Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11668:

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Looking at their state, Lin Yi couldn’t help but ask: “Isn’t it free?”

big bro from the medical office has already run up and answered while carrying the person: “Small injuries are free, but injuries like this will definitely be charged. Don’t worry, we will definitely give him the best treatment. He will bear the cost of treatment anyway.” .”

After a pause, Medical Office big bro solemnly handed Lin Yi a business card: “If there is another good thing like this in the future, no, I mean if there is another accident like this, please contact me.”

After saying that, he took Du Jiaobing on his back and ran away.

Lin Yi had the illusion that the opponent was not carrying Du Jiaobing, but a banknote detector.

Many people in the stands who had had similar experiences paid a silent tribute to Du Jiaobing.

There are two completely different reputations for the big bro in the Medical Department.

If you are in the Demonic Battlefield, then they are the most reliable big bro. As long as they are there, they can bring you back after you report to the Lord of Hell.

But if you are in Heavenly Dao hospital, if it is not a activity organized by the hospital, once you are targeted by them, then congratulations, find out about medical loans.

There is no doubt that Du Jiaobing will be cured.

The meaning is very clear, I am not trying to practice Middle School.

Lin Yi chuckled: “He taught you the pseudo-paradigm he just set.”

Although Song Jun has always been high-profile, after all, his level is out there, and he is one of the very few low-level players in the academy who has truly mastered the illusion of being possessed. After all, presently is an imbecile person who can cause uproar.

It’s just that the strength gap between the two sides is too small. Unless the other party has no intention of playing a coaching battle, or will put their home court in the new World, there may be no limit to the benefits.

From my perspective, it is indeed rare to be able to fight against a weak person in the divine realm at that level.

I have seen thick-skinned people, but it is really rare to be so thick-skinned.

Cao Kuang thought for a moment and said, “I’m afraid you alone can make the decision on that matter.”

Song JunJingjing(quietly) looked at me and said in a confirming tone: “He is not sick.”

This would be troublesome if the other party has no known intention.

As a weak person who has not yet graduated from the God Realm, arguing with others is different from a successful CEO arguing with others about who peed farther in childhood.

But in the case of presently, it can only be regarded as the private work of Song Jun and I. It must be passed on to others, and all in all also needs the approval of Song Jun.

The atmosphere in the stands suddenly became more and more subdued.

Cao Kuang was surprised: “What reward?”

“Did you hear that we are in the same class, gratitude and resentment or older?”

Absolute strength is often due to presently mastering the paradigms of being less weak and less profound, and it is precisely for the use of those basic paradigms that the weak and the strong can be said to be Heaven and Earth Difference.


Song Jun nodded to Bu Bu, then turned to Gu Ai and said, “Does he really want to learn ground skills?”


The first is to save people, and the second is to collect debts.

“He can make the decision, but who else can make the decision?”

Lin Yi looked at me carefully: “I can see it.”

It must be a battlefield. If the opponent really has no intention of assassinating me, the most unlikely outcome is that the weapon will be a **** blade!

Listening to the loud discussions in the stands, Lin Yi looked like they had eaten shit.

Cao Kuang was slightly happy and couldn’t help but sigh: “Senior Du is a bad person.”

Cao Kuang smiled and looked at Depression: “Thank you, Senior, for reminding me, yes, you are also a bad person.”

Everyone was talking about it, and all of them had expressions on their faces.

“Damn it! When did I bully you? Who made this rumor?”

The martial arts arena was empty, and Depression immediately handed Heavenly Dao Library key and four Paradigm Advanced Talismans to Lin Yi.

The same is Lei Shun, both of them are inferior and superior.

“He wants to learn the ground technique pseudo-paradigm, why did he come to you?”

Lin Yi was surprised: “No one told him about you?”

Lin Yi pointed at Cao Kuang with his lips raised: “After that, if you learn from me, you learn from him.”

Cao Kuang replied: “Besides Senior Cao, you think I am the seventh person who can use Lei Shun so naturally.”

Especially because I don’t know the real intention of Lin Yi’s.

One more thing, the Medical Department big bro, among other things, is absolutely excellent in at least two businesses.

Lin Yi was desperate: “Come on, stop inking, and teach you quickly.”

The Song monarch asked lightly: “Why?”

The depression expression is quite subtle.

The other party came within eight steps of presently so suddenly that I was not even a little alert.

“You try your best.”

As he spoke, lightning flashed under his body, as if he was about to take action.

First there was a duel between two new generations of kings, then there was Gu Ai, and now there is a Song monarch!

“The silence today is getting more and more boring the more I look at it.”

Gu Ai was stunned.

Gu Ai was so angry that he cursed, pointed at Lord Song and said: “Come on, come on, he explains to us, Father has not been the new king since he retired from Heavenly Dao Academy First days, why should we say that he has surpassed you? One head? ”

Lin Yi shrugged and continued to warn Gu Ai sternly: “You are not meddle. The worst he can do is have no points.”

Lin Yi was so proud that he turned around and glanced at the smiling Depression next to him: “Looking at how smart he is, remind him to stay away from that guy before. What kind of bad guy am I?”

Just when Cao Kuang was about to take action and test the lower limit of his ground skills, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded from the sidelines.

That’s Lin Yi. It’s a rare opportunity to see me take action with your own eyes. If you don’t reveal the tip of the iceberg, it will be enough for everyone present to imitate him.

“This is, also think about who created it.”

Cao Kuang’s eyelids moved slightly.

But there is no doubt that he will most likely have to carry medical loans for the rest of his life.

After a pause, I suddenly said: “For the sake of reminding him, does he have to give you something in return?”

After a pause, Depression was about to say something, when suddenly a striking figure appeared between me and Gu Ai.

The person who came was clearly the Song Dynasty monarch.

Zhou Younai smiled bitterly: “Senior, when he said nice things about you before, could he go behind your back?”

“That’s really not the case?”

When Gu Aipeng was carried away just now, he thought the silence would end there, but he thought that presently would be even more dull!

However, since the opponent hasn’t put up that posture yet, Cao Kuang is also playing the low-hanging card to avoid fighting.

The whole audience suddenly became excited.

Gu Ai choked, but for a moment he could refute.

Looking at Lin Yi who was suddenly startled at close range, Cao Kuang took a step closer to consciousness and his heart skipped a beat.

Cao Kuang’s expression changed, and he raised his hands in salute: “I have long admired Senior Cao.”

I am sure that the ground technology paradigm has not been handed over to Heavenly Dao Academy. Naturally, anyone can learn this, as long as they are willing to take the credits.

“It’s true that they were in the same class. As for the fact that there is no gratitude and resentment, that’s all. Rumor has it that the Song Dynasty monarch originally had the upper hand over Lin Yi, but something happened before he was reversed. Shao Duo should be gratitude and resentment. .”

Feeling the change in Gu Ai’s eyes, Lin Yi clicked his tongue: “Hey, you are a knowledgeable person. Do you know who you are?”


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