Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4246: Black Vortex!



【The First God of All Ages】【】


“Missing? How is it possible? You don’t have a communication stone here, communication is difficult?” Li Tianming asked a little speechlessly.


“It’s really difficult.” Mu Qingqing said helplessly.


“Then, no one escaped?” Li Tianming asked.


“No, they are all missing, and their whereabouts have not been found until today.” Mu Qingqing said sadly.


“Looking at it this way, the corpse may have been destroyed.” Li Tianming said in a deep voice, and then asked, “Where is the Disordered Star Market?”


“When we find out that something is wrong, we will see that it has been hollowed out, and the ones that have not been hollowed out have also been destroyed. It has already turned into ruins.” Mu Qingqing said tremblingly.


“The disorderly world is so big, you Mu clan is also a big clan, do you know who did it?” Li Tianming asked through gritted teeth.


Mu Qingqing shook her head, and said: “The other party obviously did this after a long and careful plan, so we haven’t found the real culprit so far… However, the discovery of the matter later was beyond expectations. “


“What’s the matter?” Li Tianming asked.


“Someone informed us that these tens of thousands of gods are not dead, but just imprisoned.” Mu Qingqing lowered her head and said.


“And then?” Li Tianming asked.


“There’s no more, that’s all…we’re still searching all these years, but in the vast and disordered world, it’s too difficult to find a prison. They don’t even know whether the captivity is real or not, whether they are dead or alive.” Mu Qingqing said.


“I see.” Li Tianming smiled coldly, “The other party is very ruthless, and he only let you know that some of your clansmen are imprisoned, but you don’t know who is imprisoned, so no matter what you do, you will Afraid, afraid of offending a certain party, causing the tribe to be tortured and killed.”


This is one of the pressures Mu Qingqing said.


This kind of pressure is invisible, and every negotiation will restrict the Zero Degree Star Prison.


If you know who the other party is, then it’s easy to do, just do it.


The problem is that we don’t know who did it, and no one admits it publicly. If you guess wrong and destroy trust, it will be very troublesome.


It’s really difficult for Li Muyang to throw a rat’s hand here, since he can’t find tens of millions of Mu clan members.


“Why did you tell me about this?” Li Tianming suddenly asked Mu Qingqing.


Mu Qingqing’s eyes were slightly red, and she said softly: “Then you have a worm companion beast, it is very powerful, you may be able to help with this matter, if you can find evidence, and even find those imprisoned members of the Mu clan , We and Thieves can both make a move, while saving people, let the other party pay the price!”


“Understood, what else?” Li Tianming asked.


“What?” Mu Qingqing raised her head and asked.


“The reason for your sadness.” Li Tianming curled his lips and said, “Just tell me, I will help.”


“Well…” Mu Qingqing nodded, and then said: “My eldest brother is the heir of the Mu clan. He was in charge of developing the Discord Star Market at that time, and he was also on the list of missing persons.”


“Okay.” Li Tianming nodded.


He probably understood why Li Muyang and the others couldn’t do anything here.


First, it’s because the Mu Clan is really not that strong, and it’s impossible for their Thief Clan to single out everything.


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【The First God of All Ages】【】


Secondly, it is also because the enemy is insidious enough!


Dare to plan such a disgusting thing, as long as it succeeds, it is really difficult.


“I’ll let Yin Chen handle this matter. Since he disappeared in the anti-cosmic battlefield, the Eastern God Territory, we should first look for it in the anti-cosmic battlefield. If we can’t find it, we will look for it in the disordered world. At least find an answer.” Li Tianming said.


“En!” Mu Qingqing’s eyes were red, “Thank you. Thank you and your family too. You have helped our Mu clan too much.”


“Just thank them, I haven’t done anything yet.”


After Li Tianming finished speaking, he didn’t stay any longer, and came to the anti-universe battlefield together with Mu Qingqing.


“Is this within the Eastern God Territory?” Li Tianming asked Mu Qingqing.


“It’s on the edge of the Eastern God Territory. Where does the coordinate Mu Ziyan gave you point to?” Mu Qingqing asked.


“Over there.” Li Tianming pointed to the east ~ ~ that is the hinterland of the Eastern God Territory, indicating that the Disordered Star Market found by Mu Ziyan and the others may be related to our previous Disordered Star Market …” Mu Qingqing thought for a while, and said, “It’s like a new flower growing next to a withered flower? “


“For the disordered world, the disordered star market is the future, right?” Li Tianming said.


“En.” Mu Qingqing nodded.


Li Tianming then walked resolutely. He asked Miaomiao to come out and sit on the slacker, so that he could move faster and let him exercise his muscles.


“Come on?” He said to Mu Qingqing.


“Sit on the cat?” Mu Qingqing couldn’t help but laugh.


“Master is a ferocious beast.” Meow Miao was very displeased at being underestimated.




Obediently, she sat sideways behind Li Tianming, hesitated for a moment, and still reached out to hug his waist.


“Hold the handle tightly with both hands, go!”


Meow meow let out a loud cry, cast Qianfang Benlei, and rushed forward.


The anti-space battlefield is too big!


After seven months of running at the speed of meowing, Li Tianming came to the hinterland from the edge of the Eastern God Territory. No fingers!


In this chaotic world, Li Tianming took the coordinates, and in the depths of the dark mountains and abyss ahead, there was indeed a black vortex!


This black vortex is ten times larger than the neutron star market next to Zhongtian Samsung, but to this anti-cosmic battlefield, it is like a small pond on the Yanhuang Continent.


So, to find it, it really depends on luck.


“Follow up.”


Li Tianming sprinkled silver dust all the way, and at the same time took the lead, directly escaping into the black vortex.


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