Ask the Mirror Chapter 5: Abnormal changes in normal standards (medium)

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Li Shan felt excited. Fortunately, he was prepared and did not look at anyone. He crushed the talisman that had been prepared. At the same time, a big hole opened silently in the bottom of the boat. The river water rushed in, and the talisman’s aura fell into the water. , and immediately a dense fog arose.

In the mist, the figures of Li Shan and Sun Jie disappeared.

On the river, the mist spread very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it stretched for ten miles without a specific source. The scope continued to expand, and it had already covered half of the nearby river banks and green mountains.

Someone by the river scolded: “It’s this trick again1

As for the Huandan cultivators, they are at the elementary level. Their six-consciousness sensing range has exceeded one mile, and it is not difficult to sweep ten miles. However, Li Shan and Li Shan often use some kind of escape technique immediately after the fog talisman. , water, wood, metal, and stone are all better than walking on the flat ground, and their aura is hidden so that no one can detect it.

In the past two days, I have used this move to escape from them twice. The round-up team led by three Huandan warriors failed repeatedly. The master was so angry that he stamped his feet and cursed, disgusted with his subordinates for abandoning him in front of distinguished guests. The people put a lot of pressure on me.

With no choice but to do so, Qu Shan, the person in charge here, could only pay some money to hire someone who specializes in the art to come and deal with it.

“Returning Road Chief, look here”

The commoner Taoist next to him gently stroked his short beard, his expression was plain, and his plain and simple face had a slight glint, which was unusual: “Although it is an ordinary method, the flow of energy is dignified and upright, not an evil spirit.” method. You say they are accomplices of ghosts?”

Just use money to do things, why am I talking nonsense? This Taoist priest deserves to be so embarrassed that he has to live on commission

Qu Shan felt unhappy, but he still maintained a basic politeness on his face: “Taoist Master Mingjian, one of those two people is the concubine of the evil demon, who came all the way south and professed prostitution every day. Everyone knows how to move mountains, clouds and boats”

The Taoist glanced at him and nodded: “It’s okay to leave 1

He shouted softly, and a blue-white light emitted from his sleeves. At first glance, it looked like a water bird swimming on the river. Wherever it passed, mist was sucked into its belly, and the surface of the river became clearer and clearer. “Water Bird” It also became bigger and bigger, and with a final long chirp, its huge wings that had expanded to three feet in length flapped, a strong wind suddenly rose, and the mist dispersed.

But at this time, the boat on the river had sunk and no one was seen. There were only a few cries of apes in the distance, and the monks who flew out in front stopped on the river and looked at each other stupidly.

“Where are the people?”

Qu Shan finally swallowed his curse and looked back at the Taoist priest: “Taoist Master, look”

The commoner Taoist made no sound or spoke, and stepped forward, heading straight for the river. No magic weapon materialized, and he was moving as lightly as the wind. This move was hardly a way to repay the elixir, which made Qu Shan, who was dissatisfied, swallow all his words back in his stomach.

The commoner Taoist arrived at the center of the river, and with a simple move, the water bird turned into a spiritual light. He retracted his sleeves, looked around, and suddenly pointed again. The river surface in front of his fingertips immediately divided into two parts, and the waves surged and appeared. A fissure more than three feet wide and as deep as the bottom of the river. In the crack, someone’s figure was clearly passing by.

At this time, Qu Shan had already arrived with his chariot. When he saw this, he was happy at first, and then took a breath of cold air. This calm and splitting method had already split the water in the river. If Bao Dan is really powerful and harmonious, Don’t do it if you have a unique method, at least he will definitely not be able to do it.

Huifeng Taoist was having a rather unsatisfactory life here. He did some rituals to slay ghosts and eliminate demons every day, exchanged some elixir ingredients, and practiced hard, but he didn’t want to be so powerful.

He was turbulent in his heart, but he finally understood the importance and shouted: “The devil hates his allies, what a clown, why don’t you just catch him without hesitation?”

As he spoke, he also released a stream of water-blue brilliance that entered the water and disappeared.

This is a water-dividing snake shuttle given to him by his master. As long as it is in a place with abundant water vapor, it can divide into several highly venomous snake spirits and bind and poison the target. He is already 100% confident that the river is deep. Here, the differentiated venomous snake spirit quickly reacted, which was a signal that it had bitten the target.

“There, get off the net 1

Qu Shan was overjoyed and ordered repeatedly. His subordinates on the riverside and on the river released a ball of gray silk mesh. When it touched the water, it stretched out, covered the water layer, and sank quickly. This is a very famous “river blocking net” in the South. It is specially designed to block waterways. It can also be quenched with poisons and anesthetics as needed. If it gets contaminated, it will be bad luck.

The river water became turbid, and the water-dividing snake shuttle still clung to the target, transmitting the message back to the approximate location. Several river-blocking nets were connected to each other, and the area there was tightly sealed.

“I caught 1 and the impatient one has already shouted out first.

Qu Shan chuckled and was waiting for another order when a sharp shout suddenly came from the sky: “Which one of the following is the Guiyan comrade?”

This guy is rude!

When Qu Shan heard this, he was furious. When he raised his head, a basin of ice water was poured on his head, making his eyes glazed over.

Now that the long night is about to pass and dawn is about to break, a bright blue appears in the distant sky, with a pure color. But behind the mountains on the riverside, a rainbow bridge with bright colors has been erected.

Red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and purple, bridging the rivers, mountains and rivers, seem to be a bit empty and gorgeous. However, when the rainbow light bursts, ripples appear in the void, the clouds disperse, distorting the light and shadow, it is clearly an unbearable state. It shows its majesty and majesty.

Qu Shan’s hands began to shake: “Juxian Bridge 1

At the end of the last calamity, Lunjianxuan, the creation swordsman, climbed Mount E and faced the East China Sea. He cut through the air with his sword and a thousand-mile sword rainbow flew across the sea and sky, turning into a bridge of immortals.

The gathering of immortals is also called gathering the sword immortals from all over the world. Of course, nine out of ten sword immortals in this world are talking about Jianxuan. The true meaning of Juxian Bridge is actually to attract people from all over the world who are aspiring to become sword immortals.

Therefore, some people call Juxian Bridge the place where sword immortals are welcomed and the place where they can ascend to heaven in one step.

Juxian Bridge Stand, sword cultivators from all over the world flocked to it, more than 100,000 people in one year. After testing and screening, only three thousand were finally able to stay on the bridge.

After so many years, Juxian Bridge has become one of the symbols of Lunjianxuan. Whenever a swordsman goes out on Juxian Bridge, a projection will be separated from Juxian Bridge, flying to the sky, and he can come and go freely. Waiting is a very powerful magic weapon. It can also hide more than a hundred sword soldiers, creating a frightening sword array.

Lunjianxuan is one of the four great sects in the world, alongside the Bajing Palace, Kongyou Temple, and the Yuanshi Mo Sect before the split. It dominates the southeast. In its heyday, it almost dominated the world, and no one dared to take its lead. Now, Although it is not as good as before, its influence is still second to none in the southern country.

In comparison, the small hall where Qu Shan is located is not even a small shrimp. Just this Hongqiao, slaughtered the entrance of the hall more than ten or twenty times, just like taking it easy.

Qu Shan’s face was stiff. He saw a person standing on the Hong Bridge. He was wearing a very rare soft armor, a wide robe, a jade belt around his waist, a sword hanging on a crown, and he looked very heroic. Especially a pair of pupils, looking down from a high position, the golden eyes seemed to be bursting with thunder and fire, which made Qu Shan’s breathing difficult.

He was even more distressed in his heart. He also recognized this one: “Golden Eyed General Peng Suo! Why is this **** of murder here?”


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