Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11634:

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You must know that the first team of presently is not the previous second team. Basically, Lin Yi can only rely on one person to play the leading role.

With people like Zhao Yeguo present, whether it is control or output, the Heavenly Dao Academy is absolutely not lacking, and even far exceeds it.

The strongest class in the history of Heavenly Dao Academy, this name is not just for words.

The range of the altar is not that large, especially when one party seems to have locked the other party’s position. At most, no more than half a stick of incense will enter each other’s perception range.

Everyone’s hearts couldn’t help but rise.

At this time, a sudden change occurred.

A message suddenly appeared above the altar.

It not only clearly records the composition of the members of the demon team, the specific ability of each demon, but also includes their specific location at this time.

Everyone was shocked.

“What’s going on?”

In the eyes of everyone, although Lin Yi has ability that is suspected of opening a map and can roughly determine the opponent’s position, it is absolutely impossible to master it in such detail and comprehensively.

In fact, based on the Heavenly Dao institute’s intelligence ability, the opposite evil team’s roughly intelligence has already been mastered.

Everyone in Lin Yi has already memorized it in special training and conducted targeted training.

However, the intelligence that broke out in front of us is generally consistent, but the details are much richer. Judging from the perspective of mutual verification of the intelligence, the credibility is very high!

But who would suddenly reveal this information?

“It should be a smoke bomb, right?”

Lin Xiao raised questions at First time, and everyone else also looked confused.

The person who broke this information need not necessarily be the evil devil on the other side. Even if it seems credible at first glance, it is difficult to tell what the other party’s intentions are.

If you really believe that so rashly, you might just fall into the other party’s trap.

Ye Yinxiao thought for a moment and said, “But what if the one who exposed these things is one of his own?”

“One of our own? You mean undercover?”

Everyone looked at each other.

The evil spirits were able to bribe traitors in the Heavenly Dao Institute, and the Heavenly Dao Institute would naturally place undercover agents in the evil camp. Otherwise, where did the previous information come from?

But the question is, who can guarantee that one of the evil demons on the opposite side is really an undercover agent of our side?

What if it’s a fake undercover who deliberately confuses the situation?

At this time, everyone in the off-site trial committee also looked solemn.

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan.

This is the powerful deputy Director, and the commander-in-chief of this demon sacrifice ceremony. His authority is as high as the sky. If there is an undercover agent installed by our side in the demon team opposite at this moment, he cannot be unaware of it.

Chu Yunfan shook his head: “As far as I know, there is no undercover agent of ours in the opposing lineup.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

Once the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony begins, no one outside the venue can interfere with the battle inside the venue. If this happens, Chu Yunfan has no need to deliberately conceal it.

Besides, if you really want to have your own undercover agent, this is not the way to cooperate.

Such a blatant announcement of information about a group of demons through the altar will naturally arouse great vigilance from other demons, and the effect will inevitably be greatly reduced.

No matter how you look at it, this is not a wise move.

“So it’s really a trap deliberately set by the other side?”

Everyone couldn’t help but sweat for Lin Yi.

If Lin Yi people really choose to believe it, the consequences will most likely be disastrous.

At this time, the reaction of the Demon Team surprised everyone on the trial committee.

They stopped.

The Demon Lord’s stern eyes swept over the other five demons one by one, and his voice was majestic and cold: “Who did it?”

The five demons collectively fell silent.

Although they are all inhumane demons, at their level, their intelligence is no longer inferior to that of any human being, and their instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages is naturally full.

In this case, naturally no one will take the initiative to stand up.

The key is, if they don’t take the initiative to come forward and admit it, even the Demon Lord won’t be able to determine who they are.

Although the movement is not small, the existence of the altar is to communicate with gods and demons. One of its most basic functions is to amplify all signals.

For these new evil demons in front of them, releasing this information to Maternal Grandfather does not require any substantive action at all, it is just a matter of thought.

In this case, the Demon Lord was helpless.

The battle hasn’t even started yet, so he can’t possibly attack one of his own people as soon as he comes up, right?

The key point is that even if he wants to attack people, he must have a definite target. He can’t just kill them indiscriminately, right?

In the end, the Demon Lord snorted coldly: “No matter who did it, this One will definitely dig him out and let him die without a burial place!”

The five demons all bowed their heads.

The Bone Demon cautiously suggested: “Lord Demon Lord, since our location has been revealed, the other party will definitely approach us. Why don’t we use the trick and create an ambush?”

The Demon Lord glanced at him: “No, we’ll just wait here. this One wants to see how courageous these strongest members of the Heavenly Dao Academy are!”

The Bone Demon still wants to persuade me.

Heavenly Dao Institute has their information, and they also have information on Heavenly Dao Institute.

Although the Demon Lord is personally in charge this time, no matter from which point of view, they are sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms, and there is no possibility of defeat at all.

But the other side is not a trash fish after all.

With such a big trust, even if the ship does not capsize in the gutter, it will inevitably have to pay an unnecessary price.

However, with the cold and domineering eyes of the Demon Lord, the Bone Demon immediately did not dare to say a word.

This is the time when the Demon Lord is most suspicious. If he talks too much, he will be wrong. If he tries to persuade him again, he might be treated as an undercover agent.

The Demon Squad stood still.

The problem was thrown back to the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Everyone is still arguing over the authenticity of the intelligence, but in the end, it is still up to Lin Yi to make the decision.

Lin Yi’s decision is easy.

“Continue on.”

Lin Xiao couldn’t help but frown: “Not to mention whether the information is true or false, even if it is all true, the other party may have deliberately set a trap for wait for me to take the bait. Don’t you think it is too arbitrary to rush over like this?”

There are good reasons, but Lin Yi’s has even better reasons.

He has the will of World to open the map, which can completely cover the entire altar.

Even without this intelligence, the location of the Demon Team is clear.

In the eyes of others, the authenticity of the information requires guessing, but in his case, it has been confirmed.

The only question that presently has to think about is how to determine which of the six demons on the opposite side is one of his own?

Once it is uncertain, once the two sides fight, it is very likely that they will be injured by accident.

The key is that in this situation, it is impossible for the other party to find the right time to reveal his identity.

Taking a step back, even if there is a demon who confesses that he is an undercover agent planted by Heavenly Dao Institute, how credible would it be?

Could he be an undercover agent deliberately pretending to be someone else?

Everything is a mystery.

But no matter what, none of this can interfere with Lin Yi’s’s decision-making.


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