Ask the Mirror: Postscript to Dream (Happy Birthday to Senior Sister Meng)

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In the realm of three radiances, three bright moons are connected like a short chain, shining in all directions.

There is a gray area below. At this time, purple and red light is flashing. More than ten thousand people are swarming like ants, moving chariots and forming military formations. The sound of killing shakes the sky.

About a hundred miles away from the gray area, a solitary peak stands.

The four-foot long sword is inserted straight on the top of the peak, facing the moon in the sky, extending out dark lines of different lengths, slowly flowing with time.

The Mangcang King is wearing heavy armor, with a blood-red cloak fluttering in the wind. His huge body, which is more than ten feet tall, is another sharp sword, standing still on the cliff.

The military princes behind him were worshiping the protector gods and were kneeling on the ground. More than ten people made no sound, but quietly moved their gazes to the interlaced shadows.

In the night, the shadows were blurred, and the chaotic lines seemed to have solidified, but in their eyes, it was like two heavy wheels rumbling over, which could crush them to pieces at any time. .

The wheel of time passed by so fast and slowly, when it moved to the next grid.

When the purple light flashed in the sky, the Guards War Officer riding the Sky Purple Condor flew through the air and shouted from a distance: “Longxiang Guards Central Army Breaking into the void corridor…”Everyone on the solitary cliff had a rising breath, and most of them looked happy. Only the blood-red pupils of the Mang Cang King stared coldly at the war supervisor until he came down. The words came out: “Uncle Gao Feng died in battle, General Zimang was seriously injured, and Yan Bingfeng was unable to succeed, please make a decision, your Majesty.

“The cold moonlight was like a knife wheel, cutting off all the floating thoughts, and deathly silence enveloped the lonely cliff.

The Mang Cang King’s blood-stained eyes drowsied slightly. After a moment, he reached out and grasped the hilt of the sword.

Everyone in the rear was shocked when they saw this, and they all shouted out advice: “Your Majesty, you must not do it.

“”Your Majesty, the Void Tunnel is extremely fragile, and it has reached its limit to accommodate the military front battle formation and two masters of robbery…””Your Majesty, if If you take action personally, the corridor will be broken. Within ten years, you will never be able to take a step into the real world again.

“”Yes, Your Majesty, our army’s rear strength is still long, not to mention the advance of the forward, but the magician will step up his efforts to consolidate the tunnel regardless of the cost. As long as it is raised to another level, it will be Great things can happen.

“”I am willing to personally supervise the battle. No matter the cost, I must kill the female cultivator.

“While the crowd was raging and expressing his loyalty, King Mangcang smiled coldly, and all the noise behind him disappeared, leaving him alone, speaking slowly:”According to the calculation of the true world, it is now ten hours later, and a million-strong army can only advance twenty miles before the Void Tunnel.

“The generals who led the army were killed and wounded more than thirty people, and the rest are uncountable.

“There is also a real female cultivator opposite.

Hey, hey! “It was still a cold sneer at first, but later it was full of laughter, but the laughter was so cold and cold that it froze all directions.

Amidst the laughter, someone finally relied on his identity and argued: “It’s not that the king misjudged it, it’s actually this person who is cunning and deliberately destroying the void corridor… …” Before he finished speaking, the blood-red cloak swept across the man’s neck, and his head rolled down, his energy and blood soaring into the sky, and he lay dead on the spot.

Everyone on the solitary cliff knelt on the ground and remained silent.

The laughter of King Mangcang stopped, and his tone did not change: “Now the princes and princes from all over the world are attacking the true world. I will lead this partial army and move the five realms. , to open up the void tunnel here, I want to enter the real world and gain a merit.

However, the opportunity to fight has been lost, and he is destined to be a laughing stock…”At this time, no one dared to speak again, forcing themselves to comfort, but King Mangcang’s tone softened: br>”Even if we fail to attack the real world and make future generations laugh, it is still a pleasure to meet the talents of the real world and kill them.

Everyone, please follow me, and I will give this hero a ride.

”All the generals worshiped and obeyed their orders with dignity.

The Mangcang King smiled happily again, and pulled out the four-foot long sword. It shook in the air, and the sharp blade that had been with him for thousands of years shattered into powder.

What was shattered at the same time was the vaguely visible gray area under the three bright moons adorned with short chains, and the crumbling void corridor in the middle.

More than half of the more than ten thousand Dragon Guards were killed or injured in an instant, and thousands of people fell from the sky screaming.

The Mang Cang King even spared a glance, just staring at the blood-stained female crown that still stood in the void after the clouds and smoke barriers dissipated.

Under the light of three bright moons, there are no traces of the previous fierce battle in the void corridor. At the same time, there is also the theoretical only path to the true world that has been erased.

The Mangcang King stared with blood eyes, and saw that although the female crown was cut off, her face was plain, she was holding a long sword, and there was another sword surrounding her body like a fish. The sword was not sharp. , but it is gurgling, mooring and endless, and there is unfathomable tenacity in this contradictory nature.

“Although internal laws are established, external laws coexist, it is really just the realm of real people.

” King Mang Cang opened his palms, without the protection of the void corridor. He, a strong man who “contains his own domain”, can kill real people with just a flip of his palms.

His original idea was just to clasp his five fingers together, crush the muscles and meridians of the woman’s body, weaken her will, destroy her pride, and then concoct it again.

But when he was about to grasp it, he discovered that the whole body of the female crown is integrated inside and outside. The intention is its tendons, the will is its bones, the qi and blood are in harmony, and the divine will is the law.

He may be able to beat him to pieces with absolute force, but it is impossible to capture him.

“Is this true for a real person?”The blood-stained eyes of King Mang Cang cut across Nu Guan’s shoulder, looking into the void that had no trace left, he really didn’t know In that world, there are still many talented people who are as good as women.

He slowly flexed his fingers, and brought his five fingers together in sequence in the palm of his hand. The void shook, and the moon in the sky was blurred.

The sword light swimming outside the female crown immediately let out a cry, and the swimming range was reduced by 80%. However, its trajectory still turned into a smooth spiral tangent, and finally returned to Set as a perfect circle.

The Mangcang King looked up to the sky and smiled: “That female crown, please report the name of the sect, and I will use this lonely peak to build a monument for you as a tomb to remember for future generations.

”Nv Guan’s eyes were as calm as water, she said nothing, and she stood up with a long sword in her hand, as if asking questions.

The figure actually stood motionless in the turbid current of void that had twisted and collapsed.

The ring finger of the Mang Cang King was raised, and blood splattered all over the female crown, like smoke and mist under the moonlight.

But she is still standing in the void, with the sword in her heart, neither advancing nor retreating! On the lonely peak, the colors of the generals’ offerings changed slightly.

The Mang Cang King suppressed her with his strength, lured her with his reputation, and frightened her with his strength, but he could not shake even the slightest bit of this woman’s mind.

No kneeling, no arrogance, not even seeking cathartic heroics, just plain and simple, making the most reasonable and appropriate choice.

This kind of tenacity in ordinary life, the indifference of life and death, fame and fortune, how many have been seen in Zhaoxuan Holy World in the past million years? The blood-stained eyes of King Mang Cang were focused, and a truly joyful smile escaped from the corners of his lips: “Behead this talented person, and you will gain something from this defeat.

“The middle finger, index finger and thumb were closed at the same time, and the void in the Three Glory Realm groaned miserably. The distance between the three moon discs was abnormally shortened. The void collapsed violently, and debris flew up like a sky. Hurricane, and the center of the collapse is the female crown.

In the irresistible force of void collapse, the magic sword outside her body collapsed, and the sharp sword in her hand was shattered. The female crown knew that her limit had been reached, she raised her head slightly, staring at the hazy moonlight, with inexplicable emotions. Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on his face that had always been as plain as water.

… I am saddened by the vastness of the relationship for thousands of years, shaking hands for no reason, and speaking cheerfully.

When these words flowed from my heart, the turbid moonlight filled the sky, but it was inexplicably clear and quiet, and the light was clear and transparent, like a hanging gauze curtain, and like the sea water passing by, the sparkling light spread out and cracked. The void actually calmed down, with only slight waves. It was exactly the color of the sky and the sea. The waves were calm and the wind was steady. How could there be a hurricane? The **** eyes of the Mang Cang King are dramatic.

At this moment, the wind and waves around the female crown were calm, but the hurricane, which could sweep away the universe and crack the void, moved out of thin air under the moonlight. The solitary peaks under their feet collapsed layer by layer, and all the generals The offerings were thrown around and made a mess.

The Mang Cang King remained motionless, staring at the clear moonlight.

In the clear brilliance, a group of shadows was rapidly blurring out. After a moment, there was a corner of the majestic city and the majestic fairy mountain, breaking through the void, powerful Break into this world of three radiances.

The void is torn, thousands of miles are turbulent, and the millions of troops gathered nearby, even though they are protected by military formations, are still suffering from casualties, and it is difficult to regroup.

As for the female crown, it was a little ahead and disappeared into the moonlight.

King Mangcang was slightly in a trance:This is the Taixiao Divine Courtyard, and Yu Zu is here in person.

Failed, completely defeated… But he still doesn’t know the title of the woman.

Once this idea sprouted, he could not stop it. He laughed hoarsely and shouted at the giant city that was crashing into it: “This battle in Mang Cang , defeated by whose hand?”There was laughter in the city, but a man responded on his behalf:”The sword is flawless, the dream is small, the king of Mang Cang wants to Remember! ” Zhenjie, Lichen Sect, Mengwei.

In the battle of Sanhui, King Zhaoxuan Mangcang secretly formed an internal alliance and commanded millions of troops to break through the boundary.

Li Chenmengwei happened to meet at the right time. With only his sword, he resisted the enemy in the void corridor. He killed two of the Zhenzhen army and robbed one of the French army. The Mangcang army was unable to advance in half a day, with more than 10,000 casualties and lost all fighting opportunities.

Yu Zu praised his “flawless sword”, and Prince Mangcang personally made a portrait to commemorate him.

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