Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11613:

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Zhang Zhi said with great interest: “If Lin Yi is developed properly, it might become a brand of its own and evolve into a completely new pseudo-paradigm.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

This set of things Lin Yi’s is indeed quite similar to the pseudo-paradigm in their cognition.

In addition to being less lethal, in terms of difficulty, it is even worse!

If nothing else, at least the continuous control of ability shown by Lin Yi makes anyone’s scalp numb when watching it.

If they were in Zhao Yeguo’s current position, they would not be able to think of any effective solution other than using a powerful paradigm to forcefully break free!

In other words, once Paradigm is sealed, or Paradigm enters the cooling time, even if they were to take the field, they would only be pressed to the ground by Lin Yi and rubbed.

If you can master this set of things, for some people, it may be an earth-shaking change!

In the field.

Seeing Zhao Yeguo’s life fall all the way to the fourth floor, someone from Group A finally got rid of the entanglement of others and came to rescue Zhao Yeguo.

Li Man’s fight with Lin Xiaoguo’s personal did not use any paradigm. Forbidden Fire could not completely break the situation.

However, such an important person as Neng Neng actually ate the fatal forbidden fire for Li Man!

Very slowly, Zhao Ye was eliminated gloriously.

Lin Yi almost vomited blood on the spot.

The result is still a small disadvantage.

Lin Yi’s’s face turned pale on the spot.

Everyone on the referee team shook their heads: “The gap between the two sides is too small. It can’t be made up by just relying on on-the-spot performance. Being able to fight to that point is not considered a victory even though it is an honor.”

Everyone in the referee team looked at each other and said: “Is that considered a divine move?”

To put it bluntly, you are not taking the initiative to block the knife for others.

Whether it was Liu Han’s self-destruction, Song Ci’s knife blocking, or Zhao Ye’s wave of bloodline taunts, they all fully demonstrated our level.

All of our focus is on Li Man and Lin Xiaoguo.

Forbidden Fire.

Otherwise, if we continue to attack Jihuo Jizi weakly, Li Man will inevitably escape in the end.

As a result, there are only eight people left in Group B.

Although there was no venting of anger in that scene, since the forbidden fire was eaten by Zhao Ye, it was a reasonable choice to make mistakes.

That is the ideal script!

This is indeed the case, so I dared to use it randomly in the last two games, for fear of sending myself away.

Of course I may make such advanced mistakes.

Zhao Ye spread his hands with a joking look on his face: “He, your well water is violating the river water, what are you doing here?”

What’s more, at the moment when the forbidden fire was released, Zhao Ye did not rush in front of him. He was still seven meters away. No matter how he looked, it seemed that he was going to Li Man’s side.

No matter how strong you Zhao Yeguo is, there is no time when you are in a state of embarrassment, nor when you are like a dog begging you Lin Yi to come to the rescue!

Looking at all the rookie candidates this year, this person is also ranked at the bottom.

How is that possible?

As far as the paradigm itself is concerned, it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. For the blood cow type back row, it can be regarded as a standard first-class paradigm.

Ji Ziguo and Li Man exchange one for another, and then I will take away Li Man’s head and complete the clearance at the same time.

In the entire Group B, in my opinion, Li Man is the only one who is qualified to suffer from his forbidden fire.

For a long time, Zhao Ye has not been a soy sauce character in our eyes. Even in Group B with a strong lineup, he is almost at the bottom.

Even Ye Yinxiao is qualified.

Without the threat of Li Man, the remaining eight people in Group B alone are enough to pose any substantial threat to me.

Dark red light flashed.

presently was bad, Noriko actually rushed to eat it!

Once the bloodline taunt is turned on, this is basically not the rhythm to go.

“It’s so ugly.”

The Paradigm has only one effect, sucking all attacking Paradigms within a range of seven meters under itself.

The implication is that Group B has not yet been defeated.

It may be taken too seriously, but it is a magical skill that makes every difference.

Deep down, he also wants to see Zhao Yeguo suffer misfortune!

The remaining members of Group A cooperated to focus the fire.

After all, there is only one level of life, and the Forbidden Fire can cause a lot of damage when used on such a super crispy body.

In fact, Lin Yi has no intention of directly breaking that situation.

Everyone in Group A was equally confused, including the referee team who had the perspective of the emperor, and they didn’t react for a while.

The only explanation is that Zhao Ye took the initiative to absorb the forbidden fire!

The forbidden fire did not fall on Li Man!

“Seeking death!”

Everyone saw Noriko’s intention.

If he was unlucky and hugged Li Man’s thick legs, he would have been eliminated in the next two rounds.

Looking at Zhao Yeguo being held down by Lin Yi, he even felt an inexplicable sense of relief.

However, what happened next made everyone’s eyes jump.

From the beginning to the end, except for Li Manzhi, I didn’t even take a look at Zhao Ye and those people, and at least I didn’t pay attention to Ye Yinxiao.

The forbidden fire I had clearly unleashed on Li Man was presently under Zhao Ye at this moment.

That’s true.

No one even noticed that during that period, Di Liankong had been quietly attacking the East Palace, and unconsciously or unconsciously, he had reduced his bloodline to only two layers of life.

Donggong was eliminated on the spot in confusion.


While Li Man was pestering Lin Xiaoguo, conversely, Lin Xiaoguo was also pestering me.

Li Man, Di Liankong, Ye Yinxiao.

Replacing the forbidden fire, which poses the least threat to Li Man, with bloodline taunt, no matter how you look at it, it is definitely a gain.

Blood Taunt.

Even for the entire Group A, the Forbidden Fire is a strategic resource at a discount. That decisive weak force paradigm is wasted under Zhao Ye. If it leads to a team battle failure, it will be a small blame. of!

Everyone said that he was not as good as Zhao Yeguo, even subconsciously he thought so, but he refused to accept it!

Lin Yi pointed at Li Man.

Looking at Group A, there are not yet seven players, so it’s clear who is better and who is worse.

Lin Yi turned around and spread all his firepower on Zhao Ye.

That thing is a control position in name, but I have very few lives, so it won’t do any damage at all.

Out of presently Noriko’s body, there is not much, but not too much.

What Lin Yi presently wants to do is not to seal away all Li Man’s paradigms so that he can have a way to escape!

I haven’t imagined the perfect situation yet.

In the end, if Li Man held on, Zhao Ye also ran away. This was really a blood loss!

That is because Group B made almost no mistakes, and to a certain extent, even performed at a super level.

Lin Xiao came to the front, looked at the two people who were still fighting on the ground, and assumed a condescending posture to look down.

Looking at Zhao Ye who suddenly came to the distance, Lin Yi was stunned for a moment: “What is he doing?”

Then, he saw Noriko, who was still fighting with Lin Xiaoguo, taking a break from busy work and suddenly sent out a thunderbolt.


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