Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 4040: The last step!



Silver Chen is no longer afraid of the swamp of Yanhuang Mingyuan, its individuals are all over the entire lower ruins, and the figures of the bloodlines of the Zhantian God Clan emperors cannot escape its supervision.


“After Xiaoba absorbed the ‘Buddha and Ghost King’, he felt more energetic… So, these bloodlines of the emperors should be more effective.”


Because of the pressure from the bloodlines of these emperors, Li Tianming had to change positions constantly, otherwise, the opponent would come straight to him through the Tiandao Arena.


The time difference between them communicating from the outside to the inside is the only advantage Li Tianming can take advantage of.


“Yinchen said that these Zhantian Gods who came in have the same thousand-meter Zhoushen as Mu Shanxi…”


This bloodline of the pinnacle of the orderly universe, even if Li Tianming becomes the **** of the universe, it is impossible to match it in a short time.


So, he is still calm.


Before sprinting to the realm of Zhoushen, Li Tianming asked Weisheng Moran and Zizhen to go to Xiaoshouqiu as soon as possible. They are also the targets of the eight gods.


They have already tested that the special space in the Yin-Yang Mirror of the Emperor of Heaven can allow living things to enter. went in.


“Be quick.” Li Tianming told them.


“Got it.”


Li Tianming was relieved to have Yinchen check and monitor the enemy’s position for them. If he couldn’t make it in time, he could only let some of the small beast **** slip away first.


And Li Tianming arrived at the middle and lower part of the Miracle Mountain, and stopped directly in a wilderness.


“Absorb these Zhou Shen Jiehai first.”


His consciousness is related to the order of fate. Now the order of the emperor has reached the limit of breakthrough, and the order of fate is still far behind. , will be able to drive the growth of the Order of Life Tribulation, and cross this most critical step!


Tai Xingyun and more than 3,000 meteorite gods, add up to about 3,000 Zhoushen Jiehai.


“These unworthy descendants, in order to break through their own simulacra, did not hesitate to take Anxi’s ancestors around, it is absolutely incredible…”


Li Tianming has long been familiar with the immoral behavior of the Babu gods.


Anyway, it benefits myself!


Forcibly absorbing Zhoushen Jiehai, he needs to use the methods of the Thieves Clan. He is supervised by the Heavenly Dao Arena, which is inherently dangerous. Fortunately, he is wearing a Bauhinia mask. The dark arm was tightly blocked, and outsiders passing through the Tiandao Arena could only see this cloud of purple mist lying on their ancestor’s Eternal God Tribulation Wheel, and it didn’t take long for the Eternal God Tribulation Sea to be swallowed up .


One after another!


In a very short period of time, more than three thousand Eternal Gods Tribulation Seas were all gathered in the Sword of the Ten Directions Era, causing its level of simulacra to break through again and again.


Although the speed of this breakthrough is getting slower and slower, overall, the final harvest is in line with Li Tianming’s expectations.


“My ten-direction era sword has finally reached the sixty-fold simulacra!”


You know, his consciousness has always been slightly inferior to the companion beasts.


Now that the 60-fold simulacrum is formed, its power must exceed the 70-80 simulacrum of the eight gods.


“In this way, the lethality of my knowledge of the gods has been supplemented, and the integration of Bai Ling’s earth soul, in terms of finishing ability, I have no solution!”


In addition to the transformation of the Eastern Emperor Sword, it is absolutely perfect!


Li Tianming immediately tried to induce Zhishen to enter the sixty-fold simulative transformation.


“Ten Direction Devouring Sword Dragon?”


I saw that the ten swords of the era that pierced the sky and the earth were no longer the “Aurora” sword girls of the era.


For example, the East God Taihao Sword, transformed into a crimson burning flame dragon, the dragon scales and sword lights on its body surged,


For example, Taixu Zhou Wangjian is an illusory stegosaurus, flowing through the long river of time, treacherous and dreamy.


For example, the Tianyi Emperor Sword is like a Tianyi interface, seemingly flat, but in fact it is endless and has the power of the sky.


Boom boom boom!


The ten-direction sky-devouring sword dragon, entwined on the Donghuang sword, competed with the chaotic sword girl, causing the destructive power of this sword to soar again.


“In terms of knowledge of God, it is no longer inferior to any meteor gods.”


Originally, the power of consciousness only accounted for 20% of Li Tianming’s output, but now it looks at least 30%.


This is already the highest combat power composition under the seven companion beasts, and it is much stronger than the former Great Xia Chinese Character Phantom God. This Great Xia Chinese Character Phantom God almost eliminated Li Tianming.


“The growth of the life-robbing order is almost the same!”


His companion beasts have already become gods of the universe, and they should not be involved in Li Tianming’s step for the time being, so Li Tianming is running around like a meow on his back, and his position is not fixed. It was not so easy to catch him.


While running, he closed his eyes, and the last two orders in his body entered the final state of transformation.


In the heart of the brain, in the transformation of the order of fate, a white continent gradually shines.


“Star-level order?”


Just when Li Tianming thought it would become a fateful star, he never expected that it would condense into a white vortex, a bit like a star cave world to explore… and also like the sun of the sun. Shangbaidong phantom god.


“Isn’t it a star or a sea of ​​stars?”


Strange events that do not conform to common sense happened to Li Tianming again.


However, he discovered that although the Fate Tribulation Order has become a white star hole, its stability is not bad at all, and its control over power is extremely strong. At the same time, its volume is even larger, with a kind of The endless feeling.


“This vortex is not devouring, but the power of control is constantly pouring out, making it easier for me to control power.”


Li Tianming felt that this was a surprise.


The order of fate is a very critical transformation. When the order of life in the brain was transformed before, Li Tianming did not have the feeling of enlightenment and increased understanding like this moment.


“The last is the order of the emperor!”


His attention was focused on the incomplete seventh At this moment, Li Tianming was not at all embarrassed, because he knew in his heart that shattering means rebirth and rebirth.


That will naturally be stronger!


“Passing this most critical step, my road to emperor should be qualified to sweep the Star Market!”


The stronger the emperor’s order, the stronger the connection between Li Tianming and all living beings.


He has witnessed the changes in the Emperor’s order.


It gradually evolved from the golden black continent, just like the birth of the world, the continent died and turned into chaos.




With a loud bang, a golden and black star was born!


This is the most shining order of the stars in Li Tianming’s body. It is the emperor of order. His eukaryotic.


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