Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11655:

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Shi Wushuang quickly added: “I’m just making an analogy. Don’t use it randomly. The Paradigm Advanced Talisman is also a rare commodity in our Heavenly Dao Institute. You must think clearly before using it.”

Lin Yi nodded: “I know.”

In fact, Shi Wushuang didn’t need to remind him, he could feel it just from the envious expressions of everyone around him.

Not only the newcomers like Zhao Yeguo, but also many senior officials of the trial committee were a little jealous when they saw the four paradigm advancement talismans in his hand.

The rarity can be imagined.

Lin Yi turned around and asked Zhao Yeguo: “Do you have any too?”

Zhao Yeguo did not speak, but extended his hand to make a gesture.

Lin Yi was stunned: “Are you scolding me?”

Shi Wushuang said with a smile: “He and Ye Yinxiao were both rewarded with two, Donggong and Mo Luoyi were each rewarded with one, Du Lishang and Qin Xiuzhu of the second team were also rewarded with one, and the others were not. .”

Lin Yi nodded: “It’s no wonder.”

Chu Yunfan continued: “This is your credit reward. One hundred basic credits. Every new student admitted to formal has it. Combined with your excellent performance throughout the trial training process, there are another 400 credits. Additional rewards, totaling 700 points. ”

That was the First private contact between the two parties.

Zhao Yeguo: “…”

Lin Yi thought that the value of credits was unlimited, until Shi Youshuang explained loudly: “One credit can buy 10,000 luck inside, but 10,000 luck inside can buy another credit.”

In fact, that is Cao Kuang’s weakest paradigm, just part of my final project.

Lin Yi blinked: “What if I bring you some too?”

Lin Yi immediately became interested: “Does it mean that without that key, you can’t learn all paradigms carefully?”

What’s more, Gong Guangzi is standing in front of Lin Yi’s.

Gong Guang said in surprise: “Could it be that the credits are very useful?”

Although we know what happened before we lost contact, just because of Lin Yi’s amazing performance after that, we are destined to be by no means a thing in the pool, and worthy of the title of the weakest rookie king.

Zhao Yeguo smiled and said: “key in Heavenly Dao Library is a one-time use. He cannot return it to Heavenly Dao Library once with it.”

It was only freshman of the same term, including the lower-level members of the trial committee, who also took the initiative to show their bad intentions.

Having said that, this is not only a reward for his demon sacrifice ceremony, but also a cumulative reward of Position First from the previous round.

Although everyone is inevitably jealous of this, it is impossible to say how much they are dissatisfied.

Before, I gave another key.

The days ahead are long.

Shi Youshuang added: “Credits are the only currency within our Heavenly Dao academy. Whether he wants to redeem any resources, sign up for various courses, or trade with other students, he needs to use credits.”

Although it was later rumored that I was rigid, only those student who were close to Shi Youshuang knew that apart from issues of principle, my deputy Director was sometimes very open-minded in other aspects.

I made an agreement with Lord Song to give away Qiqi points. According to that, I can get a refund of 2,700 credits immediately upon taking the exam.

Everyone’s expressions were not so cold this time.

Shi Youshuang reminded: “Has he forgotten that he also developed the ground technology pseudo-paradigm? When the hospital’s evaluation is completed, this will be a small credit penalty!”

Feeling the mysterious meaning contained in key, Lin Yi wondered: “What is that for?”

Gong Guang asked: “Can it be less?”

Don’t talk about newcomers, even for a small number of junior students, it is still a huge sum of money.

Gong Guangzi narrowed the distance with just one sentence.

In the end, Zhao Yeguo reluctantly gave Lin Yi seven taels for the First times, which was regarded as a meeting gift from the mentor to student.

Shi Youshuang glanced at me: “Two hundred credits can buy a Paradigm Relegation Talisman, but it is often out of stock, so I can definitely buy it.”

Shi Youduo said: “It depends on the final grade. The upper paradigm will be punished with a thousand credits, the middle paradigm will be punished with 8,000 credits, and the lower paradigm will be punished with 7,000 credits.”

From my standpoint, I wish Lin Yi would meet me.

Lin Yi was stunned: “You can get those 700 credits in just a minute.”

I dislike Lin Yi not only because of Shi Youshuang, but also because of Lin Yi’s series of performances in the trials and selections, which really made me very satisfied.

If you say it, Lin Yi really hasn’t forgotten that.

Lin Yi was stunned: “Heavenly Dao library?”

From this point of view, the four paradigm advancement talismans in hand are already a considerable asset, probably more than many senior students of Heavenly Dao Academy.

“In a short period of time, he will have to worry about his students.”

Lin YiHonestly, I chose the worst spirit tea and took a sip. Even now, I feel refreshed and refreshed, without a sense of enlightenment that requires brain growth.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yi was naturally the focus of the banquet.

Lin Yi was in an inexplicable mood. If he had come back a little later, the banquet would have been of a completely different nature.

Zhao Yeguo laughed and scolded when he saw this: “He is really polite, you are not even willing to give me that tea.”

Lin Yi naturally feels elated when faced with compliments from everyone.


It is true that those behind us cannot be friends, and they cannot become Comrade-In-Arms on the battlefield these days, but as of now, the bottom line is that we are still helping whoever wins.

No matter which angle you look at, it is a sure thing that Lin Yi will skyrocket. Now he is taking the opportunity to ruin the relationship. This is really a lack of thinking.

But the question is, is that too far-sighted?

Who among the abnormal people would give away all their trump cards to the outside world?

“With or without credits, it’s hard to move outside.”

After the Lin Yi incident, the tangible sense of separation between each other disappeared, and there was really no sense of intimacy between the mentor and student.

As he said that, he handed a credit card to Lin Yi.

At the beginning of the banquet, Zhao Yeguo called Gong Guang to the office of my deputy Director.

“I will feel at ease when I come to your place. I can pour myself some tea.”

“If you save some money, you can still last a long time.”

It’s just a matter of listening to the scene. If you really think that after a few glasses of wine, you will feel that the relationship between the family can get closer. This is really bad.

Zhao Yeguo introduced: “This collection contains paradigmatic achievements that your Heavenly Dao Institute does not have.”

Everyone nearby heard this and felt envious.

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up: “This is really a lot of credits.”

Just the thunder type paradigm that Cao Kuang left behind has already made me shed the mortal body and exchange the bones. Even if I think about it, I know that it is definitely the lowest level paradigm in the Heavenly Dao academy.

After the punishment was read out, the next step was to start the celebration.

Lin Yi suddenly had no idea.

That’s the main reason why I came to Lin Yi.

“Pseudo-paradigm is relatively common, especially those who will be punished according to the standards of inferior paradigm.”


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