Ask the Mirror Chapter 285: Send love to relatives and friends and send Yuanhun Jade (Part 1)

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Yu Ci was so angry that even if he was being disrespectful and took the initiative to help, he was not welcomed, but the jade wall was given by you, Lu Qing, right? Now that it has caused such a big disturbance, don’t you? Any expression?

It was difficult to say this, but his expression said a lot. However, Lu Qing’s expression was: What kind of disturbance?


Lu Qing then asked: “What is the current situation?”

Does she really not know? Yu Ci finally suppressed the anger in his heart, simplified the complex and briefly described the situation. He also selected some information from You Rui and told it to Lu Qing, and specifically mentioned Lu Suhua.

As expected, Lu Qing was completely uninterested in the God of the Void and the Great Brahma Demon King. He only asked: “Is my compatriot in the palace? What is she doing there?”

“What else are you doing? Practicing boxing 1

“What kind of boxing stance are you putting on?”

Seeing her becoming more and more devoted, Yu Ci narrowed his eyes, thought for a moment, and then transmitted what he saw to Tie Lan for him to display. He didn’t understand the meaning of the fist, so after two more retellings, he could only get its shape and add a verbal description. He didn’t know if Lu Qing could understand it.

Lu Qing probably understood: “It’s not quite the ‘Three Yuan Hammer’ yet, but it’s almost there.”

After speaking, he returned to silence.

Yu Ci wondered if he would cut him down with a sword if he were here. There is no doubt that Lu Qing has been challenging the limit of his tolerance. Now, he couldn’t help it anymore: “I’m helping you.” Hey, maybe you don’t care, but I’ve already said that this is not your problem alone, Master Lu. I treat you as a friend. Shouldn’t you also respond?”

He was a little incoherent, and even forgot that he was speaking through the mouth of Tie Lan, and restored his previous title.

Lu Qing was silent for another moment, then turned to Tie Lan and said, “Thank you, Master, for me.”

Knowing that Yu Ci was borrowing Tie Lan’s mouth, but still asking Tie Lan to pass on the message, this meant not talking to Yu Ci. Yu Ci was so angry that he fell back, almost detonating his inner demon. The shadow ghost next to him was still sneering, adding fuel to the fire.

Yu Ci felt that his brain was boiling. Now he knew that Lu Qing had never expected others to help. At the core, this female cultivator had always been independent. Maybe she only believed in herself

At this time, he felt that the sneer of the shadow ghost next to him was particularly harsh, and he glared at it. Shadow ghost was surprised by this:

“Are you really angry? This doesn’t look like you”

Yu Ci snorted and refused to pay attention to him. Shadow Ghost didn’t care at all, he just shook his head: “You have to be measured when you help others. I don’t need to teach you the principles of friendship and enmity. Your dead ghost master, although people are a bit stupid, there are only the only ones in the world. An example.”

He was referring to Yu Zhou Laodao. Because of the poor description, Yu Ci stared at him even more unkindly. But when the emotions caused by Shadow Ghost’s words spread, the previous anger and depression turned into a long sigh. :

As far as he and Yu Zhou were concerned, the two of them met each other, which was something they could only meet but couldn’t ask for. It was regrettable that when the old man needed help, he didn’t have the ability; but when he had the ability, he couldn’t help him. You can’t find anyone like that.

Chong Nao’s anger subsided, and Yu Ci felt disheartened for a moment. Yes, in Lu Qing’s eyes, he was undoubtedly an outsider in the actual situation.

Lu Qing and Yu Zhou are different after all!

After I completely figured this out, inexplicable emotions were like a spring that suddenly penetrated, gurgling in my heart. Yu Ci shook his head and laughed, patting his forehead to let the low and sober feeling continue, and began to think about how to make this confusing matter have a reasonable outcome.

But at this moment, Lu Qing turned around, his sight seemed to penetrate the iron barrier and reach Cheng Qitian thousands of miles away:

“Are you determined to win Biluo Heavenly Palace?”

Yu Cizheng was in a low mood, his thoughts were wandering, and he couldn’t figure out the situation for a while. On the other side of Tielan, there was naturally silence – a bit tit-for-tat.

Lu Qing’s patience was very good. She flew silently beside Tielan as if nothing happened.

Yinggui couldn’t help it anymore and urged Yu Ci to respond: “Let’s see what she said1

Yu Ci thought about it carefully and responded: “For the time being, as long as others don’t get it, it will be fine.”

This statement is very damaging, but it is also very real. Biluo Heavenly Palace has a good chance of becoming the target of public criticism at this time. If he takes it by force, he will run the risk of extinction, and there is nothing he particularly wants in it. However, with the vow of the Compassionate Light Buddha of the Ten Directions, he will have to go to that place sooner or later to solve other problems. The demonic consciousness that was chopped off.

Neutralize it twice, this is the conclusion.

Lu Qing nodded slightly: “If you are not in a hurry, I would like to point out a way for fellow Taoists. When it comes to the study of the God of the Void, there is no one who can become a monk in the world. If you go and ask for help, you may gain something. ”

Yu Ci was stunned. Even if everything Lu Qing said was true, those things were so precious and the implications were so great. How could Mrs. Huang Quan, a great person in this world, listen to her daughter and give him the results?

This is completely unreasonable.

Lu Qing said again: “I have an agreement with my parents. If one day, if there is a true blood conflict, we need to inform them. Destroying the jade wall is one of them. With the help of my Taoist friends, I destroyed my father. Going to the palace and luring ‘her’ there is the best result, but we still need to send another letter.”


“My father is currently out in the field, but my mother, Mrs. Huang Quan, currently lives in Donghua Mountain. I am writing a letter today, which can be regarded as a recommendation to fellow Taoists.”

Yu Ci understood somewhat. Could this be what Lu Qing told him?

He was silent. In the past, he would have refused and searched for more details. But now that he has realized the difference in attitude between the two, his thoughts have changed.

At this time, Lu Qing had already taken out a sleeve bag and brought it to Tie Lan.

Tie Lan was ordered by Yu Ci to open it for inspection. There were two things inside, one was a paper letter that was rare in the spiritual world, and the other was a piece of jade in the shape of magatama, with hundreds of blood streaks floating on it, forming a twisted character. Yu Ci used the talisman method to observe it and recognized that it was a “Yuan” character.

“This is the ‘Jade to Send the Soul’. When I left the mountain, my father gave me a jade wall, intending for me to inherit the demon sect’s lineage and build a new mountain gate as an explanation. My mother gave me this jade, which seems to have been seen for a long time. By this day, this jade has been nurtured by me all year round and has become fundamentally connected to me. If it were in my mother’s hands, I might have a little more vitality.”

Hearing the words behind him, Yu Ci felt a chill in his heart.

Lu Qing smiled slightly: “Send Yuanhun Jade is the foundation of picking me up. If I have demon stains, the jade will also react. Taoist friend is proficient in the art of talisman. If you have any symptoms, I will put it at your place.” , how about suppressing it on your behalf?”

Without waiting for Yu Ci’s response, she revealed her thoughts on connecting with Yuanhun Jade Qi machine.




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