Ask the Mirror Chapter 99: The mountain within the mountain and the sky beyond the sky (middle)

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“Jiuyan and the others haven’t arrived yet?”

“It’s still a little short of the agreed time.”

“The problem is that asking everyone to wait for them now means they left Fangshi two days ago?”

In the second half of the sentence, the voice of the Ghost Sword suddenly dropped, but no one responded to him. He also shut up, and with a sullen face, he walked back and forth for a few steps on the steps paved with bluestone, which was about a foot wide, and then turned back. Look.

At the end of the steps, the cornices of Donghua Palace are vaguely visible. From this angle, it always gives people the illusion that “the palace is stretching and majestic.”

A few months ago, maybe it was, but now, there are only ruins left there, and a corner cornice is already the tallest remaining building.

Ghost Sword doesn’t mind this, because this is his territory.

As one of the most diligent and diligent among the four generations of disciples of Lunjianxuan, he needs such a place to reflect his value. There is no room for error when entering the ruins of Donghua Palace this time.

Because of this, he is indeed a little anxious now.

Looking at the cornices again, the Ghost Sword turned away, closed his eyes, and used Lun Jianxuan’s unique method of “killing delusion” to cut off the distracting thoughts in his heart. When he opened his eyes again, the darkness in his pupils had been washed away. All fire and dryness.

Just as he was about to talk to Master Daohua on the side, there was a sudden commotion at the top of the steps. The two of them stopped what they were about to say, but what followed was a sneer and a sigh.

“Idiots are like weeds, popping up one after another.”

Despite the evaluation of the Ghost Sword, he had the status of a “master”, so he couldn’t just ignore it, so he slowly walked up the steps with his hands behind his back, and reached the top floor, the originally open square area.

The majestic and solemn square that originally stretched thousands of steps across the street was almost completely destroyed in the war. Not only the rubble was everywhere, but the twisted cracks on the square were like dozens of struggling pythons, flattening the original square. The ground is squeezed into high and low places, just like waves of frozen waves, but there is absolutely no wave in the world that can break like this.

Look down at any crack and you will see that the deep, dark gap that barely reflects light seems to be able to **** people’s souls in, and you will inexplicably break out in a cold sweat.

But the most impressive thing is the southwest corner of the square, which is far darker than other locations.

The area there occupies about one-fifth of the square. It feels like it is covered by a canopy, blocking the light from the sky and causing everything below to sink into shadow.

But the problem is that there is not even a shade of tree on and around the square that was swept away by the aftermath of the war. The sky is shining directly, so how can there be a reason for the formation of “shadows”?

At this time, a circle of people was surrounding the “shadow” cast by the scorching sun. Almost all the monks who participated in the exploration of the Donghua Palace ruins were there. There were already two people at the feet of the people. He fell to the ground, not knowing whether to live or die.

But almost no one paid attention to them. The vast majority of people still stared at this shadow. Their eyes were greedy and fearful, eager and jealous, so that their eyes wandered and they did not dare to stay in one position for too long. Long.

That’s it, there are still people with cold sweat flowing on their foreheads and backs, and their faces have turned sallow.

With a “por” sound, another person fell down and twitched on the ground.

“If this continues, there’s no need to go back to the palace, just bury it here to save trouble1

The Ghost Sword grunted, but then he slapped his hands hard. The palms of his hands clashed, and there was a sound of gold and iron, just like two swords striking each other’s ears: “Inside and outside the palace, the earth and immortals are fighting like this. There are at least a thousand traces, large and small. Look at your useless appearance now. If we go back to the place where Lu Chen died, will all of them have their heads exploded?”

He sounded fierce, yelled and threatened, and finally drove the monks away. At this moment, the three traumatized monks on the ground were treated by their companions, but they were no longer able to carry out strenuous activities, which was equivalent to this exploration. Bao ended before it officially started.

But that’s it, some people secretly lamented: “It’s worth it, it’s so worth it1

What is this? It’s the traces of the battle between the seven earth immortals! Even the broken fragments may contain wonderful knowledge that points directly to the ultimate avenue. If you don’t ask for anything else, as long as you can grasp even a tiny bit from it, it will be useful for a lifetime.

Those who can enter the Lunjianxuan Dharma Eye and stand out in the recent test to wipe out “Yu Moyun” are all outstanding people. They are not lacking in understanding and have corresponding knowledge.

They all know very well that even if there are treasures in the ruins of Donghua Palace, if one or two of them fall into their arms after all parties are fighting for them, it is great luck, and what follows next , it might be a fatal disaster.

In contrast, hundreds of traces of the war are here, and they will not disappear for a while. Rather than hoping for an illusory destiny, it is better to work **** this real thing.

In fact, they also know that understanding things from the traces of the Earth-Immortal War also requires opportunity and vision. But among the “outstanding people”, who doesn’t have some conceitedness?

Look twice, can the ghost sword bite them? This is much safer than fighting for treasures.

So even if the Ghost Sword tried to scare them, it didn’t really succeed in deterring them. Most people were still eager to give it a try. In addition to stealing glances at the square, they also made more preparations.

When Yu Ci and his party arrived, they saw exactly this scene.

When they arrived, the momentum was not small. In addition to Yu Ci, Gui Yan, Zhai Que’er and Long Shang who participated in Yu Mo Yun’s bottom exploration last time, Lu Ya was also in the team as a guide. Of course, At such a critical moment, the black robe will definitely not be left behind, and is now following behind quietly. The addition of this Tribulation Master immediately raised the level of the team, but it also brought more unpredictable prospects.

As soon as Yu Ci stepped onto the top step, his eyes scanned the entire square,

About fifty people gathered here, more than at Pingbei Peak. Some of the people inside were probably recruited by Lunjianxuan to “fill in the trenches” during this period of time.

As his eyes moved, he saw the figure of Duanmu Senqiu, who was grinning and saying hello to him; then, in the corner of the square, he saw Yechi again.

In Yu Ci’s opinion, this person seemed to have deliberately suppressed her sharpness, and few people noticed her. It was not until Yu Ci came over that she let go of her anger, and they felt each other, and then they just walked over.

But it was the Ghost Sword that came one step earlier.

From a distance, he said in a dissatisfied tone: “I’m just waiting for you.”


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