Ask the Mirror Chapter 300: The battle of ten breaths and the battle of ten thousand years (2)

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Huan Yinzi noticed the “giant eye” and the corresponding Zen chant. It can generate Brahma chants and evolve scriptures on its own. It is also a first-class Buddhist treasure. It is also unexpected. No wonder it can cover the sun and the ring. The natal magic weapon was knocked down.

What is the natal magic weapon?

It must be something that is watered with the blood of the monks during the sacrifice, and is inseparable from the mind. It is extremely convenient to entrust the soul and the avatar. In many cases, it is the fundamental component of the monk’s enlightenment. Even if it is not, It also has a very special status.

For a monk of Lu Suhua’s level, it is absolutely impossible for his natal magic weapon to fall into the hands of others. Otherwise, it would be no different from the leakage of the original power of the God Lord. But now, this impossible situation appeared in front of Huan Yinzi, and it fell into his hands like a pie. Looking at the flow of his energy, it was obvious that he was out of control.

As an immortal person, especially one who was born in a demon sect, dozens or hundreds of ways flashed through his mind in an instant, which were enough to make Lu Suhua’s life worse than death – in an ideal state.

He instinctively wanted to take action, but at this moment, he couldn’t help but look at Lu Suhua. The female cultivator did not look back, but only gave him a back view. She seemed to have no worries about the ownership of the magic weapon. Such an attitude Huan Yinzi felt heartbroken.

Looking at the figure from the back, it looks thin and cold, but before the inhuman power, which is like a hundred thousand mountains being emptied out, it is so vast that it is so vast that people dare not look directly at it.

This scene made Huan Yinzi understand that even if they were in the same realm, the gap between him and Lu Suhua had widened to the point of despair.

Not just cultivation, but also character.

There was a good opportunity in front of him, but he still had the leisure time to think wildly, but it happened again that he couldn’t control it.

The more advanced the magic method is, the more it must focus on the word “other transformation”. Benefiting oneself at the expense of others is the most basic concept. At Huanyinzi’s level, and as a side branch of the Demon Sect, the situation has reached a point where it is difficult to advance in cultivation without harming a few important people.

Now is the best opportunity.

As long as he harms Lu Suhua, his cultivation level will definitely soar all the way, and it will be no problem to break through hundreds of years of obstacles. Judging from the current situation, if the solar occultation ring is passed, the chance of winning will increase to at least 60%!

But in an instant, his thoughts turned to the risks of his actions – you know, once he takes action, in terms of magical powers, it will be a direct collision of mind and heart. He holds the sun-covering ring in his hand and can take the initiative. , it can be seen that Lu Suhua acted with sharp methods and strong will, maybe there is some countermeasure.

This is not over yet. His thoughts are constantly changing, from risks to more realistic levels – he can’t guess what Lu Suhua is thinking, but the other person’s thoughts are too obvious.

Using such an unpredictable method to throw the sun-shielding ring into his hands, isn’t it obvious that a fisherman will benefit from it? Moreover, the superiors sent him here and set the tone of “allowing defeat but not victory”. If he starts like this, even if he wins, what’s the point?

As his thoughts circulated, he could not help but have doubts and fears:

What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, why is he thinking wildly at such a critical moment? Could it be that all these years of wastage have not only worn away his extraordinary ambition, but also made him unable to protect even the most basic mental defenses?

Huan Yinzi finally reached the realm of a real person, and he immediately realized: The barrier is about to be broken, and the inner demon is coming!

He finally got it!

One breath, one snap of the fingers, one thought, one moment.

Buddhism once roughly stipulated the microscopic scale of time, which was later shared by the whole world. It uses one moment as the basic scale, one moment is one thought; twenty thoughts are one moment; twenty moments is one snap of the finger, and one snap of the finger can correspond to the “one breath” in the Eastern spiritual world.

Buddhism says that there are a total of 4.8 million “moments”, 240,000 “instantaneous moments”, and 12,000 “flicks” in a day and a night, which is twelve thousand breaths.

The duration of ten breaths is only equal to one-fifth of an hour.

For Changsheng Zhenren’s battle, this was not too short. Too many fates of life and death were decided in an instant.

Yu Ci launched an active attack and used magical powers to fight Lu Suhua several times, but it only took two breaths.

But this time is really not long. Huan Yinzi was just in a daze, and his breath passed, and then he never had a chance again.

On the sun-occluding ring, golden light suddenly flashed, and the light emitted had unparalleled penetrating power. It instantly illuminated his mind, and the inner demons screamed, but they were all “satisfied”.

Huan Yinzi seemed to see Lu Suhua’s sarcastic sneer, and at the same time the golden ring was shocked and asked him to take it out of his hand.

He was troubled by his inner demons and was in a state of chaos. He was about to let go of the golden ring. His chance was completely lost. He couldn’t keep it or let it go. He was so depressed that he almost vomited blood. At this moment, a female voice chuckled in my ear:

“A pig is a pig 1

This sentence was so poisonous, and it hit Huanyinzi’s biggest concern. He even thought it was Lu Suhua’s comment at first, and couldn’t help but roared angrily, tightly grasped the jumping ring in his palm, and talked with Lu Suhua’s Qi flowed over and struck hard.

Not to mention the outcome, the red shadow flashing in the corner of his eyes made him understand that he was being tricked again.

The red shadow is Baoyun. As time went by, her divine will became more and more vivid. At this time, she giggled and turned into an almost invisible red light, which flickered and appeared, always making shadows around Huanyinzi.

Huan Yinzi’s face was mixed with green and red, and finally he yelled, shook off the sun-covering ring, and walked away in the form of light, his energy was in a state of chaos.

Falling just before the opportunity to reach the sky in one step, no one can bear it. Not to mention anything else, just getting rid of the raging inner demons will be enough for him to suffer for decades.

If Lu Suhua wanted to take his life at this time, it would be really easy, but it was obvious that the female cultivator had no interest at all.

Yu Ci also smiled bitterly. He did not hesitate to directly use the body of the Pingping Pearl and used the only chance to use it on the sun-occulting ring. He indeed had expectations for Huanyinzi, but he would never have thought of it. , Huan Yinzi is so “useless”!

The magic sect’s secret method has always been a double-edged sword, and clues will emerge from this incident; it can also be seen from this that Lu Suhua’s pressure has reached the level of defeating others without fighting.

Fortunately, he would never place all his hopes on others. Baoyun turned into light and still locked the sun-covering ring. Facing the enemy of life and death, Baoyun never lacked consciousness, and Yu Ci also felt empty in his heart. Control of things was given to her.

After hastily completing this remedy, Yu Ci had to turn his mind.

Lu Suhua’s fist intention is terrifying. The Xuanwu Dharma and the Death Demon’s magical power cannot be stopped. The forward attack is coming. Even under the protection of the Xuanwu Dharma, all the magic weapons in the altar are scattered and scattered to varying degrees. Injured.

Only the Jade God Cave Spirit Seal remains under the altar, standing as firmly as a mountain. Previously, under the influence of the Xuanwu Dharma, the aura was restrained and the light and shadow were alienated, but now he could no longer hold back.

This seal is also what Yu Ci relies on most.

The thought stirs up the spirit-serving text: “Deter a hundred ghosts, drive away the poisonous dragon, clear the air and move the talisman, combine the heaven and the earth to feel the gods – the treasure seal summons 1

This time, Yu Ci never said please!

On the altar, the pure air was stimulated and soared into the sky, transforming into sweet rain, and the stars fell down bit by bit.

The Dharma Seal is the sum of the powers of heaven. The monks use the Dharma Seal as a medium to communicate with the will of the laws of heaven and earth, and borrow its authority. If the merit level is shallow, they can move the Qi and absorb the truth, and increase the magic power;

Yu Ci started with Talisman. He is the most friendly with Dharma seals and other things. It was just that his cultivation was not enough in the past and the level was not high enough, so he did not show his full potential. Now the level is different and the situation is different. The Jade God Cave Spirit Seal Seal is different from before. It’s also completely different.

Bao Yin did not directly fight with Lu Suhua’s fist, but borrowed the true meaning of talismans to imitate the geology of the sky, rolled the energy, moved the stars, and in an instant, an alternative world was opened up. This world has no other use, but is most suitable for stimulating the power of Xuanwu Dharma and enhancing the power of the dead demon.

As for how to excite, gain geometry

Above the blue sky, the stars swayed in the outer sky. It was originally afternoon time, but when the sun set in the west, I saw that the night had lost its patience and rushed over from the east.

In the blink of an eye, the darkness spread, the shadow of the sun disappeared, the moon disappeared, only the stars filled the sky, and the light and darkness met. In the Arctic sky, dozens of stars that can be seen are coiled into a basalt shape, dividing the starry field, starting with the fighting stars and ending with the Bisu. They swallow yin and yang, encompassing creation, seeming to be moving yet still, and seeming to be sleeping and waking up. .

In comparison, the Xuanwu Dharma that is entrenched in Chengqi Heaven is completely invisible. Or, to be more precise, the Xuanwu Dharma and the stars in the sky are blended together, completely integrated into them, and it is difficult to distinguish them from each other. .

Even with Lu Suhua’s ambition, she was stunned for a moment when she saw this beautiful scenery that seemed to have been created by the universe. However, she felt that the deep night sky was pouring down, and the basalt star phase was tilting its head and tail, showing its majestic figure, which could almost subvert it. Half of the starry sky.

In a matter of seconds, the Xuanwu Star directly filled the world with its magic power, forming its unique “domain”.

This world seems to be similar to the realm of real people, but the “my heart turns into the heart of heaven” in this realm conflicts with the laws of heaven and earth. However, the magical power of the Jade God Cave Spirit Seal can bridge this contradiction, and even It is to make them enhance each other, just like what Yunloushu did before, but it is more direct and effective than the former.

There is nothing better than this to control the authority of heaven.

Yu Ci never thought that the power of the Jade God Cave Spirit Seal could be so powerful. It was like he had never been as happy as he is now in his life.

The magical power he borrowed was not his. The dead demon magical power came too quickly and was not gradually cultivated. It was only the talisman. From the beginning of his practice, to the Xuanyuan fundamental energy method, to the Tianyuan natal golden talisman, step by step Come.

Especially before moving the stars back to the Xuanwu Star Territory and transporting envoys on a large scale to practice the supreme practice and wish for immeasurable Buddha light, every bit of progress is engraved in the heart, every detail is vividly remembered, and now it is the Xuanwu Dharma , observe its yin and yang, know its movement and stillness, feel its mystery, and enter into its true meaning. The lively, flowing, clear and all-reaching enlightenment, as well as the heartfelt and hearty feeling of wherever the mind goes and the magical power is instantaneous, makes him want to shout loudly. Only when you scream can you express your pleasure.

In the blink of an eye, the situation was reversed. Within the reach of Lu Suhua’s fist, he was fighting not only the Xuanwu Dharma, but also the mighty force of heaven and earth that was affected by the Dharma.




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