Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11657:

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Chu Yunfan gave him a meaningful look, but he had no intention of getting to the bottom of it. He knew that his newly acquired student came from mysterious. As long as it did not violate the overall situation of the Heavenly Dao Academy, some things did not need to be asked in too much detail.

In many cases, retaining some mysterious feeling is not a bad thing.

Chu Yunfan then said earnestly: “The compound paradigm path provided by the Heavenly Dao library, although roughly is not wrong, is after all only the simulation result under the ideal conditions. You can use it as a reference, but don’t be superstitious. Sometimes, You still have to trust your instincts.”

Lin Yi was surprised.

This can be said from the bottom of my heart. If you are an outsider, you will never say such words that are easily misunderstood.

The other party really regards himself as Final Disciple.

Lin Yi nodded heavily: “I know Teacher.”

Seeing that he had understood what he meant, Chu Yunfan nodded happily, and then smiled: “If there is conditions, it is best to let the Heavenly Dao library re-deduced it every once in a while. After all, the plan cannot keep up with the changes, and it is designed The composite paradigm path will also be adjusted accordingly.”

Lin Yi weighed the key in his hand: “No wonder everyone has to fight for it.”

There are ten open quotas a month. Although there are fewer people, there are fewer people, but after all, the number of people in Heavenly Dao Academy is not that large. If everyone only takes a turn, they can still take a turn.

“Although it is human nature, but I also regard the red medicine as a step to Lin Yi’s, then I can bear it!”

“Two forbidden fires almost made Hongyao fail. You see, it’s really…”

Although what happened back then was not unavoidable, as a father, I felt very guilty towards my man Di Feihong.

Once you have been in such a position, even if you have enough merit and qualifications, you will definitely be able to get your hands on it.

That’s true.

Xu Bi frowned and said, “Yes, right? Vice President Chu is that kind of person.”

Cao Anyi smiled: “As long as he doesn’t know what’s going on, that’s fine.”

Xu Bi looked at Bing Cocoon blankly and said nothing.

Cao Anyi pretended to sigh: “That time, his man froze the Demon Lord with his own hands and made a small contribution to your Heavenly Dao hospital. The hospital has not yet discussed the reward for you. presently just broke the old Rong of the Seventh Security Department. If you want to move into the seventh tier, you are going to recommend his man to take my place.”

Even if it’s just Security Division 7, this is no big deal.

Chu Yunfan sighed and said: “He will know if he goes back and listens to the rumors inside. Everyone is saying that Lin Yi takes the most credit, and there is no one who mentions Hong Yao’s external contribution.”

Xu Hongyao said reluctantly: “That’s the process. You have made a small contribution, but after all, you have been missing for such a young person, so it is still unnecessary to conduct a retroactive identity screening.”

Chu Yunfan opened the carefully edited image, and the rest requires me to say less.

Xu Hongyao nodded: “That is clear. Your name is Di Feihong, and you are the son of Xu Bi, the head of the Appraisal Department.”

After talking about business, Lin Yi turned to ask: “How is this ice demon senior?”

Unfortunately, eighty years later, there was a civil strife in Heavenly Dao courtyard, and Xu Bi’s wife was also involved in it, and was eventually killed by me.

In fact, I still haven’t had the chance to take the next step.

Previously, father and son turned against each other, and their hair turned gray overnight.

“Tight protection?”

Chu Yunfan let out a laugh: “Who else could it be? Vice President Chu’s newly recruited protégé. In order to win over Lin Yi, Lao Chu spared no effort. Everyone in the presently trial committee is trying to give me Sing praises.”

Xu Bi always thought you were not dead yet.

That wave of smooth sailing directly attracted Xu Bi’s father and son over, which could be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Chu Yunfan said kindly: “His friendship with you at such a young age has been revealed by those words. Besides, I hugged you when Hongyao was big. In your eyes, you are not your nephew.”

Xu Bi can naturally understand the deep meaning behind Chu Yunfan’s move.

Xu Bi solemnly said: “I have to thank Vice President Di less.”

When I came back that time, I saw everyone else, except the ice demon who later turned into an ice cocoon.

“What words.”

Xu Bi was so angry that he was shaking all over, and his voice came out from between his teeth: “Whose is that Lin Xiao?”

The other party is in the same class as me, and at this time, he can beat me in all aspects. Speaking of it, he was also the first generation heavenly arrogance of Starlight Resplendent, but it was hard to get past the front desk. He suffered another serious injury in the middle, and he gradually disappeared from everyone before. .

I will definitely be able to take a seat in the Seventh Security Department. Even if I just follow the steps a few days ago, I can definitely occupy a place on the lower floor of the hospital.

Before that, there was news about Di Feihong, and it was not until the demon sacrifice ceremony that he retreated from everyone’s sight again.

Lin Yi’s mouth twitched. Since it was out of the hands of the Internal Affairs Department, it was said to be under strict protection, but it was actually said to be under close surveillance.

A middle-aged woman with white hair looked at the ice cocoon placed in the secret room with red eyes.

Xu Bi was stunned.

Especially when I saw the situation of the boy presently, if I didn’t belittle Di Feihong in the slightest at that time, I would definitely go berserk in a minute.

“Then say less. It will sound like you are talking too much in front of others.”

But everyone’s thoughts are obviously the same. Everyone wants to go in a few more times and adjust accordingly.

Chu Yunfan continued to add fuel to the fire.

Lin Yi asked: “Has the identity been confirmed?”

Whether or not you have a weak factional background is a matter of imagination.

“You find someone copied the live video of the magic ceremony. You exposed your identity immediately after the red pill was released, but in the end you were targeted by Lin Yi and us.”

As a result, many middle- and low-level students who lack strength and opportunity may never have access to the Heavenly Dao Library in their lifetime.

Xu Hongyao frowned slightly: “Maybe you retreated to the Heavenly Dao column halfway and were disturbed. You haven’t emerged from the cocoon by presently, and you haven’t been tightly protected by the Internal Affairs Department at this moment.”

Even so, Xu Bi’s foundation was still there, and he could reach the position of director of the Appraisal Department just by relying on his qualifications.

I have little interaction with Xu Hongyao, but I still don’t know much about Cao Anyi’s personality.

“Old Xu, we have all been here before. No matter how talented a freshman is, how far can he reach? How can you be so vague about him?”

Xu Bi was stunned: “Who is Lin Yi?”

Chu Yunfan looked at me like that, and a trace of respect flashed in the corner of his eyes.

“Just tell me, Lao Chu is paving the way for me to build momentum for student.”

Xu Bi suddenly became angry: “I dare!”

The Security Department, like the Internal Affairs Department, is an ordinary establishment of the Heavenly Dao Academy. At first glance, it sounds like a low level, but in terms of authority, it is almost at the ministerial level.

At this time, the Internal Affairs Office.

After a pause, Chu Yunfan raised his voice and said: “You have heard that Vice-President Chu seems to have no idea, and is planning to put all the credit for the demon sacrifice ritual under Lin Yi. .”

Cao Anyi patted me on the shoulder: “Lao Xu, you have heard about their father and son. It is really difficult for such a young man to survive. It is a bad thing. His son is back and the father and son are reunited. It is a bad thing. One piece! ”


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