Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11646:

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Until the last moment, the Dark Demon was still struggling.

It’s a pity that the strength of the helpless body was unable to be used, and the dark demon died of depression in the end.

As soon as the Dark Demon died, the darkness that covered the sky suddenly dissipated, and light returned to the altar everywhere.

Everyone was looking at each other, wondering what was going on.

It wasn’t until they saw the dark demon entity at Lin Yi‘s feet that they finally reacted.

Chu Yunfan suddenly slapped the table: “Okay!”

The rest of the people were also convinced.

It has to be said that this wave of rescue by Lin Yi is very crucial, otherwise if the dark demon is allowed to continue to rage, the threat it can pose will never be inferior to the demon master.

No one knows how Lin Yi does it.

Even if he is identified as a demon undercover, it is unthinkable that he will play the role before returning to Heavenly Dao Academy.

Everyone’s expressions suddenly became serious.

The deputy immediately responded and left.

In the perception of a very small number of people, the Demon Sacrifice itself is not a simple ritual.

The Demon Lord freshman is as advanced as a piece of trivial matter, and it will even have a profound impact on the entire game.

You are going to die.

“In other words, even if they kill a few of us, this One will personally send us off.”

It’s not that the air is stagnant, but this kind of terrifying murderous intention that is everywhere, madly impacting every nerve and even every cell of everyone.

But at least for a short period of time, everyone still needs to worry too much.

“When they all become nourishment, this One will be able to enter adulthood.”

The skin was so pale that it was almost transparent, and it was covered with fine black Tattoo. Those Tattoo were like living creatures, squirming slightly with his breathing.

But the cruel reality completely subverted everyone’s perception.

Shi Linggui is not making the best preparations yet.

The military department is very weak, but facing a demon lord in that state, the chance of winning is really slim.

I suddenly turned my head to look at the ice demon on the other side, and my words shocked the whole audience.

According to the posture of presently, just through a magic ritual, the young demon lord can directly reach the sky and retreat into adulthood. This is a completely different matter.

If the young demon lord was not killed in the demon sacrifice ceremony, Lin Yi will launch an attack and kill him weakly.

The Demon Lord began with a confession, and before enjoying the surprised expressions of everyone, he suddenly attacked without any warning.

Even the lower-level members of the trial committee looked at each other in disbelief: “The magic ritual has no effect yet?”

If everyone in the military department is really wiped out collectively, it will only be a huge blow to the Heavenly Dao Institute, and it will also be a loss that will never be lost in the future.

According to that trend, it won’t take a second for everyone to be wiped out.

If what happened is true, what will I do next?

After the Demon Lord reaches adulthood, there is no limit to the influence he can have.

Black light flashed across it from time to time, and the pressure from reveal inadvertently, as well as the sense of extreme danger, made everyone present hold their breath.

After all, the potential of those people is really visible to the naked eye.

But it was completely different from the white darkness brought by the dark demon just now. The dark demon brought unknown fear to everyone, and what everyone felt before their eyes was real suffocation.

“It’s a pity that it still doesn’t make any sense. From the moment they step into the altar, they are also bad, and the other seven demons are also bad, and they are all destined to become the nourishment of this One.”

Ye Yinxiao weakly held on to the frontline of the crowd!

Glancing at the Dark Demon’s body, the Demon Lord raised the corner of his mouth in satisfaction: “Trash.”

Everyone who heard this confession was stunned.

At this time, the Demon Qi under me was only full, which was a bit lower than before, a full eighty layers!

The Demon Lord showed a trace of ridicule and respect: “He must be naive enough to think that this One was really fooled by him, right?”

First The one who was stunned was the ice demon himself.

“He’s not the undercover, right?”

The Demon Lord continued: “this One Bone Killer Demon doesn’t think I’m an undercover agent, he just thinks I’m too noisy.”

In name, it is a ritual for sacrificing demons, but in essence, it is a sacrifice to demons and gods. However, it has little effect, or it is another matter that these real little demons and little gods will be able to deal with it.

After that, no one questioned why Ye Yinxiao handed over Elegy to protect Zhao Yeguo, forcing the field to delay the use of the Heavenly Dao pillar. However, from the perspective of presently, that was a real foresight!

In the field.

The ice demon choked.

Everyone has the same idea.

The clearing of real lives means that everyone will die at any time next!

Shi Linggui made a prompt decision: “The news is passed to Lin Yi, let us prepare for the worst.”

In other words, even Chu Yunfan was so disdainful of Shi Ling at this moment.

Demon Qi raged, and the entire altar turned white again.

Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Mibu said: “So he has no confidence?”

After all, the opponent is still just a young demon lord in his eyes. At least in theory, the strength level should be too low for everyone, otherwise the altar will not be able to accommodate me.

After that, the Demon Lord was determined to kill the Bone Demon with his own hands. You would have thought that the other party Jinru was sure that the Bone Demon was not an undercover agent.

No matter how weak the abnormality is, this is at most a basic method. No matter how weak the magic calamity is, it should be so exaggerated.

Everyone was horrified for a moment.

The Demon Lord chuckled: “Confidence? this One is the innate master of all demons, and you still need to use such advanced vocabulary to modify yourself? You are too self-righteous for human beings.”

Lin Yi is the First line of Heavenly Dao‘s battle against the academy. Shi Ling has already made a bad plan for the young demon lord.

As long as we are not here, we can really support the future of Heavenly Dao Hospital.

It takes time to lower the Heavenly Dao column, but the incident happened so suddenly that there was no chance.

Quietly, Lin Yi, the rookie candidate, felt a bit unfathomable in the eyes of the senior executives of the trial committee.

At the same time, everyone present was stunned.

The most striking thing is still the devil’s horns on his forehead.

Heavenly Dao Academy will think that I am an undercover agent of the devil?

The rest of the people looked stern.

Especially Lin Xiao, who had given forbidden fire to the ice demon twice, his hands and feet were even colder.

The hearts of everyone in the trial committee immediately rose to their throats.

At the critical moment, the elegy sounded.

Even for the entire Heavenly Dao hospital, that is a crisis that can definitely be ignored!

“It’s not bad, but it’s not bad enough to have an elegy.”

At this time, there is only the last real enemy left in the field, the Demon Lord.

Someone knows how the other party did it.

After transforming into a demon, the young demon lord was obviously taller. The muscles around his body were like precision-carved bronze sculptures. The lines on his face became tougher and sharper. Between his eyebrows, he revealed an arrogant look. of arrogance.

I never expected that the Demon Lord would not have such special effects.

“Frankly speaking, it is quite rare for them to be able to force out the demons of this One.”

Almost at the same time, everyone’s true life was cleared collectively, even if the military department lost a full eighteenth level of true life.

However, judging from the reaction of the Demon Lord at this moment, it is exactly the same thing.


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