Ask the Mirror Chapter 291: The three-way intersection (Part 1)

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The residents of Wutuo City are the kind of people who are relatively late-minded. The main reason is that most of the masters of Tianduo Sect and Chongqi Sect have evacuated in advance. There are almost no Buxu monks in the city. There is a lack of suitable leaders to sense the crisis and deal with emergencies. The initial chaos in the city, including some street people, People were hacking and killing indiscriminately, which was very similar to the unscrupulous behavior of sand bandits.

People who dare to live in Wutuo for many years are always more resistant to this kind of thing.

However, when the demonic energy is noisy, heavy as a mountain, snowflakes fall to the ground and turn into ice, and all kinds of strange phenomena appear, no matter how weak your cultivation is, you can still feel the weirdness and monster in the atmosphere.

When at least tens of thousands of heads in the city exploded almost at the same time, plasma splashed, the strong stimulation suddenly penetrated the psychological defenses of most people, and the collective fear could not be suppressed at all. I don’t know who it was. After shouting first, more than half of the city with a million people fled like headless flies, and the whole city was in chaos.

The chaos near Piantian Tower is already like boiling soup. The Tianduo Sect’s patriarchal laws are strict. Although the deacons upstairs are fighting with each other, they still have to go upstairs to report.

The demon spirit focused its attention outside, focusing on the dense qi movement, and ignored it. With a wave of its sleeves, it pushed the deacon down the stairs.

This can be regarded as an instruction. In the Piantian Tower, all kinds of people are scattered like birds and beasts.

However, chaotic noises still emerged one after another. The monks in the city, who were usually affected by Tianduozong’s anger, were now disturbed by the demonic thoughts, and their courage doubled. I don’t know how many people came over to kill them.

These people pose no threat to the demon spirits, but they cannot stay in this place. The longer they stay in the city, the greater the possibility of being involved.

But today is a lucky day. The Demonic Void appears externally, one after another. Even if it is incomparable in terms of scale, when you think about it, there is something mysterious.

The demon spirit slowly went downstairs, braving the heavy snowfall, and prepared to leave through the channel set by Tianduo Sect. Halfway through, it suddenly stopped again, suddenly dodged, and hid in the nearest shadow. , there is no sound.

A little later, the demon kingdom above dropped an invisible thread, inserted it from its original position, and hit the target empty.

Sure enough, it is better to leave. The Shinto awareness accumulated in the demon kingdom is so sensitive. Although he used evil methods, Liu Guan’s own Shinto cultivation can be regarded as an invasion.

Thinking like this, it turned the corner, but the next moment, it paid a small price for its distraction.

On the other side of the street, a figure happened to flash out. Both parties were so clever at hiding their auras, and both were a little distracted that they could clearly see each other at such a distance.

The demon spirit lacks emotion and has an expressionless face, but among the two dazzling female nuns over there, the beautiful nun in a small hat “recognized” it, looking a little surprised:

“Heart-stealing Taoist?”

It turned out that an acquaintance, the demon spirit, instantly retrieved the remaining memories of Taoist Taoist Heart-Taoist. It went smoothly. In a corner, there was information about this nun:

“Master Miaoxiang.”

It nodded slightly and dodged into the darkness again. This was a bit rude and not in line with the usual behavior of Taoist Taoist Seizer, but the imminent disaster was the best explanation.

It doesn’t matter if you are suspicious, there is no need for the demon spirit to put too much effort into hiding his identity.

But then again, the female cultivator in plain white clothes next to Miao Xiang did not give him a good feeling. Her clear eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the Taoist Taoist’s body and reach the soul level.

This is one of the reasons why it left in a hurry.

“He is the leader of Tianduo Sect and Taoist Duoxin.”

Miao Xiang mentioned something to Bai Lian, but seeing that Bai Lian didn’t care much, he didn’t introduce it in detail.

In Bai Lian’s heart, she was not as indifferent as what appeared on her face. The Taoist Taoist who flashed across the way gave her a very strange feeling, but there were things more important than Taoist Taoist.

She stretched out her hand, took a piece of falling snowflakes, looked at the delicate ice crystal structure, and admired in a low voice: “The Taixuan ban is indeed unparalleled in the world.”

Miao Xiang expressed his goodwill smoothly: “The defensive power of the envoy is not bad.”

Bai Lian smiled: “It’s still a little worse”

“The only difference is a chance.”

Miao Xiang already has some basic understanding of the goal Bai Lian is pursuing. Bai Lian chased her all the way from Huayan City, as if she was inspired by “chance”. This involves the mystery of the “Unsullied Lotus” method practiced by Bai Lian. She doesn’t quite understand it. She only knows that the strength is uncertain, but it must exist. “Opportunity” suddenly disappeared yesterday.

The last place it appeared was Wutuo City.

So, Bai Lian stopped and looked for clues, and happened to encounter a battle between Yu Qingxuan and Liu Guan.

At Bai Lian’s level, he can naturally see the Shadow Demon Realm and the demon kingdom that lives on it, and he can also deeply feel the high-level wrestling and game between the two powerful men.

More importantly, she had some thoughts on the conflict itself.

After sorting out the causes and consequences, she thought thoughtfully: “Throughout the journey, the opportunity seemed to follow Lu Suhua’s line, but it definitely did not fall on anyone here. The induction was cut off out of thin air, not like a natural It disappears and can be sealed without leaving any trace. Taixuan Ban is the only one who can do it.”

When he heard the words “Tai Xuan Ban”, Miao Xiang remained calm but his heart was filled with ripples.

Not long after, Xiao Wu was kicked out of Cheng Qitian and had nothing to do. He also used telepathy to talk to her about Yu Ci being frozen

Glancing at the snowflakes in the sky, she asked seriously for the first time: “What exactly is this opportunity?”

“It’s a treasure that I entrusted to my soul before I became enlightened.” Bai Lian stopped talking and didn’t want to mention it too much to Miao Xiang.

“Oh, the Dharma Envoy is also a different kind of enlightenment.”

This question was a bit rude, but Bai Lian was very well-educated and didn’t take it seriously, smiling and nodding.

Miao Xiang suddenly had an idea in her mind. Her memory went back in an instant and captured a certain fragment. At the same time, her eyes scanned the green lotus crown on Bai Lian’s head. Bai Lian always liked plain colors. This crown was The only piece of clothing on her that wasn’t white.

What a coincidence?

She lowered her eyes and returned to her usual indifferent attitude: “There is chaos in the city now, and there is no benefit in staying here.”

Bai Lian smiled apologetically at her: “Wait a moment, there is a clue, I want to look at it again.”

“Oh, really?”

Miao Xiang had a look of disdain on his face, and then he asked softly: “What clues are there?”

“Well, the source of the tribulation in the city, now the changes are getting stronger and stronger.”


It is rare to hear Bai Lian say such words without any preface and follow-up. For a moment, Bai Lian seemed to be slowing down and walked forward.




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