Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11643:

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As he spoke, he faced Mo Luoyi with two claws.

Mo Luoyi’s true life suddenly fell below the killing line!

The situation is critical.

Lin Xiao seemed to want to make up for his mistakes and boldly approached the demon lord from behind.

As a result, before the path of his flames could be extended, the Demon Lord suddenly turned back, and Lin Xiao was immediately frightened again.


Then, he was kicked hundreds of meters away.

The whole audience was stunned for a moment.

Although Lin Xiao only lost one level of life after receiving this kick, it must be said that it was extremely insulting and he couldn’t get up for a long time.

The Demon Lord turned around and wanted to hit Moruo Yi with a finishing blow.

Honest people especially open their mouths, but once they open their mouths they get angry.

In this case, even if the Demon Lord stood there and let him chop for no reason, he would still have to chop for a long time.

Either good or useless, Lin Xiao must have one, maybe even both.

Unfortunately, each strike only deals half a level of damage. Compared to the Demon Lord’s basic Demon Qi, which has twenty levels, this damage is obviously not enough.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion: “That young demon lord is a lot more perverted than you think. Moro Yi is too difficult.”

Now Lin Xiao is a complete war criminal in our eyes. In the two waves of team battles, except for throwing the forbidden fire under his own head twice, he has made no contribution at all.

The situation suddenly reached the critical point of collapse.

Each one is sustainable.

As he spoke, he attacked again.

At this time, the Lin Yi were busy dealing with the Fire Demon and the Dark Demon. They were able to get out of the way for a while, and the rest of them were even more desperate. The only one who had no chance to stand up and reverse the situation was probably the undercover Ice Demon.

Everyone was refreshed.

Ning Bingfan only had the first seven layers of her true life left.

Although the Demon Lord has good attack power, in terms of difficulty, it is really worse than playing Lin Yi.

Mo Luoyi said with a fierce expression: “He is far worse than this guy.”

Highlight a legal defense!

Everyone laughs and laughs.

With the words, Demon Qi under his body stopped surging violently, showing an aggressive posture, which made everyone around him suffocate.

Zhao Yeguo’s face was expressionless, and he immediately activated his life-cutting knife.

As soon as it was over, everyone’s hearts sank to the bottom.

The Demon Lord instantly realized that the guy he was talking about was Lin Yi, and his face immediately turned pale.

In an instant, everyone felt the fatal aggression under those Demon Qi who were facing their true destiny!

Mo Luoyi’s eyes darkened slightly.

Mo Luoyi nodded politely: “The truth.”

For the seventeen days of special training, I would practice alone with Lin Yi every day. Lin Yi was no less perverted after all, and there were people present who were more vague than me.

Mo Luoyi’s true life has gained two more layers!

“Lin Xiao is so stupid!”

If you can defend against it, you will be exchanged for life. If you defend against it, you will lose two more layers of damage.

The problem is that, besides Lin Yi, Moroi is already the weakest player in his team’s battle against the Demon Lord.

At the same time, there are more Demon Qi under the opposite demon lord, but it is just one more layer.

After all, both of them are good friends.

The latter’s evil carnival must be interrupted by no one, while the former is elusive and has no more maneuverability than Lin Yi. He can attack Ye Yinxiao at any time.


If even I resist, others will only be in worse shape.

At this time, Ning Bingfan was still using Life Drain. As long as Moro Yi could hold up the front, the situation would be stable.

At the critical moment, Zhao Yeguo suddenly rushed forward with Explosive Slash.

What’s more, our side has not yet got the full details of Lin Yi, plus the Ice Demon is one of our own. As long as the situation is stable, there is no chance to make a final decision.

However, the Ice Demon just stepped aside and showed no signs of taking action.

“How to fight?”

Although I always kept Lin Yi out of my sight in the next round of battles, the visual resistance shown by Lin Yi still made me instinctively fearful.

Then a second later, the Demon Lord’s eyelids suddenly twitched.

Everyone couldn’t help but cursed again.

Ning Bingfan continued to parry and block, but unexpectedly, she was once again replaced with two layers of life.

At the critical moment, Moro Yi finally exerted his strength.

The Demon Lord smiled and took action again, once again replacing Ning Bingfan’s two layers of life.

In the hegemonic state, the stun effect of Explosive Slash was completely offset, and the damage was still there, but the two layers of damage fell on the Demon Lord, which was reduced to only one layer, which was really heart-breaking.

presentlyMo Luoyi has another wave of fire, can I bear it?

In other words, the Demon Lord used my layer of Demon Qi to replace Moro Yi’s two layers of true life!

The Demon Lord used his claws again, and there was no real difference between his posture and strength.

The Demon Lord glanced at Lin Yi.

At this time, Lin Yi did not participate in the siege, but held down the Balrog and Dark Demon one to seven.

Everyone looked at the ice demon in unison.

That’s really true.

What’s more, this demon lord is a monster with explosive attack power!

It is incomprehensible that flat cuts require cooling, but my additional’s Demon Qi attack is clearly a pseudo-magic calamity against the standard pseudo-paradigm. According to common sense, the cooling time is at least not very short, but it is definitely not as good as It absolutely needs cooling.

After half a month of torture from Lin Yi, Moro Yi’s defense is now ability. To say shed the mortal body and exchange the bones is not an exaggeration.

Zhao Yeguo slashed him with a knife, which was half a level of damage. If he casually returned it with two claws, it was an out-and-out double level of damage!

Whether it is a ground technique or a personal bunt, they are far less difficult to defend against than the attack in front of you!

My life levels are exactly the same as the opponent’s, and with the 7:1 life-changing style, over time, I may be able to withstand it.

Yes, but the color was converted to gold!

“Is there any problem!”

Mo Luoyi blocked him directly.

But the performance of the young demon lord was clearly subverting everyone’s perceptions.

Everyone outside the venue frowned: “To deal with the demon lord, you still have to have Lin Yi that ignores resistance, otherwise it will be too laborious.”

My claws were actually blocked by Moro Yi!

As a result, Ning Bingfan managed to block him, but was confused by Demon Qi.

No matter which one, Ning Bing can only take over it personally.

The Demon Lord was Xinxie, and he followed up with two more vicious claws, but was still blocked by Moro Yi.

“The frog in the well, he can even see the strength of this One, how can he not be qualified to tell the truth?”

After all, no matter how little Demon Qi the demon lord has, he can still wear them off if he grinds them quickly.

An ancient and majestic aura was released from his body. In the last second, the real life under me dived directly, falling from the seventh floor to the bottom floor on its own.

The Demon Lord laughed loudly.

The Demon Lord admired my expression: “presently is a little too early to be surprised. I’m sure he can be a little weaker. I’m sure he hasn’t had the chance to see this One‘s other moves, so I hope too little.”

No matter what, even if Lin Xiao comes back that time, his life in Heavenly Dao Hospital will definitely be bad.

Under my body, it seems that there is no time to cool down at all.

Everyone’s collective heart skipped a beat.

After all, there is still a forbidden fire hanging under you.


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