Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1: Spirit of the Holy Beast



It is said that every day when the heavens are lost and the cycle of reincarnation comes to an end, ten ‘prime ancient chaos giants’ will be born in the endless realm.


They have huge bodies that are comparable to the fairyland. Wherever they go, the sky is broken, the time and space are reversed, the stars are dying, and all beings are killed.


Once the old world is destroyed, they will disappear, after which the world is reborn, order is restored, life is revived, and a new world is born.




In the middle of the night, a heavy rain fell in the sky, and the dense dark clouds piled up like hundreds of millions of evil spirits, looking fiercely at this dark world.


Countless dazzling thunder snakes swam between the clouds, bursting out with deafening thunderous sounds, making the world tremble.


“Destiny, save me!”


Li Tianming had a splitting headache, and he opened his eyes with difficulty under the torrential rain.


In front of him, there was a Peng bird with two pairs of golden wings lying on his back. At this time, the original steed Peng bird was full of scars, and his body was bleeding like a stream. Together with the heavy rain, it stained a large area of ​​land.


“Golden Feather!” Li Tianming’s heart felt as if his heart was torn apart when he saw this scene! Because this is his companion beast, the Four-Winged Golden-Winged Dapeng Bird, the life-and-death brother who has fought side by side for 16 years!




There was a thunderstorm, and the lightning pierced the sky. At the moment when the light shone, a purple three-eyed eagle descended from the sky!


The three-eyed eagle is surrounded by dense electric snakes. It screams fiercely, and its sharp claws press down on the ‘Golden Feather’, then open the bird’s beak and take a piece of the golden feather on the ‘Golden Feather’ body. The piece is pulled out.


Every feather plucked is a blood hole!


Jin Yu’s scream sounded like a barb pierced into Li Tianming’s chest, causing him to even breathe!


“Li Tianming, you actually intended to use drugs to violate ‘Mu Qingqing’. Given your behavior as a beast, I, as the ‘Tianfu disciple’ of Yanhuang Academy, must punish you!”


There is a young man sitting on the three-eyed eagle. There is a thunder pool between the young man’s eyes. Between the lightning and thunder, he rides the three-eyed eagle like a son of thunder.


“For the sake of your usual good behavior, I will leave you a way out and sentence your companion beast ‘The Four-Winged Golden-Winged Dapeng Bird’ to death!” The boy declared in a deep voice.


He wants to execute ‘Jin Yu’ Ling Chi!


“Brother Ting, the ‘Sacred Beast Battle Spirit’ is yours. Li Tianming, a scumbag, doesn’t deserve such a divine artifact.”


A stunning young girl is snuggled beside the teenager. In the raging rain, she is soaked all over, and she has a very graceful figure nestled in the arms of the teenager.


She is Mu Qingqing, and Li Tianming knew her when she turned to ashes!


Brother Ting in her mouth is the thunderous teenager Lin Xiaoting sitting on the three-eyed eagle!


Li Tianming finally remembered——


The purpose of their killing ‘Golden Feather’ is to **** the ‘Sacred Beast Battle Spirit’!


In this country, everyone knows how precious the holy beast spirit is. The powerhouse that surpasses all living beings!


The Holy Beast Battle Spirit obtained by Li Tianming has been refined into his own feathers by ‘Golden Feather’.


The anger in his chest was like a volcano, and it erupted at this moment, and the smoke cloud rolled!


I just don’t know why, Li Tianming couldn’t move, he could only watch the feathers on Jin Yu’s body, being pulled out one by one by the lightning condor, watching it dripping with blood, facing the Screaming and screaming.


The desire and pain in its eyes made Li Tianming’s heart tear.


Is there anything in the world that is more uncomfortable than being slaughtered in front of your own brother and being powerless?


“Lin Xiaoting, Mu Qingqing! As long as I don’t die, Li Tianming will send you to hell!” Li Tianming would never forget these two names, he struggled hard, trying to tear their faces apart. !


It’s just strange that they were getting further and further away from themselves, and then they were swallowed by thick fog and lightning, and everything in front of them disappeared.


Li Tianming stood in the dark world, looking around at a loss.


Where is Mu Qingqing?


Lin Xiaoting!


Where did they go?






Suddenly there was a door opening.


“Ming’er, you have a nightmare again.” A voice full of tender pity came from the trance.


Li Tianming had a splitting headache, he struggled to sit up with the support of a pair of thin arms, and finally opened his eyes. In front of him was a dim bedroom, and the flickering candles in the corner stretched the shadows of the tables and chairs very long.


“It turned out that everything just now was a nightmare, no wonder I couldn’t move.”


However, this is not a dream, because everything in the dream actually happened!


All the scenes, every word they say, are exactly the same as they were then!


He, Li Tianming, was once a genius in the remote city of Suzaku Kingdom ‘Lihuocheng’, the son of Lihuocheng’s lord!


Three years ago, Li Tianming was recognized by the Suzaku Kingdom’s most sacred place “Yanhuang Academy” in Lihuo City, carrying the hopes of people in Lihuo City to practice in Yanhuang Academy.


On the way to the Yanhuang Academy, he and the genius ‘Mu Qingqing’ who also came from the remote city ‘Divine Wind City’ got to know and accompany each other. Once a hero saves the beauty, they fall in love. After that, they help each other grow together and get along with each other. year time.


In the past year, Mu Qingqing did not disclose their love for the reason that “cultivation is important”.


Li Tianming once thought that she was his real daughter, and he was willing to protect this woman in this life.


But he never imagined that he didn’t know her at all, and he was completely defenseless against her ambitions!


In that year, Li Tianming obtained a sensational ‘Sacred Beast Battle Spirit’ in the secret realm ‘Shenyuan Battlefield’ of the Yanhuang Academy. It was an ancient feather with patterns of ancient times. He knew this thing How precious it is, so it is strictly kept secret, and first let his companion beast ‘Golden Feather’ refine it into feathers.


From the beginning to the end, he only told Mu Qingqing!


But he never imagined that the person he trusted most would tell Lin Xiaoting from the “Tianfu” of the Yanhuang Academy of the news of the Holy Beast Battle Spirit!


She was transformed, kicked Li Tianming and became Lin Xiaoting’s girlfriend.


The ‘Tianfu’ of the Yanhuang Academy is the highest secret place of the Academy. It is a place where the most dazzling geniuses in the whole country can enter, and each of them is a legendary existence.


The forces behind them are basically the wealthy and powerful families in the whole country. The princes and nobles, such as this Lin Xiaoting, are the most dazzling talented young man in the overlord of the “Lei Zun Mansion”.


Such a background is beyond Li Tianming’s reach.


That night was the first anniversary of their relationship. Li Tianming carefully prepared a gift and sent it to her. She was very happy. Just after a few movements, Lin Xiaoting appeared.


What happened later was exactly the same as in the dream. They brutally killed Jin Yu and took away the holy beast war spirit that was comparable to the wealth of half a country.


The only difference is that at that time, he and Jin Yu went through a deadly battle side by side, but in the end they lost to the super genius Lin Xiaoting from the “Tianfu” of Yanhuang Academy.


It was rumored that Li Tianming couldn’t pursue Mu Qingqing and wanted to do something like a beast, but Mu Qingqing’s boyfriend Lin Xiaoting bumped into it on the spot, abolishing Li Tianming’s companion beast!


From then on, Li Tianming not only lost his companion beast, but also became notorious and became the laughing stock of Yanhuang Academy, and finally left Yanhuang Academy reluctantly.


After that, with the help of Lin Xiaoting, Mu Qingqing entered Yanhuang Academy’s ‘Tianfu’ to practice cultivation, and her cultivation reached a thousand miles.


The two are immortals and lovers. It is a good story, and Li Tianming, who was once laughable and generous, was reduced to dust after losing his companion beast. Except for jokes, he didn’t pay any attention!


Who knew that he and Mu Qingqing had been in a relationship for a year?


Three years have passed since returning to Lihuo City.


In the past three years, the walking dead was like an ant. If it wasn’t for the belief in revenge, if it wasn’t for the responsibility to take care of his mother, he would have died somewhere in a corner.


In the past three years, on rainy nights, he almost dreamed of everything that happened that night, the disgust and disgust in their eyes, and the ‘Golden Feather’ being plucked out one by one, like Ling Chi.


Waking up at this moment, everything that happened that year is still replayed in my mind, and Li Tianming remembers every expression of them clearly.


The boy’s eyes were as red as blood in this dark night.


Three years later, this dream made me remember everything so clearly.


Drinking ice for the past three years has never cooled the fire of hatred!


“Ming’er, don’t be afraid, sleep in peace, my mother is here.” When he was most angry, the gentle woman next to him gently touched his forehead, making him gradually calm down.


Under the candlelight, his mother ‘Wei Jing’ looked thinner and thinner. She looked a little old, but even so, the eyes that looked at her son were still full of loving motherly love.


“Sorry, I’ve alarmed you, mother.” Li Tianming took a deep breath and was relieved from his deep bones. He understood that taking care of the woman who gave him his life in front of him was the most realistic thing he would do in the future. matter.


“It’s alright.” Wei Jing stood up tremblingly and said, “I just saw that you were not sleeping well, I was afraid it would be hard to sleep in the rainy night, so I boiled ‘Qinglingcao’ into a soup, and I will give it to you. You bring it.”


“Clear spirit grass is your medicine, why are you confused again, how long can you live without that clear spirit grass?” Li Tianming was anxious, and quickly stood up and supported her.


Looking at her haggard face, Li Tianming felt bitter in her heart. The doctor had already said that with her current situation, she couldn’t last for long, but even so, she got up in the middle of the night to make medicine for herself.


“Ming’er, my mother has lived enough in this life. These good things should be given to you young people. It would be a waste for me to use them.” After all this effort, she still spoke to herself with a smile on her face.


“Nonsense, hurry up and drink it.” Li Tianming is used to it. If she is not serious, she will not take her medicine on time.


“Okay, I’ll just drink. As long as my son is happy, I can drink as much as I want. When my mother was young, she drank a lot.” She blinked, like a quirky child.


Li Tianming stared at her and finished drinking the Qinglingcao decoction. This decoction could prolong her life, but after drinking this month’s amount, he had no clue where to find Qinglingcao next month.


She has sacrificed too much for herself in this life.


He De He Neng, to have such relatives.


I once wanted to rise to prominence and give her a better life, but I didn’t expect that I would become a **** and live with her here.


“Ming’er, you have to remember that fate does sometimes make good people suffer some hardships, but all the hardships are experiences, and they are all for the purpose of building a stronger you, so you will have more in the future. A good life, don’t give up, you must work hard.” After drinking the medicine, she told Li Tianming in a passionate voice.


“Understood, you go to bed.” Li Tianming helped her back to the room, and it was like lying to a It took half an hour to fall asleep.


It is late at night.


Li Tianming looked at his mother’s Sisi Bai with a fascination.




A mysterious space within his body suddenly heard movement.


This space is called the “Associated Space”. On the Yanhuang Continent, when everyone is born, a “Associated Space” will be born in their body.


Seven days after people are born, a companion beast will hatch in the companion space. Almost everyone on the Yanhuang Continent has their own companion beast.


Associated beasts are mysterious and colorful, with a wide variety of types, and they are strong enough to fly and escape. The ancient ancestors created a ‘symbiotic cultivation system’, established a cultivation channel for people and accompanying beasts, and gave birth to the beastmaster.


The beastmaster and the companion beast work together in symbiosis and practice. The two share their blood and wisdom and fight side by side, forming a powerful fighting combination of one person and one beast.


Li Tianming used to be a beastmaster, and ‘Golden Feather’ was his companion beast.


After Jin Yu’s death, his companion space has been silent for three years.


Until today, there is finally movement in the companion space!


Li Tianming looked surprised.


His companion space has always had a big, unknown secret!


That is, in addition to the ‘Golden Feather’ that hatched with his birth, there are actually ten other mysterious eggs in his companion space!


The ten eggs did not surface until after the golden feather hatched, and they felt completely different from the golden feather.


They haven’t made any noise for more than ten years. In theory, they should be Li Tianming’s companion beasts, but this situation has never happened in the history of the entire continent.


And today, he has a strong premonition——


The ten most mysterious eggs are finally hatching now!


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