Ask the Mirror Chapter 287: The Demonic Spirit Tracks the Humanoid Tribulation (Part 2)

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Yu Ci didn’t understand for a while, and was stunned for a long time. Suddenly he looked in the direction of the Chongqi Gate. The Yuan Shen spontaneously adjusted his eyesight and looked at it with the Dharma Eye. He saw a red light in that direction, like a lantern falling on the ground, rolling towards him. Roll away, and another strange red cloud rises, reflecting in the mid-air.

I have seen this Yu Ci before, and he blurted out: “Baoyun?”

“You also know how to transform a girl into a demon in her body?”

Yu Ci is confused, what is a girl’s demon? The thought was still lingering, but I remembered that day I saw Baoyun, the wonderful scene hidden in the red clouds.

Having this knowledge, he added an extra layer of power to his Yuan Shen Dharma Eyes, penetrated the red clouds, and sure enough he saw the naked beauty in the red clouds that he had also seen before. Her appearance was constantly changing, either happy or sad. , either fearful or angry, but no matter what expression it is, it is charming and charming.

And a moment later, as if she sensed his gaze from afar, the beautiful woman’s eyes moved forward and met his gaze, which actually aroused a slight thought in him, and in the empty soul-slaying prison in his heart, a wave of All the death demons are ready to move.

It was indeed her

Yu Ci’s heart sank as she heard Yu Qingxuan say: “As soon as you entered the city, the disaster was planted on that woman and she was induced. It must be aimed at you.”

Yu Ci could only say “yes”.

“This woman encountered demonic imprisonment and gave birth to inner demons early on. At this time, she was mixed with the magic power of the Heavenly Tribulation. The inner demons turned into Yin demons, half-pregnant and formed, and she has the potential to dominate. I see that at this time, she is angry, fearful The five emotions of sorrow, hatred, and desire are already prepared. Once the emotions of a living being are possessed, they may manifest and become the attributes of the evil demon; if they are infected by the heavenly demon, they will become the relatives of the heavenly demon.”


Yu Qingxuan still said in a calm tone: “Once the Yin Demon or the Heavenly Demon takes shape, its body is the first nourishment, and then it transforms into the Heavenly Heart Tribulation, immediately triggering the Devil’s Tribulation. Of course, it is difficult for you to escape. It is tens of thousands of miles around. , I can’t tell who will be harmed.”

At this point, she got to the most important part: “You must have caused this calamity.”

Yu Ci could not speak.

He has nothing to worry about if there are too many lice. But this source must be his doom of death, which is closely related to the emptiness in his heart, and it is really difficult to respond.

Yu Ci suddenly understood the reason why Lu Qing was holding back.

But even he, the initiator, cannot solve this problem. After all, the level of Tianxin’s circulation and change is too high. Unless he succeeds in breaking through the catastrophe – at that time, the outcome of Baoyun is still unknown.

My brows are already knotted, partly because I don’t know how to preserve the treasure, and partly because I don’t know what impact this will have on the current situation.

I also thought that since Yu Qingxuan was here, I could just ask for advice. Why bother?

He sincerely asked for advice, and Yu Qingxuan responded calmly: “I can use Taixuan’s ice-breaking method to seal his vital soul and temporarily block the calamity. However, without confirming the source of the calamity, only a slight inducement will make the situation worse. Bad.”

Under the shadow of the gloomy hood, his eyes looked directly at Yu Ci, and they were locked directly.

Yu Ci smiled bitterly: “So what if the source is confirmed?”

“Just cut off the root of right and wrong.”

Yu Qingxuan responded calmly: “It’s just that I made a mistake in my judgment. I thought it was the source of evil desire, but when I saw your true form, I changed my mind. This is still caused by your death demon.”


Yu Ci was suddenly agitated. Why did the word “kill” sound so chilling? He didn’t dare to think too much, and grinned: “It would be best if Palace Master Yu helps me to eliminate the catastrophe of the death demon.”

“Life or death is not up to you, I can’t help you.”

Yu Ci was not surprised at all, but the matter came back: “What should we do about Baoyun?”

“It is still frozen, placed in the magic circle, buried deep underground, so that you two will not meet. When this matter is over, you have survived the disaster, and then deal with it.”

This sounds a bit reliable, but Lu Qing still needs to extract the magic forbidden treasure from Baoyun’s body. As soon as he mentioned this matter, Yu Qingxuan said coldly:

“At this time, the demonic energy in her body was mixed together. They had already become independent of each other, and the whole body was affected by the slightest influence. What kind of demonic prohibition was there?”


Yu Ci was really stunned this time.

Yu Ci didn’t come back to his senses until he reached the Chongqi Gate.

When he arrived, all the senior officials of Chongqi Sect welcomed him out, but Yu Qingxuan was no longer behind him, and he disappeared halfway. The monks of the Chongqi Sect were not surprised by this, because Yu Qingxuan preferred to be quiet and not to make noise, and would not show up in front of others unless necessary.

For Yu Ci, the Chongqi Sect naturally welcomed him warmly, but Yu Ci also saw that few of them knew his true identity, and he always called him “Mr. Jiuyan”. , but indeed it was concealed.

Obviously, this was Yu Qingxuan’s arrangement, and Zhu Wenying, an insider, was executing it perfectly.

According to Yu Ci’s plan, the first person he wanted to visit when he came to Wutuo City this time was Bao Yun. But now, he just asked Zhu Wenying about Bao Yun’s current situation and nothing else. Under the current circumstances, according to what Yu Qingxuan said, isolation for a period of time is most reliable.

After settling down, Yu Ci sat in the quiet room, calming his mind, but he couldn’t help but sigh.

Sighing was of no use. He still had to cheer up and communicate with Lu Qing about the changes in this period. Just when he was about to use the divine starlight to establish contact, he patted his forehead again:

He was really knocked unconscious by a stick. He still didn’t understand Yu Qingxuan’s intentions at all.

Ignoring anything else at the moment, I called Zhu Wenying, who had been on duty outside the door, to make his meaning clear. Within a moment, there was a response from the other side, asking Yu Ci to go and discuss the matter.

The upper and lower cities of Wutuo City are called “Zhicheng” and “Root City” respectively. As the heavy weapon sect, they naturally placed the two distinguished guests Yu Qingxuan and Yu Ci in Gen City, which has the best living conditions. Within the circle of true cultivation.

Yu Qingxuan did not wait for him in the quiet room, but stopped at a high place, his sky blue cloak hanging down naturally, like a ghost.

Yu Ci took a few steps in front of her. He wanted to speak, but he was used to tit-for-tat with her, so he couldn’t speak. He simply pursed his lips and stayed silent, scanning the area with her.

The True Cultivation Circle in the city was originally the private area of ​​the Tianduo Sect. After the rise of the Zhongqi Sect in recent years, it was forcibly divided into separate areas. But for some unknown reason today, the popularity in the real cultivator circle was really low. As far as Yu Ci could tell, everywhere was empty and the atmosphere was weird.

After an unknown amount of time, Yu Qingxuan spoke calmly: “Shuicheng contacted Donghua Palace and reached an agreement. As long as you are no longer involved in this matter, Lu Suhua will not embarrass you again.”




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