Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3555: About the mask



Steal her Sui God blood, forget it.



She also took over her beloved aunt.



Thinking of this, Li Tianming’s head was extremely painful.



He had a hunch that this was going to be the case, even if it was going to be a mess.



“He’s meow, Xiaozhao is still my brother, I became his brother-in-law, and now I’m an uncle again, I hope he won’t come and chop me!”



Li Tianming’s mind was a mess.



“Steady, think about it again, after all, in Wandao Valley, people are still picking people, and it will take time to restart the Wandao Tianxing array…”



Li Tianming believes in the speed of the acacia ball!



“No! Are you an actress? Could it be that you have, you can’t, tell someone a new, secret?” Yin Chen surrounded Li Tianming with several bugs, his eyes widening.



“Shut up.”



Li Tianming glared at it.





An hour later.



Everyone settled down on the Great Ruins of Ten Thousand Paths.



In the future, this is destined to be a long and boring day. Sui Shenyao and the others left in a hurry, they didn’t bring anything, they could only sigh.



Good thing!



The most important people are all around.



Moreover, Sui Shen Xiyue told them that they could go to various realms, wander the starry sky, and see the customs and customs of various places, which is equivalent to traveling and practicing cultivation at the same time.



Although there are fewer people, the days are more meaningful.



“I will work hard to cultivate, and one day I will catch up with my aunt and my mother, and I will become the Great Perfection Realm.” Sui Shenyao felt the recent events in Wandaogu, which stimulated her strong desire to practice. strong fighting spirit.



“Very good.”



The children’s mentality changed, and they didn’t regret leaving the Sui Shen clan or their father. Sui Shen Xiyue breathed a sigh of relief.



“We didn’t want to leave the Sui Shen Clan, we left for a short time, just to better change our clan after returning.” Sui Shen Xiyue told them.



The Sui God clan is split, and they have left their hometowns, and they also need to adjust their mentality.



Especially Jiguang and Xiyue, they must be cast aside by the three Daoyu clan now. If they don’t win in the end, the three Daoyu clan will definitely smear them in history, describing them as collaborating with the enemy, betraying the country, and flattering others.



As a woman, everything you do requires more courage.



When I really got to this point, my mood is naturally complicated.



After comforting her children, Sui Shen Xiyue looked back and saw that Jiguang was still looking back at Wandao Valley, and Qiong Yan stood silently.



She pursed her lips, came up side by side, and watched the place where the ten thousand paths converged with her, getting further and further away from them.



“From this angle, Wandao Valley looks more like an abyss.” Sui Shen Xiyue murmured.



Not a beacon of orderly star creatures.



It is the place where the abyss devours!



“Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Xiyue turned her head to the side, her crimson eyes staring at the aurora around her.



“No more.” Jiguang shook his head with a wry smile. “It’s nothing to be hypocritical. I just thought that I sacrificed so many people today. In the future, I must succeed and give them an explanation.”



“Yes.” Xiyue nodded deeply, “With you and destiny, there will be good results.”



She leaned a few steps to the side, hugged Jiguang’s slender waist, leaned on her shoulder slightly to one side of Jiguang, and looked at Wandaogu quietly.



For a long time, I stopped talking.



“Are you sure that you will realize the road to super-consummation?” Taking advantage of the opportunity, Sui Shen Xiyue bit her red lips slightly and decided to ask.


“It’s still very difficult. I feel that the front of my eyes is completely empty. Super perfection is to rebuild the entire Jingjing and re-plan the twelve Jingjing towers. Now I always feel very close, but there is no clue.” Jiguang frowned slightly. eyebrow.



“It will take at least twenty years for Qi Tianxiao to recover. Although he has lost the Ten Origin Beast, if he is in his prime, it will be harder to kill than the ordinary Great Perfection Realm! If you are in these twenty years, you can When we arrive at Super Consummation first, and we have the power to crush them, we can go back to Wandao Valley ahead of time and fight them to the death.” Sui Shen Xiyue said with high expectations.



“Really? That’s just the level of peak combat power. We only have a few Great Perfections…” Ji Guang shook his head gently.



“No.” Sui Shen Xiyue shook her head and said, “Don’t look at the Daoyu three families, it seems that there are many people, and the Wandao Valley is under their control, in fact, it is because they have the advantage. If we have the advantage, first, Sui God There will be more people in the clan who can support you, and they will choose to stand by your side. Second, after going through the events of the Fenglin family today, the three family members of the Daoyu family have dug their own graves. The number, combined, far exceeds the three Daoyu families… They are only one call away.”



After the Fenglin family incident, the eyes of the Wandaogu cultivators finally changed completely.



They didn’t say anything, but in their hearts, they were already looking forward to the day when Li Tianming returned.



“The real realm of Mandate of Heaven is only in the Three-way Realm. I don’t know him very well. You said that the realm in front of his realm is soaring because of the Fountain of Ten Thousand Paths, the Evil Fire of Yin and Yang, and the Ruins of Order?” Suishen Xiyue stared at him. following her.



“It’s mainly the Ruins of Order, which is the foundation of ascension. The functions of the Source of Ten Thousand Paths and the evil fire of yin and yang are mainly to help him eliminate side effects. However, the Ruins of Order are up to level nine. Yes.” Ji Guang said softly.



“Then why did he overtake Yaoyao in just a few years and reach the Three-Party Realm?” Sui Shen Xiyue looked at Aurora with a strange expression, a little bit like a smile, not a smile.



“This…” Ji Guang was stunned for a moment, his eyes dodged, “I don’t know, maybe you should ask him.”



“Really?” Sui Shen Xiyue pursed her lips, suddenly sighed, and said, “Aurora, you know that you and him are everyone’s hope. Next, your strength will grow very much. It’s important. Time is life… If you can complete the great cause before the recovery of the owner of the valley, it will really be a lot easier.”



“I know… so I will do my best to comprehend the Great Perfection Destiny, doesn’t he now have the Heavenly Soul of the Great Ruins of Ten Thousand Paths, and the old Valley Master to guide him?” Ji Guang lowered his head and said slightly nervously.



“Then what if I said, I know a very likely way to make both of you make rapid progress and strengthen our faction’s combat power as soon as possible?” Sui Shen Xiyue pinched her waist, and then He breathed in her ear like Landau.



“Hmm…” Jiguang snorted softly, then raised his head, his eyes trembled slightly, and said, “Sister Xiyue, it should be…not…probably…there will be such a way…”



“Why is it impossible?” Sui Shen Xiyue suddenly grabbed her arms, stared into her eyes earnestly, and squeezed out the gaps between her teeth: “The specific method, you know better than me, then It’s time for you to take the initiative…”






Jiguang’s face turned red with a single brush, just like a ripe peach, his eyes were full of shyness, he hesitated and said, “Sister Xiyue, you, you already know?”



“Isn’t it nonsense? With such a big movement, who can fall asleep…” Sui Shen Xiyue snorted and smiled charmingly.



“But, mask, mask…” Aurora blushed, bowed his head, and wanted to find a crack in the ground to get in.



“Yeah, the mask. You are really interesting. People have thrown away the mask a few times, and you still have to wear it for others in a hurry.” Sui Shen Xiyue teased, “What? Without the psychological burden, can you be more wild?”





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