Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11666:

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Everyone reacted and couldn’t help but become suspicious: “Could it be that Director Xu of the Appraisal Department knew the news in advance, so he used such an outrageous excuse to suppress the ground technology fake paradigm?”

“I’ll go! Could he be the evil undercover agent who infiltrated in?”

This is not entirely impossible.

If it hadn’t been for the news brought by Cao Kuang, and if there hadn’t been today’s showdown, the Ground Technique Paradigm would never have come out of presently‘s sight, and it wouldn’t have caused many substantial ripples.

The most likely result is to be submerged silently.

Especially if the opponent is more ruthless and uses clandestine means to assassinate Lin Yi and Song Jun after the new wave of Lin Yi‘s popularity has passed, the ground technology pseudo-paradigm will completely disappear.

For the evil camp, this was almost a battle to get rid of a huge threat!

No one who can enter the Heavenly Dao hospital is a good person.

As the suspicion spread, the news spread immediately, causing an uproar within the entire Heavenly Dao hospital.

Xu Bi, director of the Appraisal Department, was suddenly pushed to the forefront!

At this time, few people in the field were paying attention to Du Jiaobing, a victim of the fake ground technique.

“Impossible! An illusion! It must be an illusion!”

Du Jiaobing didn’t believe it even if he beat him to death. He had already released the restrictions and attacked with all his strength, but he still couldn’t do anything to a mere Lin Yi, and was even suppressed by Lin Yi in turn, leaving him unable to fight back at all.

However, after all, he is the last rookie king. Even if his gold content is a little low, after all, he is not a waste who just goes to the end.

Du Jiaobing forced himself to calm down.

“There must be a flaw!”

He doesn’t believe in this weird pseudo-paradigm of Lin Yi. It really has no flaws at all. It was just suppressed from all directions, just because he got the upper hand, not how strong Lin Yi is.

After a while, Du Jiaobing really found a flaw in the connection between the two ground skills, and immediately exploded with all his strength without hesitation, trying to break free from the control of Lin Yi’s.

Seeing him stand up, the attention of everyone in the stands was finally attracted again.

As a result, less than half a second after leaving, Du Jiaobing was immobilized by Lin Yi‘s lightning strike, and then continued to struggle on the ground.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Isn’t this thing too unsolvable?”

With just one hand control like Lei Bang, you can forcefully pull the opponent back to the ground. To a certain extent, this is an infinite chain.

Unless Lin Yi is exhausted, Du Jiaobing will have no chance to break the game.

Everyone in the stands couldn’t help but put themselves in Du Jiaobing’s position, thinking about ways to break the situation.

The final result is that unless the overall strength is more than two Grade higher than Lin Yi, and directly rely on hard power to crack violent, there is no chance at all.

Cao Kuang’s conclusion is different.

“Actually, there is another way.”

Everyone turned their heads and listened to him continue: “Use ground techniques to break ground techniques. Only by being familiar with or even proficient in ground techniques can you find the best solution to ground techniques.”

Everyone is convinced.

There is no doubt that ground skills have their flaws.

The reason why they presently couldn’t see it was just because the ground skills were too new. Their previous understanding was completely blank. They didn’t even know what the tricks were, so naturally they couldn’t find any flaws.

Only in this way, this set of ground technology pseudo-paradigms is the answer.

No matter whether they plan to major in ground skills in the future or not, even if it is just to prepare for ground skills, they must conduct careful and in-depth research, otherwise they will become the outcasts of the version in minutes and be manipulated casually.

Someone couldn’t help but cursed again: “Fuck Xu Bi to death!”

“Fuck Xu Bi to death!”

In the blink of an eye, these words spread throughout the stands and spread to the entire Heavenly Dao Academy, becoming the annual new meme of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

No matter what happens, everyone in the Heavenly Dao hospital will say: “Fuck Xu Bi to death!”

In the field.

Du Jiaobing was still dissatisfied and did not accept his fate.

Lost to a mere Lin Yi?

No matter what other people think, at least he himself will never pass this level.

Seeing that his true life was about to be completely wiped out, Du Jiaobing gritted his teeth and forcibly used Lei Yun!

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, his last true life turned into lightning, vaguely showing the embryonic form of a heart-stopping thunder disaster.

The whole audience’s eyelids jumped.

Thunderfall is a lose-lose paradigm. No matter what the final result is, once used, one’s true life will be cleared.

Of course, with such huge side effects, the effects are naturally extremely powerful.

Under the influence of Lei Yun, the opponent’s true life will also be assimilated into the thunder calamity. The more true life remains, the stronger the power of the thunder calamity will be!

In other words, if no one interferes, if Du Jiaobing dies with this grenade, Lin Yi, who still retains nearly ten levels of life, will probably die.

“Is this how you use the Thunder Meteorite I created?”

Cao Kuang’s face suddenly darkened in the stands, and he was about to interrupt.

If Du Jiaobing really relied on Lei Yun to defeat Lin Yi today, it would be a stain not only on Du Jiaobing, but also on Cao Kuang!

His original intention of creating Lei Yun was not to taint his own people, especially for such a shameful style who has no moral ethics!

However, just when Cao Kuang was about to take action, he suddenly stopped.

It’s not that he changed his mind, but that Lei Yun was interrupted.

Without the use of control paradigms such as Thunder Bomb, Lin Yi interrupted Lei Yun’s style very simply and crudely, with just a hug and throw.

Cao Kuang was knocked upside down in the field like a graveyard grass.

Lei Yun interrupted, and his true life was cleared.

Everything is so harmonious.

The whole place was silent for a moment.

Although they had expected this from the beginning, the fact that this scene actually appeared in front of presently still made them feel quite unreal.

Du Jiaobing has unlocked all restrictions, but he was still crushed by Lin Yi?

At this moment, Lin Yi still has ten layers of life left in him. No matter from which angle you look at it, this is a complete victory.

“The strongest rookie king, he truly deserves his reputation.”

Some people couldn’t help but sigh sincerely.

Although everyone around him may not completely agree, in this situation, they can’t say anything to refute.

No way, the impact of the picture is too strong!

If Du Jiaobing is just a nobody, then that’s fine. It’s barely fair. There are no absolute wastes in Heavenly Dao Hospital, but there are still relative wastes.

But this is the last Rookie King after all!

Especially in the past two years, I have been gambling with many senior students. I won more and lost less. The gold content may not be as high as Lin Yi, but it is definitely not a parallel import.

Such a character has no power to resist in the hands of Lin Yi.


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