Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11652:

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Using Thunder Flash to fight against Demon King Breath is overestimating one’s ability, but against the rules of Thunder Flash, that’s a different story.

The Demon Lord couldn’t understand this for a moment, and now he looked at Jingjing (quietly) standing opposite Lin Yi , especially looking at Lin Yi That weird painted face mask on his face, he First For the first time, I felt the taste of fear.

For the first time, the Demon Lord actually had the urge to escape!

“Escape? This is not possible.”

Lin Yi activated the lightning flash and suddenly appeared in front of the presently Demon Lord, less than two steps away from each other.

The Demon Lord’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he subconsciously wanted to activate the magic move. However, this time he did not want to kill Lin Yi instantly, but simply wanted to stay away from this demon.

Yes, he is the born Lord of Demons, but in his eyes, Lin Yi at this moment is far more like a devil than himself!

It’s a pity that Lin Yi didn’t give him this opportunity at all.

Amidst the strange laughter, the Demon Lord felt that his whole body was being hit by thunder at the same time. Because the frequency of the attacks was so fast, he couldn’t even do such a brief magic move. He was struck every time. Interrupt midway.

As for keeping up with the current offensive and defensive rhythm of Lin Yi, that is an unattainable luxury.

Every second that passes, the Demon Lord has at least hundreds of wounds all over his body!

The rich Demon Qi on him, in front of Lin Yi at this moment, was like paper, falling crazily like a cliff.

You know, Lin Yi does not use any paradigm at this moment, not even the ground technical pseudo-paradigm, it is just a pure personal bunt.

Facts have proved that his personal short game with explosive offensive and defensive rhythm is more suitable for the current state of obsession than any other paradigm.

The ultimate melee attack, plus the ultimate attack speed.

The two are a perfect match!

The Demon Qi in the Demon Lord bottomed out in an instant. If he continued, he would be beaten to death immediately.

At the moment of life and death, the devil’s last self-preservation instinct is activated.

The last bit of Demon Qi madly surged out of his body, wrapping him tightly around him, like a magic egg.

Through the perspective of World‘s will, Lin Yi immediately sensed the rapid transformation of the opponent.

“Second transformation into a demon?”

This state is exactly the same as the previous demon transformation. The difference is that the previous demon transformation was a matter of course, while the second demon transformation experienced by the Demon Lord at this moment is madly overdrawing the energy potential.

If this continues, even if it succeeds in transforming into a demon for the second time, the upper limit it can ultimately reach in the future will be very limited.

The majestic Lord of Ten Thousand Demons will most likely disappear from the public, and he will not even be able to enter the First echelon of the demon camp.

Who would use such self-destructive means as a last resort?

It can be seen that the Demon Lord is really cornered.

But no matter what, the power of the second transformation must be extraordinary. Once the second transformation is successful, not to mention what will happen in the future, at least it will definitely be a big threat to Lin Yi at the moment.

After all, Lin Yi’s’s fake possessed state cannot last long.

Lin Yi directly pressed one hand on the magic egg, and the dark red light flashed again.

Anti-rule lightning flash!

The red light passed through, the devil egg shattered, and the second transformation into a devil came to an abrupt end.


The Demon Lord spit out a mouthful of old blood on the spot.

The second transformation into a demon was interrupted midway, and the backlash he received was far more severe than normal.

Demon King image, who was originally tall and mighty, suddenly became extremely sluggish, and his figure became skinny and rickety. At first glance, he looked like a Death Qi old man.

Lin Yi wiped his face with one hand, and the painted face mask disappeared.

The false possessed state is lifted.

The current Demon Lord can no longer pose any threat to him.

Lin Yi exhaled a breath of turbid air. It must be said that entering the possessed state at this stage is really a heavy load for him. Whether mentally or physically, he rarely feels exhausted.

Jiang Xiaoshang reminded in the new World: “Don’t kill him, this guy is much easier to use than the Scarlet Ancient Ape, and he can just stay here to be the trigger for you to become possessed.”

“As long as you get used to it a little bit, you can enter a falsely possessed state at any time!”

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up.

This is really a good idea!

In this battle just now, the power of False Demon has been fully demonstrated. The only flaw is that besides the heavy load, it takes too long to accumulate momentum.

If you can really enter this state at any time in the future as Jiang Xiaoshang said, then you are the real best trump card!

Having said that, the other party is not a kitten or a puppy after all. Even if his vitality is seriously injured, he still has the foundation of a demon lord after all.

As time goes by, if someone else recover comes over, it will always be a problem.

However, once Lin Yi swallows the entire altar, these will not be a concern.

In the new World home court, let alone a mere juvenile demon lord, he can easily handle even an adult.

The only thing to do now is to implement the anchor point and prepare for the annexation of the altar.

Heavenly Dao courtyard.

The atmosphere of the trial committee was extremely solemn.

Zhao Yeguo and others have been picked up by the Heavenly Dao pillar, and they are all gathered around with worried faces. The ice demon has also returned successfully, but it is still in the ice cocoon state and has not yet emerged from the cocoon.

Strictly speaking, the situation has reached this point and is completely beyond everyone’s control.

From the perspective of the Heavenly Dao Institute, since the Seven Demonic Saints were forced to take action personally, this Demon Sacrifice Ceremony can be regarded as a complete victory.

After all, even if the opponent has the last laugh in name, the price paid behind it is far greater than the benefits of winning this Demon Sacrifice Ceremony.

However, Lin Yi was not saved.

From Chu Yunfan down, everyone looked extremely heavy.

Although everyone knows that the hope of Lin Yi‘s survival is very slim, and it can even be said that there is no chance at all.

presently can’t even lock the position of the altar, especially when there are seven demonic saints on the opposite side personally taking action. If Lin Yi can come back like this, I’m afraid even the word miracle is not enough to describe it.

But at least at this moment, no one wants to give up.

Chu Yunfan took charge personally and desperately searched for the location of the altar.

However, after trying all the methods, there is still no effect at all.

At this time, Di Feihong’s laughter came: “I heard that this time the Seven Evil Saints were forced to take action personally, and our Heavenly Dao Academy won a great victory. It’s so gratifying. Congratulations to you, Vice-President Chu!”

Looking at Di Feihong and his entourage filing in, everyone choked.

The rejoice in other people’s misfortune of these people really doesn’t hide it at all.

However, no one could refute Di Feihong’s remarks. After all, this was the truth.

Chu Yunfan said solemnly: “I, presently, have no time to talk nonsense with you. If you know what’s going on, you’d better stay out of the way.”

While speaking, a suffocating aura suddenly spread out.

The whole audience’s eyelids jumped.

Di Feihong’s eyes flashed, he came here today just to nauseating Chu Yunfan, but Chu Yunfan’s attitude made him really scared.

If Chu Yunfan breaks the jar in anger, even if he will be severely punished afterwards and even be kicked out of his position as deputy Director, he will still not get any good results.


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