Ask the Mirror Chapter 8: One place, one fortress (Part 1)

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When Master Black Dragon pounced on him, Yu Ci was in an extremely mysterious state.

Guiyanjiu hides in the demon body, and the powerful force of the tribulation thunder surges, destroying and rebuilding.

The three passes of immortality are the form, the seven emotions, and the jealousy of heaven. Each pass hides the path to transcendence: transcending the decline of the natural form and spirit, transcending the chaos of the seven emotions and six desires, and transcending the prohibitions of the laws of heaven and earth. The subtle and mysterious aspects among them can only be understood by experiencing it personally and going through a tribulation.

Yu Ci’s body cultivation is slightly lacking, but in the Northern Wilderness, due to various reasons, he also experienced two or three calamities before and after, and he has some feelings. Now he encounters the calamity thunder again, and he has a rare perspective of detachment, and he understands It’s even more meticulous.

How Jie Lei shattered the demon body, how the demon body’s magic power resisted, how the two opposing forces came to a stalemate, and how they finally compromised and transformed the demon body in a special way, he could “see” everything clearly. Chu.

The three-party vitality is already a very unique and excellent choice for the quality of form and spirit, but after all, there are still some things that are not consistent with the secret techniques of the Netherworld and the laws of this world. These “flaws” were refinished under the “combination” of Jie Lei and his own method.

Yu Ci also realized from this that the so-called true form, the physical body of the Yangshen, which is said to be immortal and indestructible, is actually the product of a compromise between the internal and external heaven and earth, and will be restructured and reorganized at any time due to internal and external changes. Therefore, tribulations come all the time and never stop. This is what is called “changes and emptiness, flowing around and around”.

After figuring this out, Yu Ci wanted to do an experiment. He specially used the method of swallowing the sea bottle to attract the calamity thunder and sloughed the Wumeng cicada. It would be ideal if we could use this power to refine this thick shell.

The result is not good. This kind of catastrophe can be said to be one of the most violent forces in the real world, but when it hits the Wumeng cicada, it disperses one after another. The power accumulated by Hou Kei for more than ten years is really powerful. The structure of the three-dimensional energy has been stabilized. This tribulation thunder is not aimed at Yu Ci’s body. There is a lack of “communication” between the inner and outer heaven and earth. The tribulation thunder only treats it as a stone. Even after the fight, some power is occasionally introduced along with the idea of ​​differentiation, but it is just a slight ripple in the stagnant water.

The real pressure is still on Guiyan’s side

Just as I had these thoughts, the strongest wave of calamity thunder struck down, and the sky and the earth were blazing white. The eyes could not see anything. The vitality of the heaven and earth within a hundred miles radius followed the thunder and became a roaring force. With its vitality The Qi machine guides the thunder and fire so that it can exert maximum damage.

This is the confrontation between Gui Yan and this world.

The insignificance of the human body, the vastness of the world, and the strong contrast made Gui Yan’s original mind shaken.

Similar to the principle of reshaping body and spirit, under the catastrophe, the conflict between the laws of heaven and earth and the transcendence of living beings may be followed by another compromise, but for Guiyan himself, he will never be able to sustain the compromise. Moment.

Gui Yan’s original temperament cannot really be called excellent. Although he is a first-class villain with no heart of right and wrong and no thoughts of good and evil, he will naturally do things that destroy the laws of nature and human nature, but he will never He would repent for his evil deeds, but in his subconscious, he still had a great fear that slowly settled.

Because he knows that doing evil is not a problem, but driven by the turbid currents of the six desires, he is enslaved by desire, sinks into the sea of ​​desire, confuses the soul, poisons the will, shakes the original heart, and has gradually blocked his path to enlightenment. On the way, he had already been defeated during this long journey of practice.

Now, with the thunderous power coming down, his original consciousness was instantly defeated by the rising fear. If Guiyan really survived the tribulation on his own, he could declare failure now.

Fortunately, now Gui Yan’s original essence has been replaced. At the moment when his original consciousness collapsed, Yu Ci’s thoughts of differentiation came to his mind.

Facing the will of the laws of heaven and earth, Yu Ci has absolutely no fear at all. Speaking of which, “they” are old acquaintances. Fourteen years ago, he was not afraid in the Northern Wilderness, so what now?

Once upon a time the sea was vast, once upon a time the sea was vast!

Now Yu Ci can proudly say that a calamity with such momentum will never shake his true heart. He can even divert part of his mind to pay attention to the surrounding situation.

At this moment, he noticed that there was a slight chill on the nearly completed Jiuzang Demon Body, and something penetrated.

Such a slight change, let alone the time of the Tribulation Thunder bombardment, would have been ignored even on ordinary days. However, Yu Ci had been trapped in his mind for three years, and under the constraints of the Land of Eternal Destruction, he practiced The first thing you need to do is to pay close attention to detail.

No matter how weak the energy, no matter how small the impurities, no matter how illusory the changes, they can’t hide from his induction. Moreover, when he used the three-party energy to reshape Jiuzang’s demon body, Yu Ci’s reaction to the ghosts and gods was overwhelming. Mastery is already at the pinnacle of perfection, and at this moment, he is even more fully grasped. Foreign invasion, for him, is basically a battle with open fire, how can he hide it from him?

It’s just that this foreign object is also weird. The powerful conflicting power of the Tribulation Thunder and the Netherworld Jiuzang Secret Technique cannot kill it. Instead, in a breath, it spreads throughout the body and penetrates into every meridians. Within the mixed qi and blood, the effectiveness is then diverged under the guidance of a special medium.

In the blink of an eye, a “mechanism” seemed to have been opened in Jiuzang’s demonic body. The power that had been mobilized to the limit unexpectedly surged forward again, and the conflict with Lei Jie also showed signs of easing.

The reason seems to be that the infiltrated heterogeneity has changed the structure and composition of part of the body, making it more adaptable to the laws of this world, and even uses the body as a medium to stimulate the soul, causing it to form similar Transformation,

At first glance, this is all a benefit. It is estimated that the power can be increased by at least 30%, and the damage of the natural disaster has also been weakened invisibly. It’s just that this kind of change ignores the monk’s own practice practice, and the change is too rough, which may cause endless troubles.

Still uneasy and kindhearted

Understanding the nature of this thing, Yu Ci is not too worried. Now he has no blind spots in his control of the Jiuzang Demonic Body. It is not difficult to get rid of ordinary toxins. Moreover, the changes in form and spirit were imprinted in his heart, and it didn’t take much effort to regain the alienated position.

Even if this thing is surprisingly difficult to deal with, he still has the most cruel trick, which is to completely abandon the ghost, body, and spirit, and reshape him again. Of course, this depends on when he will “slough off” for the third time. Shell”, there is enough material.

Then again, under the impact of this thunderstorm, he felt that the outer layer of the “thick shell” really seemed to be loose again.

A little later, Yu Ci used his ability to sense subtleties and grasped the medium that triggered the strangeness: “The outsider’s energy and blood is that guy 1

Yu Ci locked onto the first black dragon master who pounced on him. At the critical moment, he used a “poison” of this nature. What he wanted was more than simply defeating the enemy. His thoughts were changing rapidly, and he had already roughly understood this guy. calculation.

I sneered in my heart: So what if I take advantage of you first?

After the calculation was settled, Yu Ci ignored the man who rushed up to him screaming, and gave up all distracting thoughts, so that the differentiated thoughts and the will of the laws of heaven and earth had an unconventional conflict.

In this situation, nine out of ten of the injuries caused by the tribulation thunder have been eliminated by Jiuzang’s demonic body. What remains is the existing law that fills the world and is hard to shake, and it is also the ultimate goal of differentiation. opponent.

Faced with the laws of heaven and earth, Yu Ci could not see all the mysteries within it at a glance, but he felt that it was majestic and delicate at the same time. If it were regarded as a talisman, then every fractal structure of it would be exquisite and complete, and the splicing would be perfect. The turning point is also flawless, and it is almost impossible to add or subtract from it without damaging its perfection.

But why should Yu Ci be troubled by this? The previous compromise between the internal and external heaven and earth had long told him the fact that the way of heaven is impermanent and ever-changing – the thief God is strong when he is strong, but it is not without negotiation.

As long as you reach that level and are strong, determined and persistent enough.

At this point, his mind was open and clear, making Guiyan lively and laughing loudly.

The six transformations of the Nine Treasures of the Netherworld, the Secret Technique of the Physical Treasure and the Divine Treasure, have been deduced to the extreme since the fire of the middle wheel. In the first transformation of the divine light, the mystical power has been exhausted, and the deep world behind the head suddenly emits a light. , put a cover on him, and the figure in the thunder and fire disappeared in an instant.

The thunder and fire stopped suddenly, and the clouds of calamity were about to disperse.

“Dead? Gone?”

Including Master Heijiao, everyone was at a loss for a moment, because at that moment, Guiyan’s aura got rid of everyone’s lock and completely disappeared between heaven and earth.

But it was only a moment. The next moment, a dim light was released in the void, and Guiyan appeared from the light. His clothes had been bombarded by thunder and fire and turned into ashes, leaving him naked without any trace of hair. But a layer of light waves flows outside the body, which is inexplicably turning and shaping. In the trance, a suit of clothes and boots appear one after another. Only there is no crown on the head, and the long hair is loose, hanging down on both sides of the face, becoming more and more like a face. The cold stone has a green light, which is so dense that it is difficult to look directly at it.

The surrounding area was silent for a moment,

Only Gui Yan seemed to be quite interested in the Dharmakaya after the calamity. He crossed his hands, looked at it carefully, and laughed again. In the midst of his laughter, a darkness spread out behind him, and there seemed to be hundreds of ghost fires burning inside. It looks like the boundless starry sky, the stars are shining brightly, and the sky is dark and cold.

Master Black Dragon, who was at the forefront, felt the most clearly. He only felt that in the dark void, there were layers of yin fire shining outside, completely transported and transformed into the invisible. It could burn the upper body and even freeze the blood. He, a member of Hanjiao, rarely felt this kind of thing. He was surprised and happy at the same time, and hurriedly retreated.

It didn’t matter whether he retreated or not. The combined attack momentum created by his forward charge was broken up again. For others, this opportunity came too quickly and too hastily, but for Gui Yan at this time, it was more than enough. , he doesn’t even need it!

Guiyan’s laughter continued, his eyes moved around, and as far as he could see, the three real monks, as well as Peng Suo, were inexplicably shaken. When he was secretly frightened, someone suddenly appeared in the half-dispersed calamity clouds in the sky. The shadow fell down, it was the Huifeng Taoist priest, and there was a sword light chasing behind it, but it was Lingjiao.

No one in the room could understand how Gui Yan defeated Hui Feng.

Peng Suo was shocked and hurriedly warned Lingjiao. Earlier, Master Xuanhao had directly stepped forward to protect him. Everyone’s thoughts inevitably drifted away. At this moment, Guiyan took a step forward and the entire The figure turned into a ray of light, pierced the sky and walked away, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Between heaven and earth, only the sound of singing is flying, gradually disappearing:

“The road is always changing, and luck is hard to find. Today, I compete with heaven’s plan to get a place.”




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