuang raised his eyebrows: “Why do you say I will cheat you?”

Ling Di hurriedly said: “It’s rare for you to come back, do we have to have a fight?”

Cao Kuang is my biological son, why should he teach Lei Da?

However, when wait for me spoke, the Song monarch had already refused on his behalf: “It means to have both thunder and lightning, and to strike with thunder.”

Everyone is the envy of everyone.

“Slander? He said you slandered me?”

Lin Yi replied: “Yes or no, I have made a huge contribution to Heavenly Dao Institute, and there are many people who have benefited from me. No matter from which angle you look at it, I can be said to be perfect with flaws.”

Ling Di jumped up immediately.

“Just because of that.”


In just one day, no more than 200 students jointly submitted an application to the academy, hoping that the academy would collect the ground-level technical counterfeit paradigms as soon as possible and make them public.

The Song monarch replied: “That’s enough.”

Ling Di faintly said two words: “Intuition.”

Cao Kuang: “You know it too, but you will know it after you try it.”

After all, anyone who is blind can see the huge potential of the ground technical pseudo-paradigm, especially on the background of the first baptism of the saints. Even the approving faction like Di Feihong dares to stand up clearly. Come out to obstruct.

On the one hand, we are not as bad as Chu Yunfan when it comes to Cao Kuang, but more importantly, we are still bad about Cao Kuang himself.

“That’s enough!”

Zheye smiled and said to Cao Kuang: “I don’t have time to hang out with you. You are always welcome.”


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