Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11648:

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Watching Comrade-In-Arms sacrifice, who can remain indifferent?

Until, the darkness in the field suddenly dissipated.

A human-shaped ice lump then came into view.

The one who was frozen into a lump of ice was the Demon Lord.

At this time, the Demon Lord, who had been so powerful just now, no longer had any vitality in his body, and seemed to be beyond death.

The sudden turn of events in this scene made everyone stunned.

Lin Yi looked at the Ice Demon: “You actually prepared this move, it’s amazing.”

From the perspective of World‘s will, the eyes are not just frozen into ice. At this moment, the temperature of the demon lord’s body is already infinitely close to absolute zero.

No life body can survive absolute zero.

Not even God.

Just as a human being, the Ice Demon still has no inferiority complex regarding his presently image.

Qiu Hui Ming asked: “How do you say it?”

The Ice Demon looked at him speechlessly: “Are all the children in presently Heavenly Dao as reckless as you?”

“I’ve been working hard for eighty years, and it’s too much to give it to a minister just for his incredible contribution!”

Seeing Lin Yi frowning and trying to think of a solution, the Ice Demon smiled: “He is thinking all over the place, you can’t do anything yourself.”

The Ice Demon’s contribution to the Heavenly Dao Academy is immeasurable, and even directly affects the overall situation of the two camps!

At first glance, it looks like an ice egg being formed.


This is a temperature that kills everything.

Once such a huge pressure is suddenly relieved, it will also have an immeasurable impact on the state of mind. If you are not careful, it is possible to go crazy on the spot.

The Ice Demon shook his head: “Really? The Demon Lord life is the weakest and the most difficult to kill. What’s more, even if you kill me with conventional means, I will be reincarnated in a few years.”

What can be seen from the inside, but from the perspective of World‘s will, it is clear that the other party’s fundamentals are not being transformed.

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the trial committee was immediately excited.

Lin Yi laughed and said: “Sister, I misunderstood, you mean he looks like presently, Heavenly Dao Zhu can take him away.”

The only way to get out of there is not the Heavenly Dao column.

Having said that, smiling expression is hard to hide in his eyes.

Eighty years is nothing to cultivator, but it is such a long time to you.

The Ice Demon explained: “I was frozen outside, in a state between life and death. As long as I have the power to unblock it, I will never come out, and as long as I am not around the altar, I will never be able to fight again from now on.” The inside is opened, the magic ritual becomes the last song, and the outside is my eternal grave.”

“Bad guy! From now on, you have the demon lord’s pet peeve. You have performed extraordinary feats for our Heavenly Dao courtyard, and you must be heavily rewarded!”

presently The demon lord is still in a state of being completely killed. The demon sacrifice ceremony will be considered as returning to the boss, and everyone will be teleported out directly.

“Are you really not afraid of death?”

If she hadn’t taken action just now, Lin Yi wouldn’t even have any body parts left.

At this moment, the Ice Demon is undergoing a transformation from a demon to a human being. When you break out of the cocoon, you will not be a complete human being and there will no longer be any trace of the demon.

The ice shards fell from the ice demon’s body, revealing a pale and beautiful face, a little weak and a little surprised.

“Great idea!”

Seeing Lin Yi looking over, the Ice Demon quickly concealed his gaze and turned to ask: “Are you presently ugly like that?”

Anyone who has been undercover among demons for eighty years will definitely be out of breath, especially if you have withdrawn from the Demon Sacrifice all the way. Xiaoke You can imagine that this is really true. Walking a tightrope, if you are not careful, you will be doomed immediately.

The ice demon couldn’t help but feel a little grateful.

Based on your past temperament, as for the obvious big guy(s) emotion, I can only say that your presently state of mind was indeed too stable before the success was achieved.


“The magic ritual is the worst place for sealing.”

Lin Yi looked at it carelessly for a moment, until the ice demon turned his head without embarrassment, and then said solemnly: “Senior sister, you have to change your appearance.”

The Ice Demon said: “He is rebellious, right?”

Every second is like a year, and the pressure accumulated over eighty years is so small that ordinary people can hardly imagine it!

After being interrupted by Lin Yi, the ice demon’s attention was diverted, and his state of mind became somewhat stable.

Qiu Hui’s eyes lit up when he understood the whole story, and he sincerely praised: “Young generation is indeed amazing!”

After all, it’s been too long since you’ve been back to the boss and you haven’t experienced the kindness from your companions.

Lin Yi pinched his nose and turned to look at the frozen Demon Lord: “Am I completely dead?”

Lin Yi smiled: “Of course I’m afraid, but you have to work hard for some things, maybe you can make it happen.”

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up.

“The only way to solve that problem once and for all is not to seal it away.”

Qiu Hui was stunned for a moment, then he followed the good saying: “Bad junior.”

The ice egg is not a cocoon.

It’s just the demonic form of Ice Demon presently. It’s really not that difficult to use Heavenly Dao pillars to take you back.

To be honest, although you are in a completely human form at the moment, your overall image temperament is really not the word ugly, but it can be regarded as a kind of alternative beauty.

Yes, the ice cocoon is not transparent, and it can also isolate perception. Standing inside it, you can only see the wonderful spring scenery outside.

Seeing Lin Yi staring straight at him, the Ice Demon blushed and said, “It’s Xu Luankan.”

The Ice Demon rolled his eyes at me: “What junior? I call you Senior Sister.”

As you speak, a strong cold air emerges from your body, gradually freezing itself from the end of your steps.

You just feel embarrassed instinctively.

It’s no wonder that everyone is so excited. It’s really because the scars brought by past demon lords to Heavenly Dao Hospital are too deep. After all, every generation of demon lords can be successfully strangled to death in their childhood. Any generation of demons who have entered adulthood Lord, the entire Heavenly Dao hospital will pay the price with blood.

The ice demon couldn’t help but blush.

If you don’t relax even a little bit, you will fall short.

Although it is inevitable that it is still not as fulfilling as before the success, at least it will impact the foundation of the state of mind.

After all, you dare to relax even for a second.

Only you are vague, in the process of transformation, you are wearing clothing.

“That sounds like a human saying.”

From her perspective, since she knew she was outmatched, Lin Yi should have many ways to distance themselves and retreat with the help of Heavenly Dao pillars. However, she had to hold on until the most dangerous last moment, which was simply risking her life.

Qiu Hui secretly said, guy(s) is indeed guy(s), he has always forgotten about Aimei.

Ice Demon suddenly became depressed: “He doesn’t have emotional intelligence. Doesn’t he talk to boys like that?”

You know whether Lin Yi is unintentional or intentional, but no matter what, it is a sincere bad intention.

For a person who has been trapped in a heap of demons for eighty years, any ray of sunshine will make you feel more kind.


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