Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11638:

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Whenever Lin Yi uses up a ground move, Zhao Yeguo will add a life-cutting knife during the connection process. They do not interfere with each other, but form some kind of wonderful closed loop.

The combined output efficiency of the two is not inferior to the Demon Lord at all!

Seeing his life drop rapidly, Killer finally stopped laughing. Under this extreme output, even with twelve layers of Demon Qi, he couldn’t hold it for more than a few seconds.

The problem is, every time he thinks he has caught the flaw and wants to take the opportunity to break free, he will either turn around and be thrown to the ground by Lin Yi, or he will be blocked by Zhao Yeguo’s life-cutting knife. , there is no chance of escape at all.

It is unprecedented for him to be given so much attention by the two core combat forces.

With no choice but to kill the demon, he could only scream: “Help me!”

However, no one from the other five demons paid any attention to him.

The demon has no humanity, and there is no tacit understanding among his teammates.

Not to mention helping each other, if they were in another place and there was no demon over their heads, fighting each other would be the most realistic way for them to get along.

In the end, Killing Demon was beaten to death by Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo in despair. As one of the first batch of demons to show their transformation into demons, they didn’t even have a chance to show their strength, so they were beaten to death!

The demon slayer died in battle.

“Two animals.”

Chu Yunfan and everyone outside the venue breathed a sigh of relief when they saw this.

The situation is still desperate, but being able to take down the Demon Killer first can boost your own morale and prevent a total collapse from the start.

If nothing else, at least Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo performed as steadily as ever.

As long as they are here, no matter how desperate the situation is, everyone can always keep their last hope.

However, the situation at this time is far from optimistic.

The good news is that the killer is dead.

The bad news is, Elegy is over.

While Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo were dealing with the killing demon just now, the situation of the others was already at a comprehensive disadvantage.

Needless to say, Moro Yi.

The reason why he is still alive is purely because of his elegies. Otherwise, he would have been killed by the Demon Lord several times.

As for the remaining Lin Xiao, under the influence of the ice demon after turning into a demon, they all move slowly. It cannot be said that they have no ability to parry against the other demons, which is also quite limited.

Everyone’s life is falling rapidly.

Especially Ye Yinxiao.

Although she forcibly raised the number of life layers to five after special training, she is still the biggest crispy person in the audience. Even with Dong Gong guarding her, her life has dropped to only two layers at this time. , this is already the perfect killing line.

Another, even worse news is that everyone has almost mastered the core paradigm.

Donggong’s heartbreak, Lin Xiao’s forbidden fire, and Ye Yinxiao’s elegy.

Under normal circumstances, after handing over so many core paradigms, the rest should have entered the stage of harvesting the endgame. Next, it only needs to be handed over to the two beasts Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo.

Unfortunately, presently is obviously not this script.

In a short period of time, everyone actually no longer had the capital to continue taking over the group.

The wisest choice at this time is to leave the battlefield as soon as possible and readjust.

But the problem is that under the attack of the ice demon’s cold air, everyone’s speed is greatly restricted. Even if Ye Yinxiao switches to a full-speed war song, the best they can do is cancel each other out.

If you try to break away in this situation, you are very likely to be bitten by the opponent.

If you are not careful, you may become a drowned dog and fall into a more deadly passive situation!

But if you force it, the biggest possibility is that it will collapse on the spot.

After all, the ability output of the Demon Lord alone is comparable to that of Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo teaming up. This is before he has transformed into a demon. Once he transforms into a demon, it will be even more unimaginable.


Everyone is aware of the embarrassment everyone in Lin Yi is feeling at this moment.

At the critical moment, Lin Yi suddenly turned around and charged towards the Demon Lord, replacing the endangered Moro Yi.

Everyone was shocked and turned pale.

Lin Yi Just attack the Demon Lord alone? Isn’t it too risky?”

Although when it comes to this most stalemate, it is indeed the core character who should stand up and stabilize the position, but the strength of the demon lord on the opposite side is visible to the naked eye. No one has any hope that Lin Yi can hold the demon lord alone.

Lin Yi is brave, but if you can’t stand it, you will be in big trouble.”

Everyone was sweating for Lin Yi.

At this critical moment, Zhao Yeguo was unable to cooperate with Lin Yi, and the situation required him to stabilize the position of others.

Otherwise, not to mention whether the two of them could eat the Demon Lord like they ate the Demon Lord, all the others would have been killed just when they were fighting with the Demon Lord.

The huge pressure from the Demon Lord can only be borne by Lin Yi at this moment!

A thunderbolt shot out of the way.

Two layers of Demon Qi fell off the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord let out a slight sigh: “You do seem to be better than that trash.”

The waste, of course, refers to Moroi.

Mo Luoyi just spent so long and relied on Elegy’s pocket to barely replace his two layers of Demon Qi, and the effect was only as good as one thunderbolt from Lin Yi.

The two are at odds.

Without him, it’s not that Mo Luoyi is too weak, but that the demon lord opposite is too strong.

He has strong resistance to attack patterns. Any attack pattern that hits him will have a greatly reduced effect.

Theoretically, the damage of Lin Yi‘s thunderbolt should be at least doubled, and being able to kill him with one layer of Demon Qi is already the limit.

The result is still two layers of damage!

This scene even surprised everyone in the off-site trial committee.

“Ignore resistance? Lin Yi actually has such heaven defying ability?”

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan in unison.

There are indeed people in the Heavenly Dao academy who can ignore resistance and deliver high-quality and quantitative damage at any time, but there are too few such people, and they are absolutely rare even in the Heavenly Dao academy.

The deputy Director big shot in front of me is one of them.

Could it be that Chu Yunfan secretly gave Lin Yi some trouble?

Chu Yunfan remained calm on his face, but he was extremely surprised in his heart.

Of course he didn’t give Lin Yi a small chance.

It’s not that he is too precious. Since Lin Yi is already recognized as student by him, he will take the initiative to teach Lin Yi even if he doesn’t mention it in the future.

The problem is that if you want to ignore resistance, you must have a deep understanding of paradigm principles and a deep foundation. This is a real effort and cannot be easily achieved by relying on some shortcuts. Crossed over.

Even if Lin Yi has experience in developing pseudo-paradigms with the Song Dynasty monarch, and his understanding of the principles of paradigms is far superior to other peers, it is not enough.

In Chu Yunfan’s estimation, if Lin Yi can achieve this step within ten years, it is considered extremely talented.

The result is good. He hasn’t started teaching yet, but Lin Yi has already learned it by himself.

How can anyone make sense of this?


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