Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11649:

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As everyone knows, Lin Yi can really see clearly.

Lin Yi nodded seriously: “I definitely won’t watch it.”


The ice demon sneered, charmingly: “Then it will be see again | goodbye in a while, brother Elementary School.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the ice cocoon completely enveloped her.

Lin Yi observed this scene with interest and explained to himself: “I’m not peeking, just to learn.”

The process of transforming from an evil spirit into a human being contains the essential similarities and differences between humans and evil spirits, and is of great research value.

Of course, it is not fair to outsiders whether it is purely for learning.

At this time, Lin Yi My heart moved, suddenly raised the head Look at the sky.

Over the altar, there was a blood moon at some point!

The signal is there!

The whole air suddenly became as heavy as splashing ink. Even though Lin Yi’s was able to resist ability, I felt extremely depressed at this moment, and my chest was almost about to explode.

As for the rewards I will face before sending it back to Heavenly Dao Institute, I haven’t even thought about it yet.

raised the head matter how mild the reward from the TT hospital is, it is always possible that I will be sentenced to death for this, right?

Heavenly Dao pillar immediately rose steadily with the ice cocoon.

The Demon Lord’s aura immediately grew stronger and became even more raging and crazier than before!

That situation is not beyond the scope of my ability. The only thing I can count on is not Director.

The bad thing is, Mei Gui didn’t even try to compete.

Death has a whole body.

In the last moment, Lin Yi’s’s actions shocked everyone.

For them to watch each other on the sidelines like this is the limit.

Lin Xiao rushed out from a corner with a crazy expression, trying to retreat into the Heavenly Dao column first.

“Slow! Add another Heavenly Dao column!”

A vast outline appeared.

Demon Lord Jie’s laughter came, and the sky darkened again.

As a result, a wait for me retreated into the Heavenly Dao column, and a white shadow flashed in front of him. Lin Xiao’s body was immediately split in half, and the low light in his eyes quickly dissipated.

“Yours! Yours!”

The biggest problem with presently is that it is Lin Yi, but the Ice Demon.

No matter what, necrosis is like living.

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes: “Is he afraid that you will fight back?”

At that point, the Demon Lord’s eyes completely changed.

But then a click was heard.

My mentality at this moment is not just to tease the ants underground after enjoying the final move.

I was very vague. Chu Yunfan might lower the Heavenly Dao column specifically for me. I wanted to get out of there alive. That was the only chance.

The Demon Lord’s expression changed slightly, but he still sneered: “Does he know that his serious thinking will make people laugh?”

The bad news is that the Heavenly Dao column finally fell at this time.

The ice mass that froze the Demon Lord cracked.

Do not interfere with the magic ritual.

Everyone in the trial committee hurriedly urged. At that time, they didn’t care about the price. As long as they could bring Lin Yi back safe and sound, it would be worth it!

The Demon Lord touched his palms and smiled: “He doesn’t even have a layer of life that can protect his upper body a little. He presently As strong as a chicken, this One Even if he stood outside and let him kill him, would he be able to kill him? ”

“It must only rely on that attack. Even if two thousand attacks per second are successful, at least it can only remove one layer of life.”

Mei Gui definitely wants to leave with Ice Cocoon, and it is extremely unlikely that she will collapse midway!

On the contrary, the Demon Lord moved slowly and walked around in a circle without interest: “As the first sacrifice, this One allowed him to live for a while, but only for a while.”

However, before the little demon saint could take the lead, a giant hand formed by a condensed silhouette pressed down, aiming directly at Mei Gui.

Although various intentions emerged later, and the situation was once out of my control, at that point, the situation has been settled, and there may be no more variables.

Lin Yi analyzed seriously: “You just made statistics. His magic speed is very slow. He can launch about two thousand attacks in a second, but every attack can be effective. There is no speed, but Very high attack power.”

Lin Yi held the ice cocoon and narrowly avoided the edge of the giant hand.

Everyone in the field was worried.

The Demon Lord was calm, and Lin Yi was also calm, and they just looked at me with such evil eyes.

Lin Yi was moved and continued: “The magic has been moved but it has no effect at all. If it matches his identity as a demon master, and the situation just now proves that its attack power is far beyond that. ”

But it was too late.

The key is that a Heavenly Dao pillar can only carry one person.

The Demon Lord’s hot smile sounded again: “With or without this One’s nod, no one can leave that place alive!”

Chu Yunfan’s face was extremely ugly. He was certain that the person in front of him must be one of the Seven Saints.

The inner world was busy, but at this moment, inside the altar, there was unprecedented tranquility.

After all, the incident happened too suddenly. Even if Director can be contacted at this moment, even if Director is willing to fish for Lin Yi at all costs, I am afraid it is not too late.

But no matter what, you still have to try!

As for the strength of Lin Yi’s, I have already seen it clearly. At best, it can only hold down the demonized me, and it has no way of posing any threat to me in presently.

However, in presently, the entire altar was completely out of everyone’s perception.

The Dark Demon is only pitch white, but everyone can at least move around and sense the existence of the altar.

With or without signal, we can’t even lock the altar position, let alone lower the Heavenly Dao pillar to retrieve Lin Yi.

“Counterattack? What did he use to counterattack?”

Chu Yunfan suddenly realized that Chapter 7 said to contact Director directly.

It is difficult to say whether it is the Seven Saints themselves, but even if it is not, the will of the Seven Saints must be poured into it.

I stuffed the ice cocoon back into the Heavenly Dao column, and I took the initiative to distance myself.

The demon took the initiative and swept in front of Mei Gui with a ferocious smile. What’s more important is that the shadow of this demon’s little saint was not idle either. I turned into a dark cloud that covered the sky and blocked the sun, blocking the way. It cut off everyone in the trial committee’s perspective.

Lin Yi, right? this One is coming for him!”

At the same time, everyone in the trial committee felt like they were facing a formidable enemy.

“Did you make a mistake?”

Everyone was stunned.

Thunder instant!

Chu Yunfan looked at others and immediately talked about opening the Heavenly Dao column to save people.

At this moment, the ice demon has not completely emerged from the cocoon. The Heavenly Dao pillar can be locked, and naturally it can be lowered.

With me, only the Demon Lord and Mei Gui are left.

But looking at the posture of the little demon saint, he was actually preparing to directly intervene in the demon sacrifice ritual and retreat!

Everyone was shocked: “For this demon lord, the Seven Saints are really willing to spend a lot of money!”

Strictly speaking, lowering the Heavenly Dao pillar to catch people has already crossed the line, and a minimal price must be paid.

“Seven Sages of Evil!”

“If you guessed it wrong, the core of magic movement is not the attack speed, but the chance of instant kill.”

Given the huge disparity in strength between them, Mei Gui is unable to compete.

I am still more pessimistic than others.

That is still the same as the white darkness released by the dark demon just now.


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