Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4616: Clown


When Mo Si finally broke out of the Heavenly Palace barrier, the oncoming Nine Dragons Emperor Burial made her collapse.

She knows…

In the burial of the Kowloon Emperor is Li Tianming!

When she broke through just now, she didn’t even care about Huangliu, she just wanted to leave him here and run away.

Unexpectedly, before she could get on her way, the Nine Dragons Emperor Burial appeared…

This made her face look extremely ugly.

The appearance of the Nine Dragons Emperor’s Burial finally gave the people on Yanhuang Emperor’s planet hope again!

Countless people looked at the giant golden-red dragon head. The Nine Dragons Emperor Burial was as big as a creation-level world. It was extremely powerful. It rushed out from the golden-black vortex and directly stopped the Demon Four who wanted to escape!

At this moment, everyone recalled the scene when Li Tianming refined the Five Gods!

Similarly, Mo Si and Huang Liu were completely in a trough.

The appearance of Li Tianming means that two of them fight four, which further increases the difficulty!

“My son is destined by fate! It is better to come early than to come by chance. It is just the right time to come now!”

Li Wudi was still nervous just now, thinking that he was really going to be run away by the Fourth Demon.

But Li Tianming appeared and reassured him.

What he said is also very interesting.

If Li Tianming came back early, he might be in trouble by Jiang Feiling…

Inside the burial of the Kowloon Emperor.

Li Tianming heard what Li Wudi meant and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

On the last leg of the journey, he learned from Yin Chen about Jiang Feiling’s successful nirvana, and that Tai Er had been killed by Jiang Feiling.

Although the crisis has been mostly resolved.

But Jiang Feiling’s situation also made Li Tianming feel a little complicated and guilty.

Of course, he was still happy deep down.

At the same time, there was anger, anger towards eternal beings. That Tai Er took advantage of the chaos to attack Jiang Feiling, almost causing Jiang Feiling to be wiped out… This was the most unforgivable thing about Li Tianming!

Amidst the crash, Li Tianming’s white hair was flying, and he carried a bee-headed man with an indifferent expression. He walked out of the Nine Dragons Emperor’s Burial and came to the front of Mo Si.

That bee-headed man is none other than Huang Qi!

Now Huang Qi is like a dead dog, covered in blood, almost human-like, and extremely miserable.

When she learned that Taier was killed by Jiang Feiling, her first reaction was disbelief.

She felt that Yin Chen was lying.

“Tai Er is the Avalokitesvara, how could it be wiped out so easily?”

But soon, she knew this was true.

Tai Er…


Tai Er, whom she thought was invincible, was crushed to death by Li Tianming’s woman like an ant!

At this moment, when Li Tianming dragged her out of the Nine Dragons Emperor’s Burial, she looked at the blocked Mo Si and the suppressed Huang Liu… She understood that all this was not a dream or an illusion.

Tai Er really died here.

This cold and cruel reality caused Huang Qi to completely collapse, and his inner belief collapsed!

Once upon a time, Tai Er was the ceiling of combat effectiveness in her mind.

There is absolutely no way anyone in this universe can be Tai Er’s opponent.

But now, the facts slapped her hard countless times!

She knows…

When Tai Er was killed, their plans disappeared, and the fate of their eternal lives was over!

“If I had known, I would have been on Li Tianming’s side…”

Huang Qi thought blankly.

She recalled that she had been going against Li Tianming recently. Those behaviors made her look like a clown, and now she has become a complete joke.

Of course, the most important thing is the collapse of her faith.

What followed was endless fear, making her feel like she was falling into an abyss.

Whether it is death or the endless pain of the original shackles, the price is too much for her to bear!

Before, she thought that all this was only temporary.

But now…

Li Tianming looked at Mo Si indifferently and said to Li Wudi: “Father, leave this to me, and you can help suppress Huang Liu.”

Li Wudi grinned: “I understand.”

He turned around and flew towards Huangliu with Uncle Taixu, and all the Yanhuang Emperor Demons around him gathered again.

Although there is a slight ink stain on the Phantom God’s giant mouth to imprison and suppress it, those six giant cauldrons are the original bodies of Huangliu!

When the Phantom God bit Shenwu’s silver giant sword with her huge mouth, her body was not fused with the silver giant sword.

But now, all the power of Huangliu is in the giant cauldron.

His constant and violent struggle made the slightly ink-stained Huan Shen’s huge mouth a little unable to hold on, and he kept gritting his teeth to support himself.

With Li Wudi’s help, the situation will be much better.

As for Mo Si, seeing his way blocked by Li Tianming, he was first shocked, then thought of something, and sneered on his face.

“Li Tianming, do you still think you are the destined emperor who killed Shenwu?”

“You don’t have much mental power left for sentient beings now! Can you feel it… The whole universe is wailing! Everyone is in pain because of you!”

“You are no longer my match!”

Mo Si stood in front of him indifferently.

The broken tail behind her has recovered in this short period of time, and the four tail guns shine with a **** and dangerous smell.

Suddenly, her black demonic form flashed, and she rushed in front of Li Tianming in an instant, launching a violent offensive!

“You can try.”

Li Tianming looked at the black demon figure flying over to attack with an indifferent expression.

His current ability to read sentient beings is indeed not as good as when he was at his peak.

But it’s half of its peak!

The most important thing is that now he has broken through several realms compared to when he faced Ares V. This is his biggest change!

When the four demons came, Li Tianming’s body surged with the power of the God of the Universe.

He raised the hand of Stealing Heaven indifferently, opened his eyes, Stealing Heaven’s Light, Devil’s Heaven Arm!

These two methods exploded at the same time, forming the terrifying Heavenly Finger!

The thick **** shot out, broke through the void, and instantly fell on the body of the Demon Four, knocking the extremely fast black female demon away!

The terrifying golden-black cosmic rays caused the black devil skin all over Mo Si to split open and blood to burst out!

“How is that possible?”

Mo Si screamed, his eyes filled with disbelief.

This level of damage was nothing to her, but what shocked her was that Li Tianming was still able to injure her with one blow when his power of sentience was weakened!

Li Tianming like this scares her!

“Run, run, run!”

Deep in Mo Si’s heart, a voice was shouting.

She turned around and ran without looking back in an attempt to escape.

However, as Li Tianming’s realm broke through, his Zhoushen’s power skyrocketed.

Seeing the four demons dripping with blood and turning around to try to escape, Li Tianming showed no expression. If these eternal creatures wanted to harm Jiang Feiling, they would have to face his greatest anger.


With the Donghuang Sword in his hand, the Divine Sword of the Ten Directions Era bloomed with sword light around him.

His white hair floated and fell in the starry sky.

‘Ten Thousand Sword Prisons’!

This is the second sword move that Li Tianming practiced in the Yanhuang ancestral tomb. It is also a powerful sword formation when used alone!

In an instant, the Divine Sword of the Ten Directions Era burst out, bursting out with countless thunderous sword energy, forming a cage-like formation of the Divine Sword of Knowledge, completely covering and imprisoning the Demonic Four!

In an instant, the four demons felt like they were surrounded by a sea of ​​thunder! !


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