Beauty and the Bodyguard Chapter 11608:

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With everyone watching, the referee team leader shook his head: “There is no rule that says you cannot surrender. Although we do not support his approach, it cannot be said to be a violation.”

Beside him, Depression suddenly smiled and said: “This Lin Xiao is quite calculating.”

No one reacted for a moment.

But we are all Congming people after all, and we soon understood Lin Xiao’s intentions.

Although there is no suspense about the outcome of this game, even with Ye Yinxiao’s elegy as the backbone, it would be difficult for Team B to make a substantial splash, but for individuals, the impact is still not small.

Based on the overall performance of the group rounds, each remaining candidate will receive a final score.

This score will directly determine the Position for the next round of trial training.

So far, the one with the most active personal performance is none other than Lin Yi.

But this is temporary.

Based on the scoring mechanism of the referee team, the team record is the decisive factor in ranking First, and individual performance is ranked Second.

The reason why Lin Yi ranks first in the ratings is because they have won the previous two games.

If he loses to Group A today, even if his performance is still outstanding, he will be pulled down.

If nothing else happens, it will be Zhao Yeguo who reaches the top.

Although this Boss from Group A has performed well before, his ability control is visible to the naked eye. No matter how active the other players in Group A are, it will be difficult for them to get past him.

Including Lin Xiao, he also knew that it would be difficult for him to win this First.

But just because he can’t compete for First, doesn’t mean he can’t compete for Second.

He wants to compete for Second, and his biggest opponent is Lin Yi.

Lin YiIf you get excited today and directly agree to his surrender, then there is no doubt that you will lose a lot of points in terms of personal performance.

When the time comes, he, Lin Xiao, will be Second Position, and no one can threaten him again.

“It’s not good to think too much.”

Chu Yunfan’s words made everyone’s hearts tremble, and when they looked at Lin Xiao in the field, they suddenly felt a little more pity.

This is the evaluation from deputy Director big shot.

Even if Lin Xiao’s plan succeeds, carrying such an evaluation will not be worth the loss in the long run.

It’s a good thing he couldn’t hear it himself, otherwise his intestines would probably be full of regrets by now.

After hearing this, Di Feihong said: “As long as you can achieve your goal, it doesn’t matter if you use some caution. No matter how ugly it is to win, it’s still better than losing. I think this guy is pretty good.”

Chu Yunfan glanced at him: “He does have the style of Vice-President Di. Why don’t Vice-President Di poach him too?”

Di Feihong said hey but did not answer.

Should I say it or not, he really has this in mind.

Lin Xiao’s strength is not weak in the first place, especially since he has mastered a powerful paradigm like Forbidden Fire, which will be enough to be able to stand on his own when he is trained in the future.

In the field.

While responding to the siege, Lin Yi replied: “face earned it by himself, not by others. Haven’t you heard this?”

“Haha, if you don’t eat the toast, you will be fined.”

Lin Xiao’s face immediately darkened, and his attacks became even more ruthless.

But soon, everyone discovered the problem.

Six to one, they besieged for a full round, and Lin Yi actually still had eleven levels of true life!

In other words, they actually only destroyed Lin Yi‘s first level of life!

Not only them, but everyone on the off-field referee team was dumbfounded.

“When did Lin Yi master the defense paradigm?”

Everyone looked at the Song monarch in unison.

The so-called defense paradigm is not a paradigm in the true sense, but a set of methods that have been researched to prevent various attack paradigms.

The paradigm can be interrupted midway, which is the core idea of ​​the defensive paradigm.

As long as the power of the paradigm is interrupted in time before it is actually released, the damage can be minimized.

Theoretically, a true expert who is proficient in the defensive paradigm cannot pass through thousands of flowers without touching himself, but it is completely possible to eat a large wave of attack paradigms with a layer of true life.

Lin Yi is naturally not yet truly proficient, but judging from the results, it is already decent, at least it can be called a beginner.

This obviously cannot be the result of him working behind closed doors.

The only explanation is that someone gave him a small prescription.

The Song monarch is precisely the well-known defense paradigm expert of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

The Song monarch did not say a word.

As a military instructor, giving such a small talk to a candidate under your own name does not violate any rules.

In fact, in just two days, a person can learn the defense paradigm. This kind of thing is a fantasy even in Heavenly Dao Academy.

But the matter of presently is right in front of us, and no one can believe it or not.

“This Lin Yi…”

Di Feihong clicked his tongue and couldn’t help but glance at Chu Yunfan.

If the other party wasn’t sitting here, he would definitely have to poach someone based on his personality.

After all, the various qualities that Lin Yi has shown so far make it a very high-quality potential stock.

It’s a pity that Chu Yunfan came forward in person. Even if touched and moved wanted to recruit people, it would be difficult to achieve any real results. In the end, it would just be a sedan chair for Lin Yi in vain, making his worth First Year higher.

Di Feihong would naturally not do this kind of thing like for no reason working for others.

What a pity.

The entry-level defense paradigm is actually nothing at the level of the entire Heavenly Dao academy.

For slightly more experienced students, this is the minimum standard equipment. Otherwise, they would not be able to stand firm in various cruel actual combat environments.

But in the current game where a bunch of candidates are competing against each other, to a certain extent, this is a dimensionality reduction blow.

After a wave of siege, the result was that Lin Yi barely lost one level of life. How can anyone make sense of this?

For a moment, everyone in Group A looked at the eleventh level of true life on Lin Yi, and their eyes widened.

When will this damn be fought?

The most annoying thing is Lin Xiao.

He originally thought that he could take away the opponent with one shot of Forbidden Fire. At the worst, he could **** Lin Yi, leaving him with no room for error in the future, inhibiting his room for performance, and thus consolidating his Second Position .

But after presently did this, Lin Yi withstood the taboo fire without any pain.

Not to mention anything else, this performance alone will earn him a high score from the referee team, which will in turn give him a steady head start!

Seeing the forbidden fire disappear, Lin Yi reactivated the lightning flash, turning into a thunder shadow and passing through them. Lin Xiao was so angry that his teeth itched, and he quickly chased after him desperately.

No matter what, this wave cannot let Lin Yi escape.

Otherwise, the forbidden fire he is so proud of will really become a joke.

Lin Xiao was not slow.

In addition to the Forbidden Fire, he also mastered a movement paradigm called Flame Path.

Once the paradigm is opened, there will be flames in front of him to clear the way.

As long as you step on the flame path, your speed will be greatly increased.

In addition, the flame path itself has considerable continuous damage. If placed in a chaotic battlefield, this paradigm is extremely practical. It is not only a continuous damage, but also can cause segmentation and damage to the enemy’s formation, thereby providing Take the initiative on your own side.


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