Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11611:

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Don’t forget, in the last round, he was eliminated by Tiangou right from the start, and there was no performance at all. Fortunately, Lin Yi turned the tide in the last round, otherwise Liu Han would have been eliminated by now.

But after today’s wave of self-destruction, Liu Han’s personal score skyrocketed!

With the power of one person, he directly knocked down fourteen levels of life from the extremely powerful Group A, and also took away the key head of Zhang Huiyin, the core support person. This is a feat that no one has ever accomplished!

Even with this single shot, Liu Han had a chance to compete for the best in the game.

Of course, the premise is that Group B can win.

In any case, with Liu Han’s sudden self-destruction, the balance of victory in the entire situation suddenly fell to everyone in Lin Yi.

At this moment, almost everyone in Group A has residual health.

As long as everyone in Lin Yi seizes the opportunity and gathers fire to kill one or two heads, they can further expand their advantage into victory, and then make the final decision!

God-given opportunity!

The purpose of everyone in Lin Yi is very clear, to set fire to the East Palace.

Before Second‘s Heart Drop cools down, it is undoubtedly the wisest choice to kill Donggong, the strongest control player.

Otherwise, once Second is released by the East Palace and feels disheartened, the situation may turn around again.

After all, Xinluo’s large-scale control paradigm can really destroy the world in this kind of team battle.

At this time, there are still three levels of true life in the East Palace.

No more, no less, with Lin Yi everyone’s concentrated fire ability, they will be able to take them away in one wave.

Donggong himself was obviously aware of this, and immediately moved closer to Zhao Yeguo at full speed. At this time, the only one who could rescue him was Zhao Yeguo.

Unfortunately, under the command of Lin Yi’s, Li Man targeted Donggong one step ahead.

Slow blood technique!

The speed of the East Palace suddenly dropped by 50%.

The visual experience suddenly becomes like a snail crawling.

Although it is not hard control, this speed is enough for everyone in Lin Yi to gather fire calmly.

Seeing Dong Gong’s real life falling rapidly, everyone on the referee team became energetic.

“If this wave of East Palace is eaten by concentrated fire, it will become the winner of the entire game!”

Before he finished speaking, a figure suddenly rushed over. The nearest Lin Yi was stunned on the spot, and at the same time, two layers of life were cut off.

Explosive slash!

The person coming is none other than Zhao Yeguo.

His cutting speed was so fast that no one, including Lin Yi, had time to react.

“Integrating control, movement and output, Explosive Slash can be said to be a perfect paradigm.”

Depression gave a pertinent comment.

Everyone nodded.

You must know that the specialized output paradigm of Thunder Flash can only take away two layers of life after hitting it. Other than that, it does not have any other additional effects.

In contrast, Explosive Slash can easily crush it in every aspect.

As far as these two paradigms are concerned, there is a gap between Grade and they are almost completely different.

Lin Yi fell into dizziness, but Zhao Yeguo did not focus on him, and instead rushed directly to Ye Yinxiao on the other side.

Everyone immediately became nervous.

In front of a monster of Zhao Yeguo’s level, Ye Yinxiao, who has only one level of life, is not even a dish.

Once Ye Yinxiao is eliminated, it means that everyone in Lin Yi will not have the support of Elegy. When the time comes for Group A to have another large-scale killing by Xinluo Jiasha Yin, it will directly collapse.

The situation is changing rapidly!

At the critical moment, Song Ci stood in front of Ye Yinxiao in time.

As another auxiliary in the team, his task is not only to send out mutant soul fire, but also to block the knife for Ye Yinxiao.

No way, although each other is a support, the important nature of the entire team is completely different.

Song Ci still has this self-awareness.

As a result, after just two blows, Song Ci was eliminated with a look of astonishment.

“What’s going on? Are my two levels of real life so worthless?”

If the opponent uses some powerful paradigm, then that’s it. He can at least block it.

But the problem is, Zhao Yeguo just cut him with two swords!

Two levels of life were directly killed with two cuts. This scene not only frightened Song Ci as the victim, but also frightened everyone present.

For a moment, everyone looked at Zhao Yeguo as if they were looking at a complete monster.

Legacy and paradigm are two completely different concepts.

No matter how powerful Paradigm is, they can understand even if Liu Han replaces fourteen levels of true life in an instant, but changing one level of true life with a flat slash is scary just thinking about it.

If a simple slash can succeed, then what is the meaning of a cross-level method like True Life?

Only the referee team looked solemn.

“The life-cutting sword…he actually learned it?”

Before this, Zhao Yeguo had never shown this skill in front of others.

Because there is no need for it.

But in presently, the situation is obviously completely different from the previous two games. If he doesn’t take action, the situation may really collapse.

Di Feihong raised the corner of his mouth meaningfully: “He can defend paradigms and pseudo-paradigms. He is indeed the person I like.”

The so-called pseudo-paradigm can essentially be regarded as a type of paradigm.

However, unlike the ordinary paradigm, the core of the pseudo-paradigm is to spread the power of the paradigm among the flat cuts.

In this way, not only will the attack be more concealed and difficult to prevent, but it will also last longer and the overall damage will be higher.

Precisely because of its various advantages, the pseudo-paradigm is extremely difficult to master.

A minimum prerequisite for mastering the pseudo-paradigm is that you must be extremely proficient in the original paradigm, know like one’s own hand.

How long has it been for a rookie candidate to be exposed to paradigms, and yet he is already proficient in it?

“It seems that Zhao Yeguo still has the upper hand over Lin Yi!”

Everyone immediately updated their evaluation collectively.

Song Ci was eliminated, and the next step was immediately for Ye Yinxiao to face Zhao Yeguo.

Her life is only a matter of one blow to Zhao Yeguo.

“Group B is over!”

“Without an elegy to tell the truth, the gap between the two sides cannot be bridged at all.”

“In the final analysis, the error tolerance rate is too low. Ye Yinxiao has the potential to become an ace support, but she only has one level of true life. This flaw is too big.”

“We can still make amends in the future, but it’s definitely out of the question during the trial training period.”

With the abundant resources of the Heavenly Dao Academy, newcomers like Ye Yinxiao who have shown excellent potential can still manage to pile up their true life even if they are born with only one level of true life.

In addition to the Book of True Destiny Awakening, there are various other means.

Even if she cannot be forcibly piled up into a **** cow, it can at least make up for her shortcomings so that she will not leave such a fatal weakness.

However, that is obviously something that will happen later.

In the field.

At the critical moment, Lin Yi flashed a lightning strike in front of presently Ye Yinxiao and blocked the sword for him.

At the same time, Ye Yinxiao quickly opened the distance with his full-speed war song.

Everyone’s eyelids twitched.


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