Ask the Mirror Chapter 289: The meaning of Taixuan in the Net of the Void (2)

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The evil thoughts wander within the scope of the “big net”. The crude structure seems to be nothing to look at, but it will not be fooled by the superficial situation. Rather than looking at the net, it is better to say that it is looking at the “net” as the skeleton and the six desires flowing in it, and it is also locking in it. something of value.

Man’s six desires, emotions and thoughts are like a surging river, with mud and sand falling under it. The demon spirit believes that if Yu Ci dares to use the demon void method to set up this big net, there will definitely be a way to pick out the “pearls” inside.

The so-called “pearl” refers to the clearest part of each person’s mind, including thinking, mental power, spiritual response, etc., which is hidden deep in the turbid currents of the six desires and involves all levels of the soul. It is a very complex combination. The purpose of setting up the “big net” is to extract and connect everyone’s minds from the turbid currents of six desires driven by the Heavenly Magic Gate, and to achieve the effect of integrating the power of all parties and gathering the hearts of everyone invisibly. .

Just like thinking about something that one person cannot figure out, if several people discuss it together, it is very possible to overcome the difficulty.

This must be Yu Ci’s purpose.

However, these targets are thousands of miles apart from each other, and under normal circumstances, there is no possibility of communication. What Yu Ci is doing now is to guide and provide a vehicle for communication.

According to the authentic mental method, it is best for the carrier to be built in the sea of ​​​​consciousness of the caster, so that it can be adjusted and guided at any time. That is the prototype of the “Tianmo Temple”, but Yu Ci’s current situation obviously has no way, so he chooses elsewhere. , among those goals, it is impossible to have any suitable ones.

The devil is very aware of Yu Ci’s difficulties, but in fact, this is not really a difficulty, especially for Yu Ci.

Onlookers know that the demon spirit has thought of a solution a long time ago, and Yu Ci will also think of it sooner or later. Hey, he has already thought of it?

The demon spirit was a little surprised. It sensed that the center of the “big net” began to shift. It was no longer placed in the brain of any target, but stayed in the void with no support.

That’s it!

Since no one can withstand the pressure of the “big network” operation, then simply get rid of the real carrier and directly create a virtual one

On the Piantian Tower, the demon spirit was stunned for a moment, and a flash of light suddenly flashed through him: A virtual one came out?

The changes over there interfered with its fragile train of thought.

Yu Ci used the already formed “big net” as the main stable structure, strengthened the circuit connecting his own qi, leaving a ray of distraction in it, and then used the magical power of the void to blessing him, creating a short-term and incomplete independence. The space was built quickly.

This is based on the fact that Yu Ci possesses the magical power of the void, and his endurance is more than a hundred times higher than that of ordinary people. As long as there is an effective method of sorting out, this simple communication network can operate.

What Yu Ci did was almost exactly the same as what the demon spirit thought. This kind of demon spirit is a bit strange. As soon as my thoughts changed, I suddenly realized that it was possible that its thoughts penetrated into the “big net” and were collected by the way?

It’s hard to confirm exactly how it is. The only thing that is known is that Yu Ci is indeed doing things efficiently:

The virtual structure is completed, which can be regarded as the prototype of the Heavenly Demon Palace. It is independent of the goals of each parasitic demon species. It contains Yu Ci’s distractions, and the operation of the space is dominated by distractions.

Affected by the dissolution of Taixuan ice, the dominant power of distraction was still very difficult at the beginning. However, affected by the magical power of the void and the stimulation of the outside world, the distraction movement became faster and faster, and there were Kou Chu and You You With Rui’s help, the efficiency was greatly increased, which in turn stimulated the main consciousness, and the speed of ice melting seemed to be accelerated.

But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Yu Ci’s main consciousness has transferred all control of the void in his heart except for Cheng Qitian and Tuling Prison who are in the frozen state. , in this way, distraction can use a considerable part of the power.

The interference from the turbid current of six desires is getting smaller and smaller, causing some trouble in hiding the demonic thoughts. The demon spirit does not force it, and withdraws the demonic thoughts and returns to the void where it was previously manifested.

The difference and contrast between moving from a crude and simple temporary space to a complete and sufficient manifested void is very strong.

The demon spirit lacks feelings, but looking at this frozen world, it knows that the magical power of the Demon Palace should be injected here, but it will be delayed for the time being.

When the ice is removed and the two voids merge, it will be a matter of course.

It should be a matter of time, or so it thought.

For Yu Ci, obtaining the magical power of the Heavenly Demon Palace will naturally increase his strength, but the demon spirits are also happy to see the results.

What it has learned comes from the Demon Sect, but it restrains the Demon Sect in every way. If Yu Cizhen adds the magical power of the Heavenly Demon Palace, it will be like adding a few flaws out of thin air, which will be more conducive to seizing the body in the future. Now look at the Heavenly Demon Palace that has been temporarily moved outside

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a lightning-like aura!

Countless electric lights flashed, illuminating the haze and fog.

On the Piantian Tower, the demon spirit suddenly stood up. The remaining consciousnesses from Duoxin San and Qiu Wu input the ecstatic emotions into the body, and then fed back to the physical body. It laughed loudly in the building, and the building shook.

The Heavenly Demon Palace moves the magical power of the void outward!

Isn’t this Biluo Tianque?

That’s it, that’s it!

No wonder it knew that Biluo Tianque was floating directly above the Underworld Secret Mansion, but it never found any clues. It turned out that its direction was wrong from the beginning.

It only thinks about the infinite magical power of the void that is unique in the world, but it ignores the foundation of this magical power.

No matter how powerful the magical power is, its root originates from the “Tianmo Temple” method. This is the imprint of the Infinite Void God Lord. It can be covered up, but it cannot be rid of.

If you look at it this way, the Mysterious Spirit Ruler is really just a simple projection. Starting from it is like a mirror, a mirror, a flower in the water, and out of reach.

If you really want to find your target, you should not look for it from the outside world, but from the heart of the person!

As a believer of the Infinite Void God Lord, the demon spirit already knows what to do.

The believers are clues, and it is also a believer, but it is definitely not here. The Underworld Secret Mansion is just a cover for the outside world, and it is impossible to leave clues to others, so it will not be exposed to it.

We should look for those old Beihuang and old believers who have been surviving since the Three or Four Tribulations ago. Although the sea has changed, personnel have changed, and the search is very difficult.

On this side of the void, Yu Ci has Taixuan Ice Solution, which is both a ban and a protection, so it is difficult to take action for a while. Rather than waiting here, it is better to leave temporarily and search for those survivors with all our strength. Of course, this person has extraordinary magical powers and his potential is much greater than that of the Taoist Heart Seizer. He will not let him go easily and will leave a trace of evil thoughts behind. Wait. When the time is right, let’s seize the body again.

As its mind shifts, the ability to hide the demonic thoughts will be greatly reduced, and it is necessary to find a good bunker. The best choice is the dead demon area below, but the changes there are too fast, and Yu Ci will definitely sweep them from time to time. Maybe he will be “accidentally killed” at some point. His thoughts turned and he thought of a wonderful place.

The demonic thought insect crawled, gradually disappeared, and moved again. This time, it came to the space of Yunlou Tree.

Yu Ci created the void and connected it with the space of Yunloushu. This is undoubtedly a storage place. As long as the evil bug finds an inconspicuous object and attaches to it, the possibility of being discovered is minimized.

However, as soon as he entered, the demon spirit was almost blinded.




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