Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11636:

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But no matter what, there is no room for maneuver at this point. Even if it is accidentally injured, it can only continue to be accidentally injured, and there is no possibility of stopping midway.

Ten-layer Demon Qi quickly bottomed out.

The Ice Demon made almost no real performance and went directly into a state of near-death.

Without the protection of Demon Qi, any next blow from everyone will most likely be the final fatal blow!

And just when everyone was about to get first blood, a group of evil demons finally emerged from Xinluo’s group dizziness. recover come over.

The one who took the lead was not the Demon Lord, but the Balrog.

With a series of obscure hums, the Balrog began to dance in the center of the crowd.

An evil and huge Energy wave was about to erupt from his body.

Evil Carnival!

Everyone’s eyelids jumped.

Demon Qi corresponds to the true destiny, and the magic calamity corresponds to the paradigm.

To be precise, it should be the other way around. Whether it is true destiny or paradigm, it was actually learned from the devil in the beginning. After generations of continuous development by expert, the complete true destiny paradigm system is now available.

However, for evil spirits, no matter Demon Qi or Demon Tribulation, there is no need for additional learning at all. This is their instinct that will naturally awaken after they reach a certain level.

The current evil carnival is the most iconic demonic calamity of the Balrog, with unparalleled killing power of ability!

Whether it is based on the previous intelligence or the intelligence that is still hanging over the entire altar at this moment, once the doomsday carnival is fully unleashed, especially in the center of the battlefield at this moment, it will be a devastating blow to everyone!

Must interrupt!

In fact, everyone does this.

Lin Yi struck out with a thunderous blast, directly ending the Balrog’s carnival.

At the same time, on the other side, the corners of Kill Demon’s already ferocious mouth suddenly widened even more exaggeratedly, revealing an extremely terrifying smile.

The sickle fell to the ground, and a rich **** aura was injected into the ground.

The aura spread rapidly and turned into a huge magic circle in the blink of an eye, covering everyone.

The devil’s forbidden words!

According to intelligence, once the opponent’s magic circle is fully formed, it will not only cause considerable damage to everyone, but will also directly seal all paradigm circuits.

The key is that the sealing time is not short, it is ten seconds long.

In a duel of this level, any one who takes the lead may overturn the entire situation, let alone ten seconds.

In a way, this is almost an enlarged version of Forbidden Fire.

Of course, the premise is that it can be cast completely without being interrupted midway.

Lin Yi gave Zhao Yeguo a look.

Zhao Yeguo took action decisively with great understanding, and a bursting slash immediately landed on Kill Demon’s body.

The magic circle was interrupted, and the Demonic God’s forbidden words that had almost descended were abruptly taken back.

Lin Yi’s actions in the next second shocked everyone outside the venue.

He started to turn around and kill the devil!

“The idea is really clear!”

Everyone reacted and cheered.

At this time, the Ice Demon Demon Qi has bottomed out, and it is more than enough to make up for the kills with the output of Lin Xiao and a few others. On the other hand, Zhao Yeguo has already landed in front of the Demon Killer due to the displacement effect of Explosive Slash.

If you don’t want to waste the control effect of Explosive Slash, Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo’s concentrated fire to kill demons is the best choice at the moment.

Although Killing Demon has twelve levels of Demon Qi, with the explosive power of these two people, since he is targeted by them, it is just a matter of a set of combos.

In this way, it is expected to capture both the Ice Demon and the Killing Demon at the same time!

Once a sufficient head advantage is established, even if the opponent launches a counterattack, everyone will be able to take the initiative.

At this time, the Demon Lord began to exert his strength.

Twenty floors Demon Qi!

As soon as it appeared, everyone was surprised.

“What a monster!”

According to past experience, although there have been various blood bulls among the new evil demons who participated in the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony, their limit is only the fifteenth level Demon Qi, and that kind of positioning is already a pure tank. In other aspects, ability is inevitable Will not stand out.

After all, the magic ritual itself has strict limits on the individual strengths of both parties participating in the war.

Once the upper limit is exceeded, you will be automatically excluded from the Demon Sacrifice and will not be able to enter the battlefield at all.

But looking at the posture of the Demon Lord, he is by no means the kind of tank that can only be used as a shield. In other aspects, the ability will only be more terrifying.

Some people couldn’t help but frown and said, “Isn’t it right? How could a being at his level enter the altar? Did they cheat?”

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan.

If they can really cheat on this, both sides will definitely continue to send stronger experts to join the battle in the future. When the spiral escalates, the Demon Sacrifice will become another core battlefield against evil spirits.

Chu Yunfan said solemnly: “This possibility cannot be ruled out, but according to the recent trends, the restrictions on individual strength of the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony are indeed loosening, or in other words, its upper limit is constantly increasing.”

Everyone nodded.

In fact, the trial committee had an important topic before, specifically discussing existences of the level of Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo. What should we do if we are blocked from the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony?

After all, based on past experience, both Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo are considered monsters that exceed the standard.

They have also made several special plans for this purpose.

However, presently seems to be too conservative.

Although the individual strengths of Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo are very strong, compared to the demon lord in front of them, they are still far behind in the most intuitive sense.

“Isn’t that too exaggerated? This is just a young demon lord who was born less than a month ago. If he grows up, the Demon Qi will not exceed tens of thousands in the future?”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other.

Evil is different from cultivator. Even if the latter is extremely talented in this area, it is very rare to have a few hundred levels of true life.

However, the demon’s talent in this area crushed all cultivators in minutes.

There are many demons who have entered the complete state, and super blood cows that can reach four figures in Demon Qi are everywhere, and it is not impossible to reach five figures!

Chu Yunfan narrowed his eyes: “If we really let him grow up, Demon Qi tens of thousands would be conservative.”

The whole audience was suffocated.

Chu Yunfan said quietly: “This is the best opportunity to kill the Demon Lord. It depends on whether Lin Yi and the others can grasp it.”

The opponent’s twenty-level Demon Qi seems exaggerated at first glance. It is seven levels more than the thirteen-level real life Lin Yi here.

But this is the stage where the gap between the two sides is smallest.

In the future, this gap will only widen exponentially and rapidly, and this is not subject to anyone’s will.

If we can kill the Demon Lord this time, even if the whole army is eventually wiped out, it will be a **** gain for the Heavenly Dao Institute.

Of course, these words will only remain in the hearts of everyone, and no one will say them in public.

Everyone broke into a cold sweat in unison.


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