Ask the Mirror Chapter 66: Taoyun Dharmakaya is devastating

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Zhao Xiangshan narrowed his eyes until there was only a slit left, and the cold light was like a knife, cutting through the back of the green-robed Taoist in the void. The restrictions in the small garden could be fully activated as long as he thought a little, but he still suppressed the impulse.

Because it probably won’t have any effect!

He saw the whole process of Shan Lei Zhenjun’s attack, and also witnessed the mystery of the green-robed Taoist who seemed to be the incarnation of the Qinglian Sword, coming and going in nothingness. Therefore, he truly confirmed:

That’s… Daoyun added!

At this time, he and his subordinates were on the same level, at the level of “things”;

The incarnation of Qinglian is on another level, a level where “things” and “reasons” blend.

In a sense, this can be said to be the embodiment of “Tao”.

He believes that even if Yu Ci comes in person, it is impossible to achieve this, and it is because he is currently an incarnation, between reality and reality, that he can finally achieve it.

The facts of the next moment verified his guess.

Taoist Qingpao did not make any further moves towards Zhao Xiangshan and others. He just turned his back and walked straight towards the newly sealed central area. Facing the invasion of external forces, the central defense array spontaneously activated. However, the lotus flowers bloomed outside the green-robed Taoist body. Visible fragments of true text and Taoist rhyme blessed his body. His figure became empty again and he walked in proudly.

Zhao Xiangshan’s face was gloomy and he didn’t speak. He just waved his hand and all his subordinates turned back and rushed in one after another, regardless of being surprised.

Although there are many people, Zhao Xiangshan understands that he is afraid it is already too late!

At this moment, there was a fierce sword intent rising into the sky from the central place, making a loud sound of piercing the air, mixed with the miserable screams of people.

Zhao Xiangshan’s cheeks twitched and turned faintly blue. He strode in. The sharp wind split the air, like a sword and an axe, and rushed towards his face, but it melted in front of him.

He looked around the central place and saw that the place was in a mess. A group of people, including the owner of the secret place, suffered heavy casualties, and the related control circles, mechanism hubs, etc. were also greatly damaged, and Qing Qing However, Taoist Pao used his sword energy to carve open the stone wall on the other side, Hongfei Mingming.

In fact, with the method that Taoist Qingpao just used, it can be transformed into reality. Such and such is simply to irritate people!

A few capable men were not seriously injured, but two of them were absent. They must have been pursued.

Zhao Xiangshan still does not hold any expectations.

The incarnation of Qinglian, blessed by Taoist rhyme, at this time, the Qingpao Taoist is simply like a dragon making trouble in the sea, making waves, and no one can control it.

He didn’t hide his thoughts too deeply. After all, his men were all outstanding men and they still had a basic grasp of the situation.

Even with Zhao Xiangshan’s wisdom, he could not find a way to revive the fighting spirit of his men.

The situation is slipping into an irreversible direction.

The central place has been destroyed, and although the underwater secret palace will not collapse immediately, the corresponding magic circle operation will lose room for change.

At this time, the defense arrangement outside the secret palace that is similar to “creating a world of its own” is the most exquisite one. Without movement and change, even if it can survive for a while, as long as there is a slight impact from the external environment, I am afraid that Things are going to be bad.

No matter what you are afraid of, suddenly, the secret palace is in turmoil.

Although I have been shocked before, it is definitely not the trembling feeling that makes the soles of my feet numb.

Yes, how could Yu Ci let go of this good opportunity?

Zhao Xiangshan heard the angry roars of the two men who were chasing Taoist Qingpao. Even before the sound wave came, he had already felt the vibration of the cave wall outside the secret palace shattering.

The incarnation of Qinglian took advantage of the chaos in the center and borrowed the vitality of the magic circle itself to drill a large hole on the side of the secret palace facing the water. As the rock wall collapsed, billions of The lake water poured in, rushing like thunder.

Even the roaring and thundering sound of water could not overpower the long laughter and singing that was just passing away, without any rhythm, but with great joy:

“Once the frost and snow wash away the mountains and rivers, life and death will be released nine miles away. There has never been any faith in heaven and earth, so how can we plant green lotuses in the world?”

Zhao Xiangshan pursed his lips, his face was ashen, and he remained silent for a long time.

The guard beside him said urgently: “Pavilion Master!”

Although it is not stated explicitly, it is actually asking him to evacuate as soon as possible.

Zhao Xiangshan turned a deaf ear and instead walked towards the back of the damaged cliff, where the sound of the water was the loudest. Behind him, a group of people looked at each other in shock, but they could only follow behind.

Just after crossing the ruins of the wall, the two men who had just chased Taoist Qingpao fled back in embarrassment. They almost ran into Zhao Xiangshan head-on, and their faces turned pale for a moment.

Zhao Xiangshan just glanced at it and had no intention of pursuing it further. The lake water breaks through the wall and creates strong pressure and turbulence, which is very different from the static lake water pressure. No matter what cultivation level or mental method is used, it is reasonable to run away.

Rather than taking action against these two people, it is better to worry about the fate of the Secret Palace.

That is to say, when the secret palace was first built, some structural arrangements were made to block and divert the flow, so that the secret palace did not collapse in an instant. But think about the pressure difference between the inside and outside, and the upper limit of the structure. After the defense circle is destroyed, It’s all a matter of time.

He still moved forward, and no one under his command dared to dissuade him.

Soon, a group of people arrived in front of the front of the lake, about tens of feet away. Under the layers of barriers, the roaring lake formed a whirlpool, which was equivalent to gathering momentum. Once it exceeds the obstacle in front of them, If you reach the limit, everything in front of you will be destroyed in one fell swoop.

The structure of the secret palace, which is stronger than gold and iron, is making a “clucking” noise on the verge of collapse, letting people know that the moment of destruction is very close.

Zhao Xiangshan did not go any further, but his eyes were like knives, piercing through the dim flood water, and saw the green-robed Taoist who was already standing outside the secret palace and in the surging water, only a few miles away. Seeing his shadow move, it is easy and natural. In the terrifying deep water environment, the clone is no worse than a water ghost. Well, it is a thousand times better.

He also saw that behind Taoist Qingpao, hundreds of Taoist soldiers formed an formation, and Lord Shui Dexing had flags and banners waving on his head, waving his troops straight in.

In an instant, the back wave pushed against the front wave, the water surged wildly, and the rapids came with a crash.

With such momentum, all the people were eclipsed.

Shuide Xingjun and his Taoist soldiers are responsible for controlling the waves and water. In this situation, if they use high to control low, they can really run thousands of miles and be invincible!

Someone couldn’t help shouting again:

“Pavilion Master!”

Zhao Xiangshan didn’t say a word and began to retreat, but his eyes were still locked on the Qingpao Taoist.

There is no doubt that this was an irresistible defeat and humiliation. From beginning to end, Yu Ci did not give him any chance. He could only flee in panic like a lost dog.

In his long life, it is not that he has never had similar experiences, but he has never failed like this.

At this moment, he just wants to know:

Does Yu Ci really have the power to support such magical means? How could he possibly hold on? How long can he last?

In the consultation array, the icons representing the various forces have disappeared, and what has been replaced is a series of images sent by the detection array, showing everything that happened at the bottom of the Thousand Miles of Lake.

No matter which side it is, there is silence.

Although the Three-Yuan Secret Formation is good, it is still limited at that depth, and it is also affected by the battle, so it can only be seen from a distance and not very detailed.

However, when a corner of the underwater cliff suddenly collapsed, turbulent water surged in, and huge bubbles rose into the sky. No one but the blind man knew that the underwater secret palace that Zhao Xiangshan relied on was completely breached in this moment.

Then, people saw a green-robed Taoist with a long smile. He looked at the torrent of water that was enough to strangle gold and stone as if it were nothing. His appearance was clearly that of Yu Ci.

Someone with less determination lost his voice and said: “Why is he here?”

God Lord Hanzhu was also agitated. He glanced to the side and said: “It’s still on the lake… The one under the lake must be the clone.”

At that moment, someone responded: “Yes, if the physical body is here, it will not be so easy to withstand the water pressure.”

“Even if it’s a clone, how did you sneak in?”

“It is not impossible for Taixu Baojian to lock its target and transport it by air. But in the blink of an eye, it pierced through Zhao Xiangshan’s secret palace… Wuji Pavilion will definitely not turn this place into a dregs!”

A group of people were discussing. Behind the green-robed Taoist at the bottom of the lake, thousands of Taoist soldiers had already formed an array, and under the direction of the flags, they rushed into the crack in the secret palace.

The Dao soldiers themselves don’t matter, but the problem is that in this environment, the Water Department Dao soldiers can naturally help the water flow, and the impact of the water waves is comparable to a magical weapon, devastating and irresistible.

And it can merge into the torrent, become spiritual, guide the direction, and become more flexible and changeable.

But speaking of a thousand ways and ten thousand, Tao soldiers, Xingjun, Shuilang, and Hongfeng are all at the end. Only the strong pressure difference inside and outside the secret palace is the most terrifying weapon.

Under the action of the pressure difference between the inside and outside, the cliff that had been washed by the lake for many years and was “tempered thousands of times” was almost completely deformed, and then collapsed. Inside the gravel powder, occasionally objects and people in the mansion could be seen, but this At such a time, even the immortal golden body cannot withstand the torment, and after a moment, it will be dead without a whole body.

“Now, Zhao Xiangshan has lost all his face… Whoever says that Wuji Pavilion cannot be offended in the future will just take this matter away today!”

“After today, whether there will be Wuji Pavilion or not is still a matter of choice. Look at this scene, it is simply a one-sided crushing. As long as the person named Zhao cannot escape, he will be killed or captured. Look at Wuji Pavilion. How long can it last!”

Someone’s perhaps unintentional remarks suddenly changed the atmosphere of all parties.

At this time, the scene of a hundred-foot cliff completely collapsed and shattered came towards us.

The scene that was conveyed to the senior officials of the Xiyu League could never be compared to the scene.

The shattering of the hundred-foot cliff symbolizes the complete collapse of the structure of the underwater secret palace. At this moment, the pressure difference between the inside and outside has been adjusted to a near balance. In the process, most of the “miscellaneous people” were also cleared away.

Zhao Xiangshan and his subordinates waited until the pressure difference was equalized before they came out of the reserved retreat. Needless to say, they were embarrassed along the way.

Every one of them possesses magical powers and powerful magic, but they are also vulnerable when faced with the devastating impact of water flow. When Zhao Xiangshan crashed into the lake, he looked back and saw that more than a dozen of his subordinates, except for two Except for the close guard who was always linked to him, the rest of them were rushed away for more than ten miles almost instantly, and this distance was still expanding.

When this happened, it was actually thousands of soldiers from behind who drove the water waves, creating a whirlpool and undercurrent, and forcibly separated them.

Zhao Xiangshan laughed through gritted teeth. He had to admit that in this battle, Yu Ci took advantage of every condition. In other words, everything was part of his chess game and was completely controlled by him. .

Although the source was his own error in judgment, from then on, Yu Ci made sure everything was tight and did not give him a chance to recover.

This is the ability jointly constructed by vision, judgment and realm.

Every level has one vision, many conditions and opportunities are not in their place, and they are unknown.

So, no matter how low-level monks plot against high-level strongmen, no matter how thorough their preparations are, all kinds of “accidents” will happen…

In fact, that is not an accident, but a matter of the level of vision – what you can’t see, strong people can see; what you can’t think of, strong people can think of; what you can’t do, strong people can do.

The results are predictable.

Wuji Pavilion often engages in these gimmicks of “hurting people in the dark” and “defeating the strong with the weak”, and Zhao Xiangshan knows it best.

Unless it is a matter of favorable weather, time and place, an aspiration on behalf of Heaven, or a crime against Heaven, everything is decided by Heaven…

Obviously, Yu Ci did not follow this path. His rigor and thoroughness from beginning to end completely confirmed that his cultivation level was definitely not inferior to that of Zhao Xiangshan himself.

Everyone in the world thought that Yu Ci had become the Heavenly King by virtue of his supreme void power. From now on, he could tell the world that his vision was already at the top of the true world.

Strange, in this way, with the skills and realm of the Housheng, when fighting the Rakshasa Ghost King, were you afraid that you would not be able to produce flowers?

But the fact is that there is some overlap in the roles of the two. Is it intentional to hide their clumsiness, or…

Zhao Xiangshan’s heart was beating, and an idea that he had never had before suddenly flashed across his mind.

But the current situation did not allow him to think further. The terrifying water pressure outside him could not be ignored by anyone.

Fortunately, Zhao Xiangshan didn’t feel too much pressure on himself, also because the two close guards opened the realm at the same time.

Moreover, one of the human realms belongs to yin and the other belongs to yang. The two realms overlap, creating the wonder of yin and yang. The water flows along and against the current, and the undercurrent surges, finally controlling the surrounding waters. More than a hundred Taoist soldiers came by water and were strangled to death in an instant.

Zhao Xiangshan was among them, watching with cold eyes.

Even without the defense of the underwater secret palace, just two guards can sustain it for a while, but this is not a long-term solution. After all, this is a thousand miles deep underwater, and it is a Jedi oppressed by billions of powerful forces at all times.

I used to rely on the Secret Mansion, but now it is being used by others. The speed of the reversal is unspeakable.

He scanned the scattered men again. The most important thing at the moment was undoubtedly to get out of this area.

Although the power is weak separately, if it can be activated at the same time, it can always be of some use…

Zhao Xiangshan suddenly screamed, shaking the lake, and passed a special message to the ears of each of his subordinates. He roughly agreed on the breakout time, and then ordered the two close guards:

“Let’s go.”

Before this, most of the underwater secret palace had collapsed and exploded, but among the ruins, there were more than ten humanoid monsters with metal shells standing staggeringly, only about half a person tall.

This is a unique puppet named “Dead Soldier” made by Wuji Pavilion. There are 18 of them in total. They are invulnerable to water and fire. They were originally outside the center of the secret palace and were used for final defense in the small garden. They were buried underground. , there was no chance to use it before.

Because of their limited functions, they inevitably looked clumsy in the water. But when they all stood up, countless blood-colored spell lines appeared on the metal body. The eighteen puppets worked together to freeze the water of dozens of miles for an instant. At this moment, not only thousands of Dao soldiers, but also Qinglian’s clone were trapped.

This puppet is made from the flesh and blood plasma of one thousand and eighty monks, mixed with metal liquid, mixed and poured using a secret method. Its structure, runes, etc. are formed in one piece, which is exactly what the magic sect uses. It is used to imprison, confuse, transform blood, and attack gods.

Zhao Xiangshan had endured it for so long and suddenly launched it, and the effect was indeed great.

He and his two servants had already taken this opportunity to rush nearly a hundred miles away. They paused for a moment and waited for the other subordinates to rush to this approximate range. Then they gave the order and rushed forward together.

This is the limit of the void barrier that Yu Ci has set up to isolate the inside and outside. More than a dozen strong men are attacking from different directions, bringing pressure that Yu Ci cannot take lightly. As long as the response is slightly wrong, he will have his own means to escape.

At this time, the close guard’s “Creation Yin and Yang” realm has come into contact with the void barrier. Although there is no special change in the pressure of the water flow, one rune after another jumps out of the water waves, swinging endlessly, like Like a veil, it seemed to want to be condensed into a complete talisman or even a true text, but the tyrannical realm directly tore it into pieces without giving it a chance to be spliced.

After continuously penetrating seven or eight layers of similar talisman veils, and then racing for nearly ten miles, Zhao Xiangshan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Looking around, I saw that there were many talisman fragments stuck to the outside of the Yin and Yang realm along the way, as if the spiritual light had not dispersed, retaining a certain degree of law.

“Legal” is a big problem…

In the void area set up by Yu Ci, the corresponding changes in the runes are all in his mind. They are a complete system. There cannot be any omissions. How can there be “fragmentation”? ?

Yes, this is simply “the body is scattered but the spirit is not separated”, it is like a hook laid down, clasping the boundary and tearing it apart.


Zhao Xiangshan immediately warned. His reaction was not untimely, but the time he bought was inconspicuous – to be more precise, the changes in his mood and energy were basically the strings that triggered the mechanism. This is another In this sense, “respond to the opportunity”.

Now, what is being compared is the reaction of the two close guards and the firing speed of Yu Ci’s “mechanism”.

When trying to fully support the Yin and Yang realm, resisting the heavy water pressure and the effects of thousands of intricate runes, it is difficult for anyone to detect and respond immediately.

Zhao Xiangshan also realized this, a faint blue light flashed through his eyes, and the energy that had been dormant suddenly flickered out, instantly blending with the energy of the two guards, trying to take over control.

He had done it perfectly, but halfway, his energy suddenly went crazy.

Zhao Xiangshan has established induction communication with the Yin and Yang realm, so he can clearly feel that the originally tough realm has gaps in the legal structure in some areas due to the tearing and erosion of runes. It’s nothing. It is a dynamic operation process. It only needs one cycle, which is enough to make up for it.

But at this moment, there is a strange and strange feeling, which is almost unlike what the current world should have, seeping in along the gaps in the legal structure.

Like gas, smoke, fog.

But in the depths of this void that seemed to be blown away by the wind, there was clearly a shuddering edge hidden in it, and even more so, a murderous intention.

Zhao Xiangshan instinctively wanted to capture the direction of the sharp intention and predict its trajectory, but due to the weirdness and unpredictable nature of its carrier, the difficulty was too high and the error was too large,

After being distracted, Zhao Xiangshan’s heart tightened and he immediately knew something was wrong.

But the degree of “badness” still exceeded his expectations.

He simply watched as the big head of one of the two close bodyguards he had spent many years training suddenly lifted off his neck.

This was too sudden and too sharp.

Who would have thought that under the protection of the strong realm, an immortal strong man is simply made of mud and will fall off at the drop of a hat?

It was like he was watching a funny pantomime.

Then the “colorful sound” was like thunder, which was the sound of the collapse of the Yin and Yang realm. It was also the sound of the heavy pressure of billions of dollars of deep water, which made the eardrums rumble.

With a sword decapitation, Qi and blood dispersed, the realm collapsed, and no protection was lost. The decapitated guard immediately shrank into a fist-sized meat dumpling and collapsed.

The other person even lost the chance to be surprised. Under the backlash of the realm, all the insides were injured, and 60 to 70% of the bones in his body were broken at this moment. The whole person was also squeezed “thin” by the terrifying water pressure. Two circles, at first glance it looks like a young child.

Even if it is already an immortal golden body, it can still hold up a little, but in this harsh situation, its fate is no longer irreversible.

However, Zhao Xiangshan could not be **** with him no matter what, so he immediately cut off the Qi connection and kept all the counterattack power.

The guard didn’t even hum, and followed in his companion’s footsteps.

It was not until this moment that the foreign object stained with murderous intent manifested itself. The clear air circulated outside it, vaguely shaped like a sword, and then disappeared.

Zhao Xiangshan’s brows jumped: Taichu Invisible Sword!

Yes, there is indeed this information in the intelligence, and he has even deduced how to deal with it. However, under the continuous impact of “Zhen Wen Tao Yun”, who would have thought that this thing would come out in the end?

This is the only entity released since Yu Ci took action. It must have been thrown into the lake at the beginning of the battle.

If it is pointed at yourself, can you defend it?

Zhao Xiangshan no longer thinks deeply about this meaningless question. The boundary collapsed, and the pressure difference between the inside and outside formed a fatal trap. Taoist soldiers surrounded it from all sides. This was simply a desperate situation of ambush from all sides!

He lowered his head and suppressed his emotions. It seemed like there was no room to keep it like this now, but out of habit, he couldn’t help but think about it:

Seeing him in desperate situation, are some people anxious?

If he died simply, everything would be over; but if someone were not careful and was captured by Yu Ci, many people would probably have trouble sleeping at night!

Zhao Xiangshan groaned suddenly, his orifices were bleeding, and his energy was sluggish. At the same time, he looked around and made a gesture of opening his mouth to speak.

It is certain that at this moment, vicious curses will be heard from many corners of Xiyu Lake.


I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, full of happiness, flowers and full moon.


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