Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11660:

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“There are rumors outside that you are the strongest class in history, why do I not believe it so much?”

Du Jiaobing said nonchalantly: “One loser stands up for another loser. Speaking of which, as a senior, I’ve never done anything lightly or harshly. If I hurt you worse than him, don’t go back to look for me. It’s so embarrassing if the parents cry.”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes.

Just yesterday, when he was going to the Appraisal Department, Zhao Yeguo was seriously injured by this man in public during class.

The real life is cleared!

Twenty-four ribs were completely broken!

Half the organs were shattered!

Although with Heavenly Dao Hospital’s medical conditions, even such injuries can be easily rescued, but in the end it will inevitably cause a serious loss of vitality.

Especially when Zhao Yeguo first entered the Heavenly Dao Academy, it was a critical period for his strength to soar. He suddenly suffered such a cruel blow, and his entire future would be cast into a shadow.

Du Jiaobing was a mentor and assistant coach at the time, and his actions against Zhao Yeguo were in the name of the so-called freshman guidance war.

After all, that key was not won from me.

The only possibility is not the news coming from Di Feihong.

King Di Xuan heard what he meant. He paused with his claws and made a gesture of cutting his throat: “This will satisfy him.”

King Di Xuan smiled: “You were just thinking about how many of his meridians should be broken before breaking all his bones. presently has no answer. What if you broke them all for him?”

Heavenly Dao hospital is standing on the First line of fighting against evil spirits. It must have become accustomed to even the so-called cruelty. It is better to go home and feed as soon as possible.

There was a lot of discussion in the stands.

The stands burst into laughter.

As long as a human life is involved, the hospital will basically intervene.


I, Lu Linting, am arrogant and arrogant, and I am willing to act like a dog to others.

Everyone looked at Lin Yi and watched my reaction without interest.

King Di Xuan’s face darkened.

It is not a violation to pass that.

Other people also laughed and scolded me.

There is a way. The competition for quota in the Heavenly Dao library is not so peaceful. I don’t have enough background in front of me. Even if I am the next rookie king, it is useless.

No one thought at that time that the other party would suddenly act so cruelly even though they had no grievances against each other!

Compared with the huge disadvantages ahead, that risk is completely unbearable!

Lin Yi is quite exciting: “No.”

Having said that, it would be completely false to say that I am always murmuring from outside my heart.

There is a huge gap between freshman and Laosheng. They must have the same restrictions. Laosheng is cautious and a set of combined paradigms can kill freshman instantly. Just the two or eight paradigms that freshman has mastered, how can he compete with Laosheng?

Although Lin Yi and I have never met, in fact, there is a bit of resentment in our hearts.

“Huh? What do you mean? Is this year’s Rookie King so cowardly?”

Lin Yi thought for a while: “Since it’s a bet, he wants your Heavenly Dao library key. If he can’t, give him something of equal value.”

The newcomers who came back outside are all low-minded people. To be honest, most of them are crazy.

Who wants to get a favor from Du Jiaobing?

King Di Xuan said solemnly: “That’s a matter between him and you, what does it have to do with anyone else?”

Before I got key from Lu Linting the day after tomorrow, I mentioned it to someone. In order to protect me, Du Jiaobing would naturally leak the news.

There is no competition for other resources. The quotas in the Heavenly Dao library are basically monopolized by various small factions. Even if you don’t have credits, you can buy them.

Lin Yi asked: “What about him? You must have dealt with him. Will there be no one to stand up for him?”

What King Di Xuan did was not a blank wolf at all.

Lin Yi raised his eyebrows: “But it doesn’t make sense to you that there are so few seniors. What should you do?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Everyone in our family is a newcomer. Why is it that Lu Lin doesn’t have the support of a small person like Du Jiaobing? She didn’t have key from the Heavenly Dao library on the first day she entered First, and I, King Di Xuan, worked hard for two years to get that chance. !

Lu Linting choked and turned the claw knife between her fingers even slower: “Are you afraid? Haha, he must be naive enough to think that the person behind him will stand up for him for such a big thing, right?”

King Di Xuan raised his eyebrows: “It’s so interesting to fight in a draw like that. Let’s make a bet. You limit your true destiny to be the same as his, and the paradigm will only use the few lightning paradigms he knows. I use everything else. If you win, he will give you key.”

This is not only for Zhao Yeguo, but also for himself.

Lin Yi immediately understood that the other party was really coming for him. How could Shiran know that?

Lu Lin spread her hands: “So many seniors say he is trying to show off, what should I do?”

Yes, I did not take action directly, but asked instead.

I am determined to get the Heavenly Dao library key. The reason why I agreed to Zhao Yeguo’s request that time was not only the big and small disadvantages promised here, but the most important thing was not the key.

Especially like King Di Xuan, there are many who make harsh declarations in public.

“What does he want to do?”

I have experienced the cruelty of reality, so presently naturally wants Lin Yi to experience it!

No one stood up immediately: “King Di Xuan is really thick-skinned. When fighting with a newcomer, the rules are not limited to the same, but he still uses that to make a price? Can he still have some face?”

“Crazy enough!”

Private fights are prohibited in Heavenly Dao Academy, but there are no deep grudges or small grudges in the past, especially if it is done until the death is over, it is not uncommon to see someone who is really ruthless to death.

“The key in the Heavenly Dao library is in his hands, right?”

Lin Yi also admitted immediately: “So what?”

As soon as these words came out, the whole place was in an uproar.

What’s more, I’m just dealing with a big-ass brat who has just been admitted to the hospital. I can’t control the situation nervously!

Of course a little person like Du Jiaobing will come forward personally because of the matter between me and Lu Lin, but I must have really hurt Lin Yi badly, and there is no guarantee that there will be no one else to step forward on my behalf.

Lin Yi glanced at Zhao Yeguo who was lying on a stretcher on the sidelines, as well as Dong Gong and others who were filled with indignation. As the rookie king of this year, he was determined to do this today.

Lu Lin said calmly: “So he is also afraid, right?”

The lower grade students who arrived one after another became interested.

Now, this is the closest opportunity I have to get close to the Heavenly Dao library!

Even if we reached a deal with Zhao Yeguo that time, at most in my own opinion, we still cooperated as equals.

But people as crazy as Lu Lin are rare!

But when he thought of the promise Zhao Yeguo made to me, King Di Xuan suddenly became excited again.

As the next Rookie King, I haven’t checked out the Heavenly Dao library even once since presently!

After all, there is the shadow of King Di Xuan behind Du Jiaobing. After finishing Zhao Yeguo, he should be the next one to attack.


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