Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11656:

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If you can really learn casually, using Lin Yi to learn ability abnormally, wouldn’t it be like taking off from the same spot?

Chu Yunfan laughed: “You are thinking too much. Although the Heavenly Dao library contains these paradigms, if you want to practice formal, you still have to use extra credits to purchase them. As for some special unique paradigms, unless you get the developer permission, otherwise you can’t buy it even with credits.”

Lin Yi’s enthusiasm was immediately extinguished: “That’s a bit of a trap.”

But if you think about it carefully, this is reasonable.

Paradigm can be said to be the most precious resource of Heavenly Dao Academy. There is no one. If dismissed from school is opened casually, not to mention whether other supporting resources can keep up, it may not be a good thing for the overall situation.

Using this as a reward to attract students to make more contributions to the Heavenly Dao Institute is a long-term solution.

Chu Yunfan was helpless: “I can’t say it’s a scam. If it were a scam, no one would be trying to get the scalp of this thing. You have to know that the Heavenly Dao library only opens ten places to the public a month, and even I don’t see it. Gotta get it.”

This is the truth. The key in his presently hand was all won through a bet from Di Feihong.

Of course, I also won with Lin Yi, which happened to be used on Lin Yi.

“So few?”

Lin YiSuddenly.

When I was practicing Paradigm First times, I actually had that idea.

Between paradigm loops and paradigm loops, not a small part is the same, such as thunder and lightning. Although the final effects are completely the same, as far as paradigm loops are concerned, the similarity between them is as low as 100%. Forty-four points.

Chu Yunfan said: “You must just specialize in a certain paradigm. If the limitations are too small, the lower limit will be very unlimited.”

Bian Zhen suddenly understood and was secretly glad.

It’s just a passing thought. So far, my level of understanding of paradigms is still sufficient, so I can only think about similar ideas for the time being.

“But a broken paradigm has not yet carved its circuit into the deepest part of his soul. Every modification is a direct attack on the soul.”

“He should have tried it himself, right?”

It’s a good thing that I have some free time to express myself later, otherwise something will happen if I mess up.

Lin Yi nodded candidly: “The feeling is gone, but I still love it too much.”

Chu Yunfan was not surprised when he saw my reaction: “Looking at his appearance, it seems that he also loves think of it to what extent?”

Lin Yi nodded thoughtfully.

“Does he think the two are equally safe?”

“It is an extremely simple and exquisite simulation system that can simulate a composite paradigm with extremely low feasibility on its own based on the original paradigm.”

“It’s wrong.”

Use ultra-weak computing power to simulate all possibilities, and finally select the best among the best and choose the path with the worst effect.

Bian Zhen had used his imagination at that time, and it was impossible to combine the two paradigms so that it would not have the instant damage of thunder and lightning, and at the same time, it would not have the stun effect of thunder.

Lin Yi nodded secretly, that’s it, that’s definitely not a supercomputer!

From the inside out, and then use the human body as an amplifier to build a paradigm circuit, and then step back to make its power qualitatively change. This idea is vaguely consistent with the essence of the unity of nature and man, and it is a real move of genius .

Chu Yunfan was stunned: “That’s true. Even with the background of our Heavenly Dao hospital, opening ten times a month is not the limit. How would he know?”

“You’re just guessing.”

Lin Yi is Mingso: “Simulating the system? Simulating what?”

“So based on the continuous exploration of previous generations, you have developed a composite paradigm system.”

Roughly estimated, if there are no students enrolled in Heavenly Dao institutes, it would not be less than 10,000 people.

Even with my deep understanding of the nature of the power of rules, I have to deny that Paradigm is one of the most exquisite uses of the power of rules I have ever seen, style.

Lin Yi was shocked.

Chu Yunfan said sternly: “That is the compulsory subject they will take next. You should talk to him first.”

Chu Yunfan said proudly: “That was an epoch-making miracle. small accomplishment As a result, its appearance has directly changed the entire situation. You Heavenly Dao The hospital was able to suppress the evil camp in those years, Heavenly Dao The existence of the library is of great importance. ”

Chu Yunfan continued: “The disadvantages of transforming the composite paradigm are very few, but the safety is also very small. In the future, we can only rely on our ancestors to take risks. It was not until the emergence of the Heavenly Dao library that the situation was completely changed.”

Chu Yunfan said: “A blank piece of paper can’t be used to paint. Although the self-created paradigm requires less exploration, after it is truly formed, it is still closely related to him. Even if he overthrows it, the problem is Small.”

The Heavenly Dao library only opens ten places every month, so it’s a real rush.

“That love personality is much smaller than his self-created paradigm, and he must be reckless.”

“In the paradigm of cultivation, choice is less than effort, and its existence ensures that Aicheng makes the most correct long-term choice.”

Although the number of freshman admitted to Heavenly Dao Hospital every year is very limited, and the maximum number of students in one class is no more than 20, but based on the graduation standards of Heavenly Dao Hospital, the number of people who can successfully graduate every year will only be fewer than this.

Lin Yi‘s eyes lit up: “Composite paradigm? Could it be that the same paradigms are combined together?”

“Paradigm combination.”

Bian Zhen said in surprise: “The Heavenly Dao library was created to transform the composite paradigm?”

“What’s even more important is that it cannot teach students in accordance with their aptitude, specifically targeting a certain person’s soul characteristics and matching them with a set of the weakest composite paradigms!”

Having said that, I don’t know the full details of the new World. The fault tolerance rate is much lower than that of the special cultivator. Even if something goes wrong, it will be catastrophic.

Chu Yunfan explained: “The Heavenly Dao library is a special library. The core function it undertakes is not to let people retreat and read books. In essence, it is a huge and small simulation system. The reason why it combines all paradigms They are all included and retired just to make the simulation more wrong.”

“Paradigm is your core ability. Although before reaching a low enough level, such as Heavenly Dao guys, the degree of freedom in using paradigm cannot be reduced and there cannot be too many restrictions, but the root is still in paradigm.”

Lin Yi suddenly asked: “Does it consume a small amount of energy every time the Heavenly Dao library is opened?”

I dare you to turn love into a supercomputer.

Lin Yi was born out of doubt: “Why is it more love than self-created paradigms?”

There are many senior students with strong qualifications who have stayed here for a few Hundred-year.

Seeing that Lin Yi seemed to be still confused, Chu Yunfan said quietly: “Heavenly Dao Library is the worst tutor in the world. Without its guidance, for anyone, It’s all a matter of cloud and mud.”

Chu Yunfan was startled: “That can be tried with caution. The paradigm circuit is closely integrated with the human body. If you are wrong, it will be a disaster. Less than half of the ancestors who died in the history of your Heavenly Dao hospital were because of trying to combine the paradigm. , less than those who died on the frontal battlefield.”


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