Ask the Mirror Chapter 94: Temporary small gathering of demons forward (Part 1) 11/325

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After comforting Shen Wan, Guiyan came out of the trading venue. In a few steps, he turned into nothingness and jumped into the air.

Due to the situation on Shen Wan’s side, he had to temporarily withdraw, and now the good show on the other side has begun.

Fortunately, the whole city is not that big, it can be reached almost in one jump.

Although he arrived quickly, he ended up there even faster. The shop where Xu Bo was now was in a mess, and Xu Bo’s room was completely disintegrated, with only four remaining walls and dust remaining. But there was no sound anymore.

Gui Yan glanced at him and saw the whole situation in his eyes.

Huo Lian sat down on the ground, and Xu Bo stood in front of him. Both of them were a little embarrassed. The latter was injured. Fortunately, his life was safe, but outside the house, there was a person lying on the ground like a dead dog. , the red-skinned gourd that Yu Ci had just handed over was lying beside this person, leaning to the side.

Gui Yanzao determined the identity of that person. It was the Black Sky cultist who stared at the original owner of the red gourd at the trade fair.

A little further away, there are two people who are also the real owners of today’s matter, facing each other in the distance, but their hostility is not obvious. Guiyan’s arrival was extremely secretive, but he was still discovered by these two people. He was not surprised and showed up openly:

“Zhenren Lei, Master Shenghui, what’s going on?”

The eyes of the two people facing each other fell on him together. Lei Tonghao had purple light flowing between his eyebrows, and his face was not very pretty: “I also want to ask you what’s going on1

As soon as he said this, he remembered something again, snorted coldly, and turned his attention back to the man lying dead in the yard.

Although he has not seen it in person, Gui Yan can definitely deduce everything that happened before.

Obviously, Xu Bo and Huo Lian returned to the shop with the red leather gourd in their hands, ready to study it in depth, but they didn’t know they were being watched. The Black Sky cultists suddenly started to **** it, and succeeded with one blow. Unfortunately, this person must not have stepped on it properly, and was beaten half to death by the two real people who came later.

I also know that Lei Tonghao must have installed a warning device on Huolian’s body, as for Shenghui Walker

As expected, if the members of the Krishna Sect can react, there is no reason for this authentic Buddhist disciple to ignore it.

The “Buddha fate” he mentioned before is most likely to be in this red-skinned gourd.

Yu Ci took out the gourd, which was actually to do another confirmation.

The arrival of Gui Yan actually broke the balance of power in the confrontation. While Lei Tonghao was speaking, Sheng Hui Xingzhe walked forward and picked up the red gourd.

Oddly enough, this action took at least two breaths. Lei Tonghao did lock his eyes on Shenghui, but he never made any move or objected.

It is as if what a practitioner of supreme wisdom does is the right thing to do.

The next moment, Lei Tonghao murmured: “Wu Zuo Jie Ti”

Guiyan didn’t understand what that meant, so Lei Tonghao raised his voice and said, “Wuna Xingzhe, what are you doing with that gourd?”

The Supreme Wisdom Practitioner responded with his most standard attitude: “I realize that there is a connection with Buddhahood in it.”

As he spoke, he opened the stopper of the gourd and poured out the poisonous sand inside. It fell to the ground with a rustling sound.

He has done this, and between his words and deeds, it is still impossible to stop him.

Now, Gui Yan could feel the weirdness inside more clearly. Combined with what Lei Tonghao said before, it is clear that something has been gained.

It seems that in every word and deed of a practitioner of supreme wisdom, he spontaneously spreads out a circle of invisible realms that affects the minds of others. His magic power directly points to the source of form and spirit, making it difficult for people to have any thoughts and anger. The most rare thing is that such a realm does not have any trace of deliberate opening. It just follows his words, deeds, gestures, and movements, opening up layer by layer, like a breeze blowing around the body, so naturally that even the pulling of the Qi machine becomes silent. Eliminated.

Is this the Wuzuo Precept Body?

In doubt, Sheng Huixing did not care about the dust on the ground, sat cross-legged, put the gourd aside casually, stretched out his hand to collect the poisonous sand, and at the same time muttered words between his lips and teeth, which was clearly a scripture.

At this moment, the poisonous sand grains on the ground glowed like a rosy glow,

Looking carefully, Guiyan saw that the rosy clouds looked gorgeous, but in fact they had distinct layers, ranging from dozens of layers to eight or nine layers. Each layer had strange Sanskrit characters as fine as dust. The ten are connected together and become a detailed picture, like a Buddha, a Bodhisattva, an Arhat, or a monk, whose separation and union are uncertain and lifelike.

“Is this the sacrificial art of Western Buddhist countries?”

Both Xu Bo and Huo Lian were injured, but when they saw this scene, they couldn’t pull their eyes out.

Gui Yanze wanted to know the reason behind this action even more, so he asked directly: “Master Shenghui, what are you doing?”

“I am analyzing the principle of the blessing of the mantra.” Shenghui Practitioner responded while spreading the poisonous sand, “The sand in the gourd is the blessing method of my Buddhist ‘Sacred Light of Reunion and Reunion’. If this is the case, then It doesn’t make me think of ‘Buddha connection’, so I have to analyze it again.”

Gui Ni was speechless and turned to look at Lei Tonghao. Seeing that this person was also quite interested, he did not show any impatience. He secretly said, “For every teacher, there is a disciple,” but he was not too worried.

With the intention of refining the Dharma Fire, no trace of the fragments of the Pratyekabuddha Dharma Realm is left at all. The most important thing is that even these blessing mantras are intact. Even if the Supreme Wisdom Practitioner is really the reincarnation of a Bodhisattva, as long as there is no precognition of the five A hundred years later, it would be impossible to dig out clues from it even if it was revealed that five hundred years of great supernatural powers were in store.

As expected, after spending less than half an hour, the Shenghui practitioner shook his head, gathered the poisonous sand again, put it into the gourd, and turned to face Guiyan:

“This matter is difficult to solve for the moment. I want to take this gourd back and study it carefully for a few days. Is it possible?”

Xu Bo and Huo Lian were both confused. They didn’t know why Shenghui Xinghe wanted to take the gourd and reported it to the gloomy-looking Taoist priest with loose hair. But at this time, no one explained to them.

Guiyan, on the other hand, followed the rules he had set earlier and said with a smile: “Master Jiuyan has already lent this gourd to Master Xu and Brother Huolian. Shenghui Walker must not make a mistake in the procedure.”

“It’s my fault.”

The practitioner of Shenghui immediately understood, turned and bowed to the two idiots who were still confused, and shouted the Buddha’s name: “Two laymen, Shenghui was rude earlier, please don’t be surprised.”

At this time, Xu and Huo finally understood and knew what Shenghui was going to say. Huo Lian immediately said: “This gourd cannot be borrowed. After half a month, we have to reply to Mr. Jiuyan. ”

He paused before the name “Jiu Yan” and finally remembered that person’s identity. He also knew that Jiu Yan and the two had used false identities before, but this would not affect his decision.

The same is true for Xu Bo, but after practicing in the world for many years, he is still more tactful than Huolian: “Thank you so much for helping me, but the gourd does not belong to us. Mr. Jiuyan only borrowed this thing temporarily. Come here, it’s really not good to lend it out again before completing the agreement. However, the method of interpreting the Buddhist mantra is beyond our ability. If you can help us.”

Gui Yan immediately looked at him with admiration.


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