Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4781: Perfect practice!


Latest website: Relying on the Sky-stealing Eye to search for the Chaos Star Beast, and relying on the stars in the void universe to hide, Li Tianming’s hunting efficiency has been quite high this year.

Mainly the lone flying star mosquitoes, Li Tianming appeared and disappeared, attacking and killing them efficiently. He killed about two hundred star beasts in one year.

The tempering effect brought by these ferocious, violent and bloodthirsty Chaos Star Beasts can strengthen Li Tianming’s control over order, and the dangerous environment like the supernova ruins is also of great benefit to his mental growth.

In just one year, the strengthening effect of order has been very good!

After all, this is only the order of the secondary universe, which is far inferior to the order of the Chaos God. In an environment like the real world dock, it is an introduction to order.

Yin Chen said that the creatures in this real world dock are the gods of the universe as soon as they are born.

The Xiaozhou God Realm and Tianzhou God Realm are their true infancy, and there is no need to practice at all during that time, and order will grow naturally. In the Xuanting Universe Empire, most people really practice , started from Zhengu Zhoushen.

This is the inheritance effect of super-high bloodline. Everyone’s practice is of great use to their descendants, including Li Tianming himself.

Of course, for the Zhou Gods in Xuanting, they have no idea what the universe is within the body of the Chaos God Emperor, so they also think that it is not an exaggeration to be born as a Zhou God, ordinary and ordinary, even compared to the clan Rich families have a bit of inferiority complex…

In this regard, Li Tianming can only say that people are more infuriating than others.

He himself went from nothingness to the creation of providence, divine will, and then to order, and there were several difficult orders, step by step, he got to where he is today.

In terms of foundation, it is really solid than anyone else.

“Perhaps it is my father’s purpose to push his son to the lowest level, and no lower, so that he can truly complete the leap from bacterial dust to the endless universe?”

Li Tianming could only smile when he thought of this.

After all, this is most likely just my imagination. How can everything have so much meaning? Maybe it was because Li Muyang was so miserable that he hid in the dusty world of Yanhuang Continent.

However, the more miserable his experience is, the more it proves how mysterious, advanced and terrifying the ancient chaotic beast is.

“Go as far as you can go! At the very least, my bottom line is low enough. I have seen many scenery that even the gods of the universe have never seen. If the universe is a big funnel, I at least know what its bottom is like… ”

Li Tianming remains optimistic about this.

Many times, he himself discovered that because of his broad ‘experience range’, there were always some differences in mentality between him and many opponents with a very high background. As a challenger, although he was only a thousand years old, In terms of experience and maturity, even the peak geniuses of the Tomb of Gods and the geniuses of the Xuanting Imperial Clan are far from comparable to him.

This advantage often affects Li Tianming’s major decisions in life!

To put it bluntly, I have had a lot of experience and have a tough mentality!

“Now, the world thinks that my practice has mutated and gone crazy, and because I have so many orders, I forcibly skip levels, thus losing the upper limit, even the Chaos God… Don’t you know that every one of my ten orders is better than them? It’s complicated, but its growth rate alone is still faster than theirs!”

Li Tianming just didn’t meet the Nebula Festival earlier!

In front of the Nebula Festival, the great light shines, the Derivative Ruins, and the Order Ruins are all their meanings floating away, like water drops splashing across the sea.

And now, Li Tianming, who possesses the Tao of Stealing Heaven, has arrived in the vast ocean of Nebula Festival.


After a little emotion, in the state of the void universe, Li Tianming sat cross-legged in the chaotic supernova ruins, drifting with the flow and improving order!

He will swallow the thousands of nebula sacrifices he received from the Sand Demon in one breath using the ‘Tiantao Dao’. The Heaven-stealing Dao can better resolve these nebula sacrifices and send them to the big head, small head, and five internal organs intact without any loss. The place where order is imprinted on the six organs!

The orders of the Emperor, Fate Tribulation, Purgatory, etc. that have gone through the tempering battle, after solidification, showed a state of hunger. They eagerly absorbed the evolutionary power of the Nebula Sacrifice, just like the rain after a long drought, breeding new ones. Growth pole.

These secondary cosmic body orders are shaped like illusory cosmic human bodies, the cosmic phoenix, the chaotic thunder demon, and the Kui dragon. After absorbing those nebula-shaped nebulae, the stars inside them are constantly regenerated. That secondary cosmic body has grown from sparse The sea of ​​​​stars gradually transforms into a sea of ​​​​bright stars!

This may be the reason why the Nebula Festival can improve order.

“It should be the ninth level!”

When Li Tianming’s ten major orders underwent a new transformation, they automatically triggered the splitting and transformation of neutron particles, absorbing and controlling the stronger power of suppressing the ancient universe god, while Yinghuo and Miaomiao were transformed because of the symbiotic cultivation system. Some of the restrictions obtained have also been lifted, and together with Li Tianming, they can be promoted to the ninth level to suppress the ancient universe god!

Each of them only cultivates and unlocks one self-generated order. It is indeed simpler than Li Tianming, but it is still slightly ahead.

Although they are ahead, due to symbiosis, they still have to wait for Li Tianming before their size and realm can truly break through.

In the real world dock, Li Tianming’s body of the Universe God began to crackle and grow again. When he began to absorb a large amount of star source power, he could no longer maintain the state of the void universe.

A burst of starlight shone and neutron particles greedily absorbed the star source. Li Tianming’s body expanded and rushed from 300,000 meters to about 350,000 meters before stopping.

This height and size did not exceed Li Tianming’s expectations.

“It is indeed impossible to achieve the size of the Chaos Universe God in the Zhengu Universe God realm in one breakthrough. Fifty thousand meters at a time is the limit!”

This also means that the combat power increased by Li Tianming’s breakthrough in the realm of Zhen Gu Zhou God is naturally not as good as a breakthrough in the realm of Chaos Universe God.

This is actually normal. After all, the Chaos God of this real world dock, whether it is bloodline or inheritance, even the Orion of the Soul Hunting Star is far superior to the creatures in the body of the Chaos God Emperor.

Leaping levels is not that simple.

“Nine! We are still four steps away from the Chaos God!”

He is too eager for the Chaos God!

“Although there is still some distance, at least, it is still possible to have a fight with the fourth-order Chaos God now. And the efficiency of hunting star beasts can be increased.”

It has only been a year since I came to the Supernova Ruins, and Li Tianming is already very satisfied with the efficiency. I remember that when he was in the Ten Thousand Dao Valley, it would sometimes take him more than ten or twenty years to achieve a breakthrough in the Star God realm.

“Continuous transformation and reaching a stronger peak sometimes have benefits. For example, when you first arrive in a new world, you will usher in a period of rapid growth in your cultivation due to the abundant resources!”

Li Tianming is now in this period of rapid growth!

He stood up and took control of the 350,000-meter-long Divine Body of the Universe. The sound of the star sea roared all over his body. Even the heavy armor of the Ancient Imperial Army increased with his height!


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