Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11610:

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Lin Yi smiled: “It’s okay, we have backup plans.”

Before he finished speaking, Di Liankong’s Energy thrust was already connected.

The target is still Zhang Huiyan.

Among the people in Group B, Di Liangkong’s Energy thrust is the most penetrating output paradigm besides Lin Yi, and is naturally the most suitable for last-hitting.

One thing to say is that Di Liangkong’s tactical literacy is still online.

Even if you can’t stand alone, you won’t lose control at this time.

Unfortunately, Zhang Huiyan was still unable to be eliminated.

It wasn’t that the damage was too low, but that someone stepped on Energy midway through its thrust.

It is Zhao Yeguo.

Looking at this dull-looking man, everyone inside and outside the venue was shocked.

Obviously it was just a simple action, and no words were said.

However, at this moment, the invisible aura released from Zhao Yeguo made everyone breathless.

He just stood there, like a ten thousand-foot mountain, suppressing everyone’s hearts.

“The momentum of Group B was interrupted.”

With undisguised greed in his eyes, Di Feihong shouted on the spot: “Okay! The new king should be so domineering!”

Everyone is convinced.

Only King Di Xuan was a little embarrassed.

After all, Di Liankong is his.

The more Zhao Yeguo behaves lightly, the more insignificant Di Liangkong becomes.

With a simple movement, Zhao Yeguo took control of the entire audience.

However, Liu Han refused to accept it.

Skeleton bomb!

Liu Han directly attacked Zhao Yeguo.

Standing at his current position, although he cannot reach the two assistants in the back row on the opposite side, there are other options, such as East Palace and Jiechen.

One of the two has the strongest control, and the other has the strongest range of damage. They are both extremely threatening targets.

But at this moment, Liu Han only had Zhao Yeguo in his eyes.

As a result, Zhao Yeguo suddenly slashed forward with the sword in his hand, and the bone bomb was directly exploded in the air!

“Defense paradigm again?”

Everyone couldn’t help but look sideways.

Among the senior students of Heavenly Dao Academy, the defense paradigm can be said to be the most inconspicuous item. Basically everyone can do it, but very few can play it well.

To put it bluntly, it is basic skills.

But it’s really surprising that such basic skills can be found in presently candidate rookies.

After all, basic skills are the most difficult to practice.

Any ability that is given the title of basic success must be a waste of time and effort, and there are no shortcuts.

The bunch of rookie candidates in front of me don’t even recognize the basic paradigm, let alone this basic skill. Thinking about it, I know it’s impossible.

Not only did presently produce a Lin Yi, but so did Zhao Yeguo.

How can anyone reason with this damn?

“Two monsters.”

The referee team gave a unanimous evaluation.

It is true that whether it is Lin Yi or Zhao Yeguo, they have shown the ability to defend the paradigm at this moment, and other candidate rookies such as formal will be able to achieve it one day after entering the Heavenly Dao academy.

But for the same big question of Entrance Exam, one can be done in Elementary School, and the other can only be done in High School. There is an essential difference between the two.

Lin Yi and Zhao Yeguo have already widened the gap between Grade and others in the minds of everyone.

At this time.

As the skeleton bomb was exploded in the air, the situation on the scene was suffocated again.

Liu Han’s eyelids twitched and he subconsciously looked at Lin Yi.

As an extremely proud person, Lin Yi is the only person so far who makes him feel ashamed and even thinks that he may not be able to catch up with him in this life.

Unexpectedly, I encountered the same monster again today!

Originally, he was a little dissatisfied with the tactics arranged by Lin Yi, but it seemed to presently that Lin Yi had clearly anticipated this.

“Okay, I accept this one!”

Liu Han was heartbroken and immediately rushed towards Zhao Yeguo again.

Everyone was confused.

What do you mean?

Are you giving up on yourself?

Of course Liu Han’s strength cannot be considered weak. If he were placed in the previous years, he would at least start in the middle and upper ranks, and could even be ranked at the front.

It’s a pity that I was born at the wrong time.

To be in the same class as monsters like Zhao Yeguo and Lin Yi is definitely a huge tragedy for him and other candidates.

If nothing else happens, they will be shrouded in the shadow of these two people for the rest of their lives, and they will never be able to counterattack and climb on top of these two people.

This is not just a possibility, but a high probability incident.

“Charge to Zhao Yeguo? Should I say he is brave, or is he not clear-headed?”

Di Feihong looked down and shook his head.

In and out of words, he seemed to regard Zhao Yeguo as his own, and he didn’t care at all for Liu Han and his ilk.

However, although these words were unpleasant, everyone nodded.

Even the skeleton explosive bomb was exploded by someone’s sword. At this time, Liu Han launched a charge towards Zhao Yeguo. Rather than refusing to admit defeat, it was better to say that he could not afford to lose.

The next scene can be foreseen, and it must be unilaterally crushed by Zhao Yeguo.

Unless Lin Yi steps in.

But if Lin Yi intervenes and is forced to confront Zhao Yeguo directly at this time, it will play into the opponent’s plan.

After all, the two powers are competing. No matter who has the last laugh, the victory will not be decided in a short time.

This period of time is enough for the rest of Group A to control the overall situation.

The most likely outcome is that even if Lin Yi is lucky enough to beat Zhao Yeguo, he will definitely be in a state of severe disability.

At that time, all of his teammates had probably been cleared out. It was impossible for Lin Yi to make a comeback with heaven defying alone.

Not to mention, in everyone’s judgment, there is a high probability that Lin Yi cannot beat Zhao Yeguo.

No matter how you look at it, Liu Han’s move was a stupid move that cost people his life without thinking.

But soon, everyone knew that they were wrong.

At the same time as Liu Han rushed up, Ye Yinxiao quietly cut into a full-speed war song, and Lin Yi and the rest of Group B quickly dispersed.

Before everyone in Group A could react, an extremely dazzling light suddenly appeared on Liu Han’s body.

The next second, an unparalleled and super strong Energy fluctuation swept across the audience.

Real skeleton bomb!

Liu Han’s real life was instantly cleared and he was eliminated on the spot.

At the same time, everyone in Group A, who had no time to dodge, suffered a sudden loss of health!

Even the one who was farthest away had lost more than two layers of real life. The auxiliary Zhang Huiyan, who had only one layer of real life left, was taken away in a wave!

As for Zhao Yeguo, who was closest to Liu Han and was the first to bear the brunt, his life was cut off by four levels!

Originally there were ten levels of true life, but now there were only six levels left.

The whole place was in a mess.

Everyone on the referee team was stunned.

For a long time, someone finally couldn’t help but say: “This guy is also an animal!”

No one could have imagined that Liu Han would actually engage in such a desperate self-destruction tactic, directly treating himself as a human bomb and hitting his soul with one shot!

“Liu Han has replaced a total of fourteen levels of real life in Group A. This wave of blood is so profitable!”

In the previous two rounds, Liu Han’s performance could not even be considered satisfactory, it could only be said to be quite average.


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