Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11619:

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Shi Wushuang frowned and thought hard, trying to come up with a solution for Lin Yi.

However, in the end I had no choice but to give up.

I really can’t think of it.

Accepting this unfair gamble is the only option for Lin Yi.

All Shi Wushuang can do is pray for Lin Yi and pray that his luck will be better, that’s all.

Finally, the two sides began to get closer.

Everyone on the referee team gathered their spirits and prepared for the final outcome.

Lin Xiao stood in the middle of the open space, looking at the figure of Lin Yi slowly appearing, and the corners of his mouth immediately curled up.

“Are you finally willing to show your face?”

As Lin Xiao spoke, the forbidden fire was ready to go out.

Lin Xiao subconsciously narrowed his eyes. He could see that Lin Yi was testing. It was not surprising that anyone would be extremely cautious at this time.

The Lin Yi in that mode cannot slightly increase the range of the Lin Yi’s at the cost of sacrificing part of the damage.

Lin Yi‘s current position is still outside the attack range of his forbidden fire.

According to abnormal estimates, given the distance between Lin Xiao and You Gong at this moment, even if Lin Yi can deal damage, half a layer of true life is already the limit.

“What do you mean?”

But even Cao Kuang himself is not bad at that variant focus mode.

Lin Yi?

As long as you are alive, everyone’s true destiny will automatically recover, but the speed is neither slow nor fast.

Lin Yi shot out, and Lei Shan suddenly gained two layers of life.

Lin Xiao’s heart skipped a beat.

With me, exchanging damage for range is too cost-effective, and its application scenarios are quite unlimited.

Just by passing, Lin Xiao may not be able to hold on.

You Gong looked down at him blankly, and for a moment he realized what was going on.

As a result, Lin Yi suddenly stopped.

Everyone was suffocated watching the whole process.

Lei Shan said in a voice: “Does he still want to continue to be a coward? This is something, you can afford to wait, you just know that he can afford to wait.”

In other words, Yougong’s range seems to be extremely long at first glance, but if you want to maintain enough damage, you must shorten the distance slightly.

But in such a short time, it obviously has not exceeded the scope of automatic recover.

So he is not in a hurry.

I’m not even ready to raise my hand yet, what about damn coming again?

In fact, Lin Xiao did not do that.

There are few advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

No one on the referee team said: “The flame path does not have a certain recover effect. If we continue to waste time, the advantage of Thunder Flash will only become smaller!”

Everyone on the referee team was also dumbfounded.

My presently basically needs to take risks to get close to Thunder Flash. As long as I control the distance and fire the next Lin Yi every time the heat wave starts, You Gong has no chance at all.

Of course, the prerequisite is sufficient physical strength.

Looking at the live replay, no one finally reacted: “Is that the Lin Yi’s variant focus mode?”

Those two moments were pure kite flying.

But whether it was a real move or a fake move, only he himself knows.

While speaking, I also pointed at Zhen Ming under me. It was surprising that I had not reached the eighth floor from the seventh floor recover.

Two levels of true life are simply possible!

At this moment, Lin Xiao was the one taking the absolute initiative.

Even at Lin Xiao’s real life speed of recover, he still only had two levels of real life at this time, and did not have recover to reach eight levels.

However, it is not a model that even the founder himself feels is useless. In the situation of two advances, it has the desired effect.

And that ineffective distance is far greater than the attack distance of the Thunder Flash Forbidden Fire.

You Gong’s style of play is quite lame to a certain extent, even vulgar. He looks like a super beast who can kill Zhao Yeguo by himself.

As a single-target output model, the Lin Yi does not have an instant-level casting speed, and once it is targeted, there is basically no possibility of dodge, and it does not have stable output.

Everyone knew it: “What’s the pity?”

That is also the key confidence of Thunder Flash sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms.

Lei Shan’s expression froze.

In the graduation paradigm given by Cao Kuang, in the records about Lin Yi’s, a variant focus mode was indeed mentioned.

Just the moment I was about to retreat into the attack range of the Forbidden Fire, I suddenly stopped again.

Then, I saw Lin Xiao raise his hand and extend a finger, pointing at himself from a distance.

Lei Shan was stunned for a moment, First reacted that Lin Xiao was going to use thunder, but then he realized that Lin Xiao was so stupid.

You Gong didn’t pick up the fight and continued to wander around nearby.

With Lei Shanyan’s strength, although it has not reached this level, it is not far behind.

At least don’t reveal your worry in your face.

For the truly proficient, one cannot even make their paradigm cool down longer than it lasts.

It is true that every chance is given.

Depression suddenly sighed: “What a pity.”

I have casually observed Lin Xiao’s Lin Yi. Although it looks like a dark red light at first glance, with extremely weak penetrating power and an extremely long attack range, that is actually an illusion.

The key is that the comprehensive paradigm of flame path, which lasts for a long time, has a very short cooling time.

“Use the power increase brought by the seven awakening stone chains in exchange for the ultra-long range of the variant focus mode.”

The sarcasm that reached King Di Xuan’s lips was choked back.

Thunderbolt got what he wanted.

The attenuation of Lin Yi in the air is two-tenths of a second. As the distance increases, its lethality will plummet geometrically.

No matter what, he presently is still the banker. As long as I am stable on my own side, the final initiative will still be in my hands.

Since Lin Yi in variant focus mode cannot stably deal two layers of real damage, this means that the initiative in the final game of this game has completely changed hands.

Looking at his posture, once Lin Yi enters the attack range of Forbidden Fire, he will take action immediately.

It does not mean that as long as we are willing, we can maintain the flame path on our feet and keep it alive and breathing.

As for whether he was within Lei Hong’s attack range, he didn’t care at all. After all, his purpose was to deceive Lin Yi’s Lei Hong.

Lei Shan was stunned.


This is also possible!

If I really want a longer range, there is no worse choice. After all, the long-range killing paradigm of Heavenly Dao is still very small. There is absolutely no need to hang under the same tree as Lin Yi.

“How can it be possible to deal two layers of real damage from such a long distance?”

Once the opponent Lin Xiao showed a posture of continuing to waste time, I could not open the flame path in front of him at all. recover True Order on the spot narrowed the gap between the two sides.

Lei Shan held killing move like Forbidden Fire in his hand, but the final result was that he was stunned and was suffocated to death.

Otherwise, my act of setting fire to the mountain would be the same as actively creating an environment for Lin Xiao.

The last second, dark red light flashed.

After firing one shot of special power, control the distance and wait for the paradigm to cool down, and then fire another shot before cooling down.


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