Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11650:

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Lin Yi continued: “Your magic move does have instant kill characteristics, but it cannot be triggered every time. If you want to really exert its effect, you must match it with a super high attack speed, otherwise you can only rely on luck.”

At this point, the Demon Lord stopped pretending and admitted directly: “Even so, what can you do? Can you crack it?”

“It’s really hard to crack.”

Lin Yi nodded sincerely.

In the final analysis, the opponent’s magic move is not a trick such as illusion. As long as you see through it, you can successfully break it.

presently Even if he clearly deduce the principle of Mo Dong’s instant kill, there is still no solution to a certain extent. Unless he can limit the opponent’s violent attack speed of two thousand times per second, it will be in vain no matter what.

After all, no matter how low the probability of triggering the instant kill is, if it is superimposed two thousand times, the small probability of incident has become the high probability of incident.

Besides, no one stipulates that the magic move can only be activated for one second.

The Demon Lord laughed: “After all that, in the end, I just want you to die clearly. this One is really pitiful for you.”

“However, you can still be considered a talent. If you are more aware of current affairs and work for this One from now on, I might not be able to let you live.”

“It’s possible! It’s possible!”

Therefore, I have to delay going up.

The key premise of the magic triggering instant kill feature is that it must hit the opponent at a low frequency. presently can even achieve the minimum hit, which is naturally a luxury.

Feeling the strong evil Demon Qi breath under the opponent’s body, the Demon Lord was at a loss for a moment.

“What kind of trick did he use?”

Lin Yi is ready to swallow the whole altar!

With the temperament of Lin Yi’s, there is no reason to eat the meat that is brought to the mouth, so since I just returned my favor, I have not yet set an anchor point in the layout to prepare for the arrival of the new World.

The Demon Lord is not confused.

With me, Lin Yi, this set of ground techniques and pseudo-paradigms just now still left a psychological shadow on me. If I try it again, even I can guarantee that I will be able to break free.

Letting Lin Yi go if you repay your kindness is purely funny.

Lin Yi What you seek is good or bad.

Fake obsession? !

Having said that, my body is very honest and does not directly attack.

It would be funny if the horse stumbles.

“Is it useless to struggle in vain?”

That was a reminder from Jiang Dashang.

Lin Yi looked at him playfully: “Aren’t you going to let me be your sacrifice? If you want to enter adulthood, those few sacrifices are not enough, right?”

The reasons are complex.

Although I am pinned to the ground at this moment, I can still launch a counterattack. As long as an instant kill is triggered midway, Xi Kang will definitely die!

Compared with mobility, the Lin Yi hit the iron plate that time.

What I said just now was just a pure deception, just to confuse Lin Yi.

The Demon Lord chased me with a grin. With the magic blessing, my speed was not much slower than that of Lei Shun, especially since Lei Shun didn’t have the paradigm cool-down time, but I had no restrictions in that respect.

As we all know, the only thing to fear is the spiritual pollution of evil spirits.

From the beginning to the end, only four demons and one Lin Xiao died here. The others, including the ice demon, were all rescued by the Heavenly Dao pillar. Almost half of my plan was ruined.

But the action of passing Lin Yi made me worried a lot.

The situation there is ordinary. Before I turned into a demon, I was already afraid of long-term contact with human cultivator, so I didn’t have the money to delay going up. But why should Lin Yi?

If suddenly a Heavenly Dao column comes down, it will really fail.

“What’s going on?”

All my attacks were avoided by Lin Yi in one case!

No matter how weak the human cultivator is, they are all treated equally at that point. There are no exceptions.

It has not been close to two hours since retreating into the altar.

The Demon Lord was completely stunned.

The altar is extremely weak against the mental pollution of human cultivator. Two hours is not the limit. Even if Lin Yi’s‘s mental resistance is weaker, that time will definitely be longer.

The other party is willing to delay, which is not only a good thing for me, but also plays into my own interests.

My magic attack speed is so terrifying, it is absolutely possible for human cultivator above the divine realm to follow me. This is my most solid and breakable basic understanding.

However, after seven hours passed, Lin Yi was still alive and kicking.

After all, I also know that Chi Zesheng has changed. At this moment, the Heavenly Dao Academy must be trying every means to lock the altar. Even if there is no saint under the head, it is difficult to say that the other party will definitely lock it.

It takes time to set up an anchor point. Even if the Demon Lord wants a quick victory, I will try to delay it, let alone the other party’s active cooperation.

The Demon Lord ran out of patience, so he immediately continued to delay and acted weakly.

“That altar is a bad thing. It can definitely be swallowed up by the aura of gods and demons. It will definitely be worse than him swallowing up the realm of sin!”

The last second, just as the Demon Lord approached Lin Yi and launched an attack, a slender hand suddenly clasped under my face, and a huge force came from the front, and the weak Demon Lord was forcefully killed. He pressed it to the ground with one hand.

The devil wanted to kill him at that point. From my perspective at this moment, Lin Yi’s move was pure repayment and suicide.

“Is it useless to struggle in vain?”

Magic move! Magic moves!

At the same time, the Demon Lord was shocked to find that a hideous and strange painted face mask was missing from Lin Yi’s’s face!

The result made the Demon Lord even more desperate.

Knowing the other party’s intention, Xi Kang was not at all relieved.

Xi Kang smiled lightly and said: “It seems that he is not as confident as he said, and he is not afraid of you, right? If so, he would deliberately delay the time and want to consume you until you have a nervous breakdown. .”

At the same time, Lin Yi activated Thunder to instantly distance itself.

Xi Kang spoke with a strange echo and returned the sentence exactly as it was.

“Seeking death!”

Before being pushed down by Lin Yi and dragged all over the ground, leaving a deep human-shaped mark, the Demon Lord finally recovered from the panic and immediately launched the magic movement with all his strength.

The Demon Lord instinctively struggled desperately, but at this moment, being held down by my hand, he could barely break free!

I’m definitely not stalling for time.

The Demon Lord laughed warmly: “Tian is a shameless human being, and he is quite good at putting money in his own face!”

Magic move!

The Demon Lord’s face turned dark again.

However, time passed by bit by bit, not to mention two hours, eight hours was too late. The Lin Yi on the opposite side still acted like a troubled person, showing no signs of being mentally contaminated to the point of collapse.

The Demon Lord looked like he had seen a ghost.

Lin Yi looked at me with the same expression as retard: “Can you tell him such a confidential matter?”

Even if I am not completely confident in my own magic, my reason tells me that it can definitely be a risk, so don’t take it.

Since Lin Yi uses lightning to dodge, it means that he has no confidence to face my magic move. I am too bad to return the favor and kill him.

The Demon Lord is very sure that the limit of Lin Yi’s is coming soon, and this person will be defeated soon!


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