Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11651:

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However, presently‘s knowledge was shattered by Lin Yi’s‘s outrageous performance.

In fact, without the powerful blessing of Fake Demon, there is really no possibility of keeping up with the pace with Lin Yi‘s own strength.

The biggest effect of being possessed is precisely to strengthen the speed.

As far as the attack level is concerned, although there is blessing, the magnitude is not large, at least it is far from exaggerated.

The Demon Lord’s kick could be regarded as hitting the iron plate impartially.

With just instinctive reaction, he was able to keep up with the rhythm of the magic. To be honest, even Lin Yi himself was shocked by this performance!

After all, with his conditions of presently, it is not possible to enter a state of pseudo-obsession at will.

Just like this time.

From the moment he entered the altar, Jiang Xiaoshang had already used the new World to help him gain momentum and assist him in entering a state of false obsession.

Unfortunately, the pollution intensity of the group of scarlet apes is really limited. Thanks to the superposition of external altars, they can barely reach the standard.

Having said that, without the trump card of being possessed, Lin Yi would not take the risk to stay even if he coveted the altar in front of him.

After all, no matter how good the altar is, it must be swallowed with life.

The devil does not believe in evil. If he cannot do it once, he will decisively attack again.

In this current state, he can almost ignore the cooldown time. As long as he can endure it, he can continuously activate magic moves.

“As long as you are touched once by this One, you will die!”

The Demon Lord was pressed to the ground and gritted his teeth: “this One can make countless mistakes, but you can’t make one mistake. Let’s see who can outlast the other!”

Although he may not be able to trigger an instant kill even if he hits it a few times, not triggering it has no impact on him, but as long as it is triggered once, Lin Yi will definitely die.

This is a completely one-sided bet.

He is a little embarrassed, but the Demon Lord firmly believes that he is still invincible!

Then, he was hit hard with a knee in the face.

The cold and domineering face was instantly distorted and two front teeth flew out on the spot. Under the severe pain, the Demon Lord even forgot to fight back for a moment.

That’s not all.

Before he could react, another knee hit his chest. His chest instantly collapsed, and his originally mighty and upright figure turned into a weird hunchback.

The good news is that under the impact, the Demon Lord finally escaped from the control of Lin Yi’s temporarily and got a chance to distance himself.

The bad news is, he failed to grasp it.

The Demon Lord staggered to his feet, but Lin Yi, with a ferocious laugh that was possessed by the devil, sat directly on his head, holding the Demon King horns on his forehead with both hands.

“This pair of corners doesn’t look good. Can I help you remove it?”

Not waiting for the Demon Lord to respond, Lin Yi suddenly exerted his strength.

Under the extremely horrified gaze of the Demon Lord, his iconic Demon King horns were uprooted, and a large amount of blood immediately spurted out from the blood hole on his forehead.

The amount of blood was so large that it almost spilled over half of the altar.

The Demon Lord wailed endlessly, and immediately desperate, he went crazy and wanted revenge.

The Demon King double horns are not only his iconic feature, but also the foundation of his vitality. Once the pair of Demon King double horns are gone, his potential will be cut in half.

Even whether his identity as a demon lord can be recognized will become an unknown thing!

However, at this time, Lin Yi had already taken the initiative to distance itself and looked at the two horns in his hands.

“Although your horn is not very pretty, it can still be used as a decoration. Since you are so enthusiastic, I will accept it without mercy.”

homicide is heart-breaking.

The Demon Lord was completely furious.

He had completely lost all control of his reason at the moment, and there was only one hysterical thought in his mind.

“Kill you! this One must kill you!”

Magic strikes again.

Lin Yi greeted him with a ferocious smile, but then restrained himself.

Lin Yi immediately realized that his sanity had been affected by the false obsession. Otherwise, according to his character, once he gained an advantage, he would immediately try to resolve the battle.

Looking back at presently, although his instinctive reaction is to kill the opponent, what he wants more is a brutal killing than a clean killing!

Although the false obsession is not a true obsession, if time goes by, even with Lin Yi’s‘s strong will, his character may change drastically.

At this time.

The Demon Lord suddenly approached behind him, and Lin Yi instinctively avoided it.

“Die to me!”

Demon Qi surged in the Demon Lord’s mouth, and then exploded. A large area in front of him was within its attack range, and all of them were locked by it.

Demon King breath!

At this point, it no longer matters whether important triggered the fatal kill or not. After all, even if Lin Yi is in a fake possessed state, it cannot change the reality that he does not even have a layer of true life.

As long as he gets even a little bit of it, he will definitely die!

The key is that the attack range of Demon King‘s breath is too large, and he has no chance to dodge this wave.

The Demon Lord had already foreseen the fate of Lin Yi’s, and immediately showed a gleeful grin.

Having Demon King‘s horns pulled out greatly damaged his vitality, but since Lin Yi’s‘s strength is so exaggerated, it must be priceless as a sacrifice, and maybe it can double his losses!

As a result, Lin Yi calmly raised a hand.

The dark red light flashed away.

Everything came to an abrupt end.

The breath of Demon King that was so arrogant just now dissipated completely.

The Demon Lord looked at the scene in front of him blankly, unable to understand it for a moment, and murmured three words repeatedly: “It’s impossible…”

No one knows the power of Demon King breath better than himself.

This is his destiny. Once he reaches adulthood, he will be able to defeat the powerful gods.

Even if you are still underage, you can easily kill a target under the divine realm in an instant. How can you be killed by someone in front of you?

But Lin Yi is standing there intact. This can’t be an illusion, right?

Shocked by this scene, the Demon Lord finally reacted from the hysteria and was shocked: “You used lightning flash to offset this One‘s Demon King breath?”

He has seen Lin Yi’s Thunder Flash, and it was exactly the same as the one just now.

But the deepest impression left on him before was the disregard for resistance. As for the paradigm of thunder and lightning itself, it can only be said to be so-so, and it cannot catch his eye at all.

I never expected that Lin Yi would use such a simple paradigm to directly redeem his Demon King breath!

This was completely beyond his knowledge.

As everyone knows, a thunder flash is a thunder flash, but the thunder flash in the normal state and the thunder flash after being possessed are completely different concepts.

The pseudo-enchanted state brings blessings to Lin Yi’s. In addition to a huge increase in speed, it also changes the nature of the attack.

After all, the false possessed state perfectly matches the rule-breaking power.

What he just used was an anti-rule lightning flash!

The biggest characteristic of anti-rule thunder and lightning is not the killing, but the cancellation of the rules!

Whether it is the Heavenly Dao Academy’s paradigm or the evil demon’s calamity, they are essentially the use of the power of rules, but they are more sophisticated than ordinary cultivator methods.

The same is true for Demon King breath.


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