Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11633:

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Heavenly Dao Academy divides the intensity of spiritual pollution of evil spirits into five levels from weak to strong.

Level 1 is the weakest and will have a significant impact on ordinary people, but for the powerful cultivator, the effect is relatively slow. The sixty scarlet apes that were taken into the new World by Lin Yi belong to this level.

Level 2 will have a significant impact on ordinary cultivator. Once the duration is slightly longer, it may cause cultivator to have a mental breakdown.

As for level three, it is a watershed.

Level 3 mental pollution has exceeded the endurance limit of 99% cultivator. Without a strong and unyielding will and special tolerance training, the person will have a mental breakdown in a very short time.

In the past half month of devil training, at least half of the time was devoted to special training on the mental pollution caused by the devil ritual.

However, even so, level three pollution is already the limit that everyone can tolerate.

The key is that the time that everyone can bear is very limited, and they will be on the verge of collapse in no more than two hours at most.

As for Level 4, which has a higher pollution intensity, it is even more unthinkable.

Even within the Heavenly Dao Academy, there are only a handful of experts who can withstand level four mental pollution on their own without relying on props.

Level 5 pollution is even more of a ceiling level, and only Heavenly Dao big shot can handle it head-on.

According to past experience, the pollution intensity of the magic ritual is generally at level two.

This year is obviously different, and it caught everyone off guard!

Level three pollution intensity and two hours of action time meant that at least half of the many plans tailor-made for everyone by the military instructor group had to be discarded directly.

This alone greatly reduces everyone’s tactical options.

Donggong grinned and said: “The visibility is also very poor. This is not a fun rhythm.”

As the strongest team control, his greatest value in joining the first team is to make that move.

If Xingluo wants to be released perfectly, he must have a good vision.

Without a field of vision, it would be funny if you came up empty-handed.

This is the result of everyone adapting to this extremely poor perception environment in the previous group battle. Otherwise, just seeing this scene in front of them would probably have made their hearts drop.

While everyone was talking, Lin Yi had quietly activated World‘s will to search the entire altar.

Soon, Lin Yi locked the position of the opposite demon.

I have to say that using the will of World to open a map is indeed a tried and tested trick.

However, at the same time that World‘s will swept across the opposite side, the Demon Lord seemed to sense something and suddenly raised the head.

Lin Yi‘s heart beat slightly, and he immediately retracted World‘s will decisively.

This enemy may be much more difficult than expected!

Everyone looked at Lin Yi, waiting for him to give orders.

The devil’s special training during the previous period made everyone once again deeply aware of the abnormality of this animal.

Every time they were pushed to the limit, Lin Yi always gave them the feeling of being calm and at ease. Even the military instructor group was stunned several times.

Having said that, Lin Yi accounted for a large part of the reason why the intensity of this devil’s special training was finally pushed to that point.

Many times, the military instructor team constantly increases the intensity of the scheduled special training just to squeeze out his potential.

As a result, Lin Yi was still fine, but the others were almost beaten to death.

Everyone finally came to a unanimous conclusion.

People are really different.






It is precisely because of this that these rebellious super candidates are not only convinced by Lin Yi, but at least they have accepted the dominance of Lin Yi’s invisibly.

The Heavenly Dao Academy officials, represented by the trial committee, have been emphasizing this concept in special training, in order to ensure that during the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony, there is only one voice in the team, Lin Yi.

One person’s command is always more efficient than a group of people doing their own thing.

What’s more, whether it is the devil’s special training or the performance of the previous group battles, Lin Yi‘s on-site command shown by ability is not bad, and it is definitely worthy of this core dominance position.

Lin Yi looked toward the southeast and immediately ordered: “Formation No. 1 sets off, be prepared to respond to the enemy at any time.”

Everyone was slightly stunned.

In the current situation where both eyes are dark, normally it is a more loose exploration formation, at least to ensure that enough intelligence information is collected first.

But formation No. 1 is a relatively compact formation to deal with the enemy.

Although they can form more responses to each other, they will also lose the initiative to start a group first.

Unless there is clear intelligence proving that the opposite side is in the southeast direction pointed by the formation.

Is this possible?

However, at the same time, Chu Yunfan and others who were observing the scene of the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony from a distance were all overjoyed when they saw it.

“How did he know the other party’s location?”

Everyone has a God’s perspective and can clearly see the overall situation, and this is one of the most important values ​​of the Demon Sacrifice Ceremony.

After all, the information that can be observed from this God’s perspective is extremely rich. After a game, it is entirely possible to understand the opponent’s situation clearly, and even extend to the entire opponent’s camp.

At this time, from the perspective of Chu Yunfan and others, we can clearly see that the six evil demons headed by the Demon Lord are in the southeast, and there is no deviation from the target of Lin Yi.

Everyone couldn’t help but wonder: “Did he draw a picture?”

This suspicion had been raised during group battles before. Whether it was searching for the Book of Awakening or pulling in team battles, Lin Yi almost never made any mistakes and was extremely accurate every time.

Who would believe that there are no pictures?

However, the Heavenly Dao Institute does not require its students to confess everything ability, and allows them to keep their privacy. Therefore, unless Lin Yi takes the initiative to reveal this kind of thing, everyone can only rely on guessing.

So the current situation has formed.

Everyone suspects that Lin Yi opened the map, and is almost certain that he is the one who created the map, but they have no idea why he opened the map ability.

It is not that there is no such precedent in the history of Heavenly Dao Academy. Unfortunately, without exception, those few people have never disclosed their details, so everything can only be guessed.

Chu Yunfan interrupted everyone’s speculation: “No matter what, it is a good thing that he has this ability. At least he will not suffer any disadvantages if he is in command.”

Everyone nodded.

On the other hand, the evil team on the opposite side has a very loose exploration formation at this time, which is far less clear-cut than the Lin Yi side.

If this trend continues, once the two parties come into contact, everyone in Lin Yi will form an advantage in a short period of time.

If the advantage is grasped well, it is entirely possible to cause instant attrition, thereby taking advantage of the number of people.


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