Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11629:

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Lin Yi let go of the confused Moro Yi, clapped his hands and stood up calmly.

No one said anything for a long time.

A monster like Mo Luoyi didn’t even have the slightest resistance from the beginning to the end, and was just dealt with by Lin Yi?

Admittedly, everyone can see that the real gap between the two sides is not that wide.

Mo Luoyi was just restrained in all aspects.

Although his Life Drain does not require a cooling time, it has a clear forward momentum. Lin Yi focuses on this. Every time Moro Yi starts to accumulate momentum, he immediately interrupts it, which leads to a complete A one-sided situation.

If we wait until the future, after Moro Yi masters the true life absorption more skillfully, and the forward swinging action becomes shorter, there should be a chance to crack it.

But no matter what, Mo Luoyi suffered a disastrous defeat today, and it was a complete defeat.

This is undisputed.

No matter how you try to make up for Moro Yi, at least in the eyes of discerning people, the gap in strength between him and Lin Yi is already suffocating.

Mo Luoyi stood up and patted his butt, but he didn’t mean to be a loser.

“You win, I’m not as good as you.”

Mo Luoyi was so bachelor that he admitted defeat in person.

Everyone couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

This guy gave them the impression of First. In addition to being a tough guy, he also had an arrogant and arrogant personality. Unexpectedly, he also had a side that was willing to admit defeat.

Lin Yi nodded, not modestly, and turned to look at the others: “Who else wants to challenge me?”


Everyone was speechless.

Even monsters like Mo Luoyi were crushed unilaterally. If they had been on the scene, it would have been even more miserable.

However, not everyone has no ideas.

One is Zhao Yeguo and the other is Lin Xiao.

These two may not necessarily buy it.

Zhao Yeguo walked out: “I’ll try.”

Everyone suddenly became energetic.

On the side, Lin Xiao took back his steps.

He was kited to death by Lin Yi before, and he was deeply dissatisfied.

Today we will do it again in front of everyone. Lin Yi will never use such a shameless tactic if he has any shame.

As for the ground skills that have been developed into pseudo-paradigms, it is certainly stressful for others, but for him, Lin Xiao, it is exactly what he wants.

If it were just pure ground skills, he really didn’t have any solution.

But presently developed into a pseudo-paradigm, which means that his forbidden fire can come in handy.

Pseudo-paradigms are also paradigms, and the forbidden fire conquers all paradigms.

This wave of Lin Yi was not a qualitative change for him, Lin Xiao, but actually broke his own arm!

He couldn’t wait to avenge his shame.

However, now that Zhao Yeguo has stepped forward in presently, Lin Xiao is eager to wait for one more game, just in time to take a closer look at the details of Lin Yi’s.

Chu Yunfan also became interested: “A pseudo-paradigm showdown is quite rare.”

Lin Yi made a please gesture.

Zhao Yeguo looked at him and said: “wait for you recover.”

Lin Yi just used Thunderbolt, and with Moruo Yi absorbing eight times his true life at the beginning, his true life was somewhat lost.

With Zhao Yeguo’s pride, he naturally disdained to take advantage of this.

Lin Yi smiled, but did not refuse.

He didn’t care, but if he refused forcefully, it would inevitably give people a disrespectful feeling.

Lin Yi doesn’t care what other people think.

However, he is still willing to take expert like Zhao Yeguo seriously.

After a while, everything was ready.

Lin Yi signaled: “Brother Zhao, please.”

Zhao Yeguo was not polite, nor did he show any bells and whistles. He started with an explosive slash.

Everyone was slightly surprised when they saw Zhao Yeguo approaching Lin Yi quickly.

They have all seen the horror of Lin Yi’s ground technique. No matter who they are, not to mention whether they have the confidence to face Lin Yi, at least when they stand opposite Lin Yi, they will definitely choose to put as much distance as possible. .

In the eyes of everyone, Zhao Yeguo’s move was tantamount to sending a sheep into the tiger’s mouth.

Even if the Explosive Slash has a stun effect, the stun time is as short as the thunder blast. The only effect it can have is to help him gain the advantage of making two cuts first.

When Lin Yi recovers, it will soon become one-sided again.

However, everyone soon realized that they were wrong.

Lin Yi was not stunned at all.

At the moment when the Explosive Slash finally fell on him, Lin Yi suddenly turned into a thunder shadow and disappeared on the spot.

Thunder instant!

No matter how fast ordinary movements are, they cannot interrupt the head-locking paradigm such as the Explosive Slash.

Theoretically, no matter how you escape, you will eventually be locked and caught up, and everything will be in vain.

Only a paradigm like Lei Shun can truly interrupt the opponent’s paradigm process.

However, this scene still made the eyes of everyone present jump.

Including the senior officials of the trial committee, they all looked at each other in confusion.

The same is true for interrupting the opponent’s paradigm. If Lin Yi uses thunder bomb, they will be more able to accept it.

Of course it is difficult, but not that big. Most formal students in Heavenly Dao Academy can do it.

But Lin Yi uses Lei Shun, which requires much stricter timing. Even many senior students find it difficult to achieve it.

Even in their eyes, this is a proper high-end operation.

After all, it is the same to interrupt the explosive slash, use lightning flash and use thunder bomb, the cost of the two is completely different.

The cooling time of the former paradigm is much shorter, and continuing to hold Lei Hong in your hands means that you can take more initiative and have a greater fault tolerance rate.

Relying on a lightning flash, Lin Yi not only dodged the explosive slash, but also came to the back of Zhao Yeguo.

The distance was just right, and he started with a hug.

Zhao Yeguo was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Everyone’s eyes twitched in unison. This scene was exactly the same as before. If nothing unexpected happens, someone as powerful as Zhao Yeguo would probably follow in the footsteps of Mo Luoyi.

As expected, what followed was a series of ground skills, with so many tricks and tricks, everyone felt dazzled for a while.

“Where did he get all these weird moves?”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at the Song monarch, with a little more admiration in their eyes.

For a paradigm to be successfully developed, one of the most important things about important is stability.

In other words, paradigms are naturally not suitable for bells and whistles, otherwise it will be difficult to stably complete the entire paradigm cycle. One of the most basic concepts in developing paradigms is to be concise and clear.

Therefore, in more than 90% of paradigms, the actions are very fixed and single.

There are also paradigms that have transformational moves, but they are only a handful.

However, the set of ground techniques used by Lin Yi, from just now to presently, has more than ten different tricks, and almost no one is the same.


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