Ask the Mirror Chapter 9: Mrs. Hua’s Head of Wuyu Courtyard (Part 1)

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Amidst the laughter, a man flew out of the fort. He was tall and sturdy, with his hair **** in a bun and a disheveled beard that had not been groomed for an unknown amount of time. His eyes were shining brightly, staring at Hui Feng without letting go.

This slovenly man is the second-in-command of Siding Hall, Vice President Zhang Miaolin. He has a rough temper and a violent temper. He can only calm down when practicing and deducing talismans. He can be regarded as a strange person.

The returning Taoist priest smiled bitterly: “The guests from Lunjianxuan and the Maritime Chamber of Commerce are all here. Junior Brother Miaolin, please come and meet them.”

“Lunjianxuan 1 Zhang Miaolin stared, “Where? Are you here to steal the treasure again? ”

“When did you grab Ai”

Beside the Taoist priest Hui Feng, Ling Jiao’s eyes widened, as if angry, but more like curiosity: “Is there a monk in Xuanzhong who wants to grab the Eight Powers of the Qing Dynasty to summon the dragon?”

“Are you from Lunjianxuan?”

Zhang Miaolin directly rolled up his sleeves, intending to have a big fight immediately. When the magic light in his hand shone, he finally saw Ling Jiao dancing in the air. He was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly said to Hui Feng: “Bring it on Lend me your treasure bag, this guy is awesome 1

The returning Taoist priest raised his hand to stop: “I invited Fairy Lingjiao back to help you Sidingtang overcome the difficulties. Junior brother, you also have some courtesy.”

“Difficulty, what difficulty?”

The Huifeng Taoist priest was about to speak, but he felt something and raised his head to look. Not only him, but countless people inside and outside Wubao looked up at this moment and saw the long flag fluttering in the sky.

After spreading for a while, the mighty power of Qijian Tianluo finally came to this remote place, pouring down the coldness and invisible sword pressure. At this time, only the cold rain of autumn and winter, the pattering of dampness and coldness to the bones, can’t hurt anyone, but who knows what will happen next?

Zhang Miaolin stared at the long banner and couldn’t open his eyes for a moment: “This is the first-class flag gate banner. Compared with the one I have, it is just a piece of shit.”

Before he could say anything more unconcealed, Huifeng Taoist hurriedly interrupted him, starting with Qijian Tianluo, briefly telling what happened the day before yesterday, and also mentioned the preparations for Lunjianxuan. Zhang Miaolin was rough-tempered, but not stupid. He understood immediately, and when he looked at Lingjiao again, he calmed down a little.

“That’s the demonic sound of the Six Desires. I did hear it, but isn’t it normal for me? Where did I become possessed?”

Lingjiao smiled and said: “Who said you are possessed by a demon? Listening to the demonic sounds of the Six Desires does not necessarily mean you will be infected by the demon, and being infected by the demon does not mean you are possessed by the demon. In fact, there are ways to get rid of the demon when you encounter it. , but once it becomes a demon, Qijian Tianluo can no longer be saved, so it is designed for this.”

This seemingly careless female cultivator actually speaks in a clear and logical manner, both soft and hard. Soon she patted the Taoist priest Huifeng on the back again: “Good-hearted Taoist priest, it’s right that I came to help, but I have to say it again. If there is a possessed person in this Siding Hall, I am not here to protect him. ”

Before the Taoist priest Hui Feng could answer, Zhang Miaolin had already shouted: “No one can tolerate the devil in Siding Hall! If he really fails to live up to his expectations, I will be the first to chop him down1

The Huifeng Taoist replied calmly: “Whether you are possessed by a demon or not has nothing to do with whether you are successful or not.”

The meaning of these words is profound, and everyone involved will feel it. Zhang Miaolin was slightly startled and stopped talking. The wind returned to the direction of the motorcade: “Mrs. Hua, things are unlucky right now and it is difficult to distract us from the reception. If Madam has something to discuss with the head of Wuyu Academy, can you allow me to tell you?”

In the car, Mrs. Hua said softly: “Excuse me, Taoist Priest, there is nothing important here. But after the incident of ghosts and demons, the survival of Yuankong City is uncertain. It is no longer a pure land. If Sidingyuan does not want to fall into In the midst of right and wrong, it is better to avoid it temporarily.”

The Taoist priest Hui Feng was slightly moved. Mrs. Hua clearly said that she could help.

When I first hear Mrs. Hua speak, I always think that she is a delicate person. Only those who know her status in the Maritime Chamber of Commerce can understand what an amazing business master this person is. With her help, the Maritime Chamber of Commerce has established itself as the most authoritative and high-end merchant in refining, appraising, and supplying magical instruments in the spiritual world. Coupled with its consistently superior maritime resource trading, it is unrivaled in the South China Sea and East China Sea regions. In business, even behemoths like Jianxuan and Rakshasa Sect have to give way.

In recent years, its influence has expanded to the southern land. If the Sui Xin Dharma Conference had not been successfully held for many years in a row, which relieved some of the pressure, the traditional status of Sui Xin Pavilion in the South would have been reduced.

Although the legend has gradually faded out in the past two years due to physical reasons, Hui Feng Taoist himself can only repay such a character. He knows that the leader of Wuyu Academy has the intention of making friends with him.

Actually, if there is a choice, the Maritime Chamber of Commerce is more suitable. When talking about business, there will be no other intentions. It’s just that it’s not easy for Lingjiao to repeat, and Lingjiao didn’t give him a chance to repeat.

The female cultivator at the side smiled and made a move towards the long flag high in the sky. The Qi of the true disciple of Lunjianxuan was transmitted, and soon there was cold sword Qi, like wind and snow, pouring out. And down.

As long as it is an area covered by Qijian Tianluo, the monks of Lunjianxuan can mobilize the power of three thousand sword cultivators at any time, gathering and dispersing through the Juxian Bridge in the middle. When facing the enemy, the combat power can be increased tenfold, like A small force like Sidingtang can really be wiped out with a snap of a finger.

Zhang Miaolin was startled. Only then did he feel for himself the rich heritage of Lunjianxuan.

Lingjiao did not mean to show off. As soon as the sword energy fell, it was mixed with Lunjianxuan’s unique detection method. Suddenly, it had “washed” the inside and outside of Wubao. The monks inside and outside Wubao, Even the entire Maritime Chamber of Commerce felt the cold wind blowing through them, making their bodies slightly chilly, but then it was nothing.

The Taoist priest Hui Feng sighed in his heart and asked, “Is this good?”

“No way, it’s so troublesome! I passed the initial test, but I still have to leave a mark and make a record. It will only count after the elders in charge of this matter are re-tested by the sect.”

The returning Taoist priest laughed, his expression quite complicated.

Trouble? Don’t bother yourself. Within the radius of these two thousand and four hundred miles, there are countless thousands of people who want to get the first test but cannot get it. This is equivalent to half a gold medal for immunity from death. If Lun Jianxuan finally decides to kill a person, his blood will flow into a river, and he will be eliminated forever. Sidingtang will rely on it to avoid future troubles.

When people are under the eaves, they have to bow their heads, that’s what it means.

“Master Returning Wind.” Mrs. Hua’s soft and low voice sounded again.

The Taoist priest replied: “What are your orders, madam?”

Mrs. Hua spoke at a leisurely pace: “I heard that this person is hated by ghosts. He broke into the realm of real people before the battle. The Taoist priest was also present at the time. Can you tell me the time?”

Huifeng Taoist thought for a while and realized that Guiyan escaped at sunrise, and then replied: “It was about Mao hour.”

“It’s only an hour apart.” Mrs. Hua sighed in a low voice.

The Taoist priest Hui Feng was startled and realized that Mrs. Hua and Gui Yan had an intersection.

“The night before yesterday, my party and I met two people on the way here, but they attacked each other strangely, leading to an anticlimax. One of them released a ghostly fire, which was very similar to the legendary ghost. At that time He just cultivates step by step day and night, but he is completely different.”

This is the truth. Hui Feng can’t say anything about Mrs. Hua’s feelings.

Zhang Miaolin interjected: “I have heard the name of ‘gods hate ghosts’ in the North a lot. Could it be that God is blind, and such a despicable person can live forever?”

Hui Feng hesitated. He was disgusted with this person. He had seen this person for the first time the day before yesterday. He felt that the way he behaved was not consistent with the despicable and shameless behavior in the rumors. Of course, it was only a short-term impression. , cannot be done accurately.

There was another faint sigh in the car: “Those who survive the catastrophe of immortality must have inhuman ambitions. Their ambitions will never change, but their temperament can be changed.”

“This woman’s words are unreliable”

About a hundred miles away, Yu Ci also heard Mrs. Hua’s emotion very clearly. As a person involved, he certainly knew that the ghost’s ability to enter the realm of real people had nothing to do with his own nature. Of course, Mrs. Hua had no interaction with him, so he would not be idle and jump out to correct his mistakes. He was certain that his plan would be revised again.

When he arrived, he didn’t expect that two groups of guests would suddenly come to the remote Siding Hall, which made it difficult to use his strength; secondly, he also ignored Lun Jianxuan’s methods. That flag sword Tianluo Zhou covers the demon-stained area, and it is really capable of killing more than 100,000 people with just a thought. Yu Ci felt really uncomfortable letting those innocent people she had never met suffer because of this.

The most realistic situation is that the real Black Jiao will arrive soon. Due to the blood energy contained in the strange poison, Yu Ci wants to leave, but it is too late.

He sneered and drove Guiyan to stand up. This situation would definitely not end without a fight. Then come on, in fact, he also wants to try more and experience the feeling of fighting on a real-life level.

Master Black Jiao must be eager to see him. That kind of poison can indeed keep people looking forward to it.

After two days of research on the strange poison on his body, he found that calling it “poison” was inappropriate. This thing is more like a preset mold, and it is a mold copied from a creature with extremely high cultivation level.

As long as it is taken into the body, its inherent power will force the poisoned person to follow its routine, requiring the breathing and breathing, and the physical and spiritual structure to be completely consistent. There is no room for discussion, otherwise internal conflicts will occur. If you want to go on endlessly, your Qi will be disturbed, and your concentration will be confused. Even if it is not fatal, it will make you busy and make it difficult to recover.

This thing is surprisingly difficult to deal with. Even with Yu Ci’s meticulous ability to control the special form and spirit material of the three-party energy, he can only seal its effect for a limited time.

But he is not in a hurry. To untie the bell, the person who tied it must be the one who tied the bell. The secret to detoxifying the poison must lie with Master Heijiao.

In the distance, the water vapor content in the void increased one after another. The black dragon master locked his position in the distance and quickly accumulated strength to achieve his goal in the shortest time.

Behind Guiyan’s head, there is also a deep world that expands. It looks like a will-o’-the-wisp burning or a ghostly light, and the six transformations of the Netherworld’s Nine Treasures Secret Technique, the physical treasure and the divine treasure, are all integrated into it.

At this moment, Yu Ci’s thoughts drifted towards Siding Hall, where another person flew down.


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