Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11645:

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Everyone has forgotten about Moroi.

After two waves of contact, Moro Yi, who had high hopes, left everyone with the impression that he was vulnerable.

Of course, we can’t blame him for being too weak. After all, even Zhao Yeguo would be hard-pressed to truly shake the Demon Lord without the divine power.

But presently, there is only the last layer of Demon Qi left on the demon lord, and while Zhao Yeguo was attacking the demon lord head-on just now, Moro Yi has quietly absorbed nearly three layers of Demon Qi from the opponent!

Under the corrosive influence of Demon Qi, Moro Yi’s eyes were red, as if he could lose control of his mind at any time.

But he still seized the opportunity to harvest heads.

Change your life!

Even if the Demon Lord has strong resistance, three layers of Demon Qi for one layer are still more than enough.

Demon Qi on the Demon Lord bottomed out immediately!

But in order to avoid being accidentally injured again by the Ice Demon, Tomoya took the initiative to distance himself. Unless Lin Yi gave an order to attack you, the distance between them would not be enough for everyone to reach you.



Everyone outside the stadium was in great spirits.

Mo Luoyi frowned for the First time.

After the baptism of Yisheng, I am a white and dark entity but not a humanoid. It is difficult for Lin Yi‘s ground skills to have much effect.

With me, it’s not that the Dark Demon bites or hurts, but that Lin Yi takes the Dark Demon away.


What you fear most is not that your enemies will kill each other, but you and your friends will kill each other. After all, at the most critical moment, you can blow up your identity, otherwise everything will be in vain.

Before turning into a demon, the strength of the demon lord and the dark demon will inevitably increase slightly, and Demon Qi will be fully restored directly, which is equivalent to giving a new life, and a more knowledgeable life.

At the same time, Lin Yi on the other side also successfully took away the Balrog.

I can’t do whatever I want with anyone.

What I know is that my disaster has just ended.

Until the last moment, the Dark Demon was still struggling.

What’s going on?

Eight seconds ago.

Even if the head advantage is not very obvious at this moment, in the face of absolute strength, the head advantage is not necessarily an advantage.

Although Zhao Yeguo has withdrawn from the field at this time, there is only one Dark Demon left on the opposite side. As for the Ice Demon, it is one of our own. On the other hand, our team’s lineup is basically complete. If we can still lose like this, we will be really screwed.

For the first time, Dark Demon finally felt that the baptism of One Saint might be a bad thing.

In terms of strength, it is true that it has become weaker than before, but in front of Liu Fan, his strength is purely funny, and there is no room for him to show off at all.

Unexpectedly, the dark demon First chose Chu Yunfan as its first target.

On the side, King Di Xuan laughed warmly and echoed: “Next Lin Yi, if we are slaughtered by the demon lord and the entire demon sacrifice ceremony fails, do you really want to see the expression of Vice-President Chu?”

From beginning to end, let alone breaking away from the control of ground skills, I couldn’t even identify any flaws.

The news reached Zhao Yeguo’s ears, and Zhao Yeguo immediately clapped his hands and screamed.

Everyone would be afraid of that kind of situation.

Everyone in the trial committee turned pale.

“You used Heavenly Dao pillar to save Liu Fanyong? It seems that you really have to thank that hypocrite!”

Lin Yi did not receive that command.

That discovery immediately made the Ice Demon feel relieved.

It must be like that, and it is a big bad thing for you!


Shrouded in white darkness, the perception of everyone in the scene was reduced to the limit, basically different from ordinary people who live in vain.

He was thrown upside down to the ground, and the Dark Demon’s face was filled with confusion.

The hug and throw is just the starting position, and what follows is not a complete set of ground skills and pseudo-paradigms to teach you how to be a good person.

In this way, even if Lin Yi and the others want to take advantage of the opportunity to gather fire, they all have a target.



Director has been working on a balance. That time I used Moro Yi’s hand to suppress my uncle. The intention was obvious, but it’s a pity that Moro Yi was trying to live up to his expectations.”

Everyone in the trial committee began to celebrate.

At this time, everyone in the venue looked solemn.

Since the seventh wave of contact, Lin Yi has deliberately avoided you in two decisions. That is obviously luck and coincidence.

The Dark Demon licked his lips, exposed his fangs excitedly, and bit Chu Yunfan’s slender neck.

But immediately, everyone knew that the champagne had been opened early.

Bai An is my absolute home court. In Bai in the dark, my strength will be reduced exponentially. On the other hand, my perception will be limited and suppressed. How can Lin Yi possibly sense my position?

Liu Fanyong sneered: “What other expression could it be? Of course it’s the expression of his dead father. Liu Fanyong is not worried about it. It’s just a knife for someone else under the hand | subordinate. When the time comes, you want to see Director‘s expression. Say it is It will be very boring.”

Everyone suddenly became less relaxed.

The situation is over and out of control!

Zhao Yeguo smiled faintly and said: “Director is also a human being. Of course he didn’t make a mistake. Opportunities like this were rare in the past.”

King Di Xuan was stunned for a moment, and then he also laughed.

It’s a pity that Yuna’s strength was not fully displayed, and the dark demon was depressed to death at the beginning.

Looking back at presently, even before turning into a demon, I basically maintained my human form.

Become a demon!

That’s all. The dark demon on the other side who still has no remaining health also ends his transformation into a demon at the same time, and also retreats into an enemy state.

No matter how bad his previous performance was, Moro Yi relied on this last crucial shot to save his life and complete his redemption!

The Demon Lord did not just fall. Countless Demon Qi surged out of his body, and he even retreated into a hostile state.

My strength lies in the main field of White Darkness, and at the same time, there are not all kinds of powerful White Darkness Demon Tribulation.

Only one Dark Demon is still alive.

But the problem is, all of that will be of no use after Liu Fan meets him.

As a result, Liu Fanyong still didn’t notice at all.

The final result was that the Dark Demon was taken away by Lin Yi in his own white and dark home field.

Died quietly.

But in presently, I can’t seize the opportunity at all.

presently lost the tacit understanding with Liu Fan, and things suddenly became a lot more complicated.

Even Ye Yinxiao was subdued by ground skills, but in terms of combat prowess alone, the Dark Demon was far inferior to Ye Yinxiao.

Although we can’t directly intervene in the situation even if we can see vaguely, at most, Moro Yi cannot lower the Heavenly Dao column in time to save people.

The white darkness obscures our perspective of the emperor, and we have no way of sensing what happens next.

“It’s stable now.”

The only target is the Ice Demon.

The Dark Demon took the lead in transforming into a demon. Almost at the same time, the entire sky darkened.

On the other hand, the Dark Demon has experienced a surge in strength at this moment. Bai Dark is not my absolute home court. Lin Yi everyone is outside my eyes at the moment, and every one of them is just a plaything.

Even if the dark demon approached until there was only one step left in front of him, Liu Fanyong was still at a loss.

“Have I not guessed your identity yet?”

Ice Demon Yao Yao glanced at Lin Yi, seemingly unimpressed.

Behind him, Chu Yunfan had no power to resist at all.


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