Ask the Mirror Chapter 284: The picture of a sudden attack on the realm of destruction (Part 2)

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Bai Lian seemed unwilling to meet Lu Suhua in such a situation. Sensing his aura from a distance, she shook her head slightly, pulled her magic sign, turned into a ray of light, and walked away suddenly.

A little later, Lu Suhua drove a purple cloud, and when she arrived, her expression was still calm. She only glanced in the direction where Bai Lian was going, and then the purple cloud rose into the sky, reflecting the light in the mid-air.

Yu Ci has seen the magical power of Taichu Purple Qi, and can even detect the invisible and shadowless mind image clone. Chengqitian has established Daluotian, which has a deeper connection with this world. It is even more invisible than the mind image clone. If it’s worse, do we have to stop here today?

The more this happened, the more annoyed Yu Ci was about the white lotus. Thousands of miles away, there was the illusory power of Rakshasa, which was originally safe. Just because of her actions, it was all gone. I don’t know what method she used to measure the approximate location, which makes people uneasy.

While racking his brains to think of countermeasures, Lu Suhua paused for some reason and turned to look at the distant sky.

Yu Ci didn’t care what she was thinking, but she couldn’t miss such an opportunity. Before it was included in the scope of Taichu’s purple energy, she used all her magical power in the void to drive Cheng Qitian up. The speed was not fast, but she finally succeeded. Before Lu Suhua came to her senses, she widened the distance to a hundred miles away.

At this moment, news from afar came back, and Yu Ci frowned.

On the other side of Tielan, Lu Qing was wrapped around him. The delusional realm that had been running for a long time suddenly had new trends. Lu Suhua probably sensed the feeling of blood soul.

The realm of delusion is moving upwards, not very fast, towards the outer realm of the Nine Heavens.

At first Tie Lan thought it was Lu Qing’s own problem, but later he realized that there was a hidden force in the sky, like a long line from a fishing rod, exerting external force to pull the delusion upward. The images and scenes that naturally move in the delusion state also suffer some interference and become blurred.

Tie Lan knew something was wrong, so he turned his sword light into a blur and rushed upwards. Unexpectedly, he had only rushed three to five miles when he felt an invisible cold air pouring down, hitting his heart orifices. If he hadn’t always focused on his sword intent and had very few distracting thoughts, this time he would have been troubled.

Even so, after one blow, the cold murderous intent came out one after another, with almost endless momentum, but it came and went without a trace. It somehow invaded and almost froze his Yin body.

Tie Lan also noticed that this was because the other party allocated a considerable part of his energy to “take care of” Wan Jing, and because he had no interest in him, the gap in strength between him and the other party was really too big.

He is already a Buxu-level sword cultivator, so wouldn’t the opponent be a tribulation demon from outside the world?

Yu Ci took a deep breath. What he was worried about happened. The delusion realm had already provoked the demon, and it was only a matter of time before he was discovered by the demon at a higher level in the upper level of Biluo Tianyu. What should we do now?

The speed at which the realm of delusion is moving up is really slow. But at this rate, how long can it take to penetrate the blue sky that is only a few hundred miles high? After passing this area, it is the base camp of the extraterrestrial demon.

No matter how tenacious Ren Yuci was, she felt mentally and physically exhausted at this time.

Just as he was gritting his teeth and trying to exert force through the iron railing, the scene above him suddenly felt a big tremor. Through the perspective of the iron railing, it was possible to see that the picturesque scene began to shrink rapidly, but the figures above did not change due to the area. Shrunken and twisted, but sinking one after another, like a whirlpool, swallowing all these false figures.

In the blink of an eye, a real figure appeared in the center of the delusion, and that was Lu Qing.

Lu Qing was sitting cross-legged, holding something in his hand, swinging in the wind. Upon closer inspection, a long scroll unfolded, the shape of which was quite similar to the half-destroyed scroll in Lu Suhua’s hand.

On the long scroll, there is still a small half blank, but as the delusion gradually becomes thinner, those blanks are filled in one by one. Aren’t the images on it the evolution of the delusion? Finally, the long scroll was recovered and still in Lu Qing’s hands, looking exactly like a framed scroll.

On Cheng Qitian’s side, Yu Ci was stunned and almost forgot that there was an extraterrestrial calamity demon attacking over there.

Lu Qing reacted first. With a shake of his hand, the scroll was re-opened and half-opened. Tie Lan saw from a distance that what was shown above was a high cliff, and there was a person on the cliff looking into the distance with his hands behind his back. Although it is on the scroll, the clouds on the high cliffs, the mighty wind, and the vivid appearance of the robes and sleeves flying in the wind are all manifested like gods.

The painting is still evolving like a delusional state.

Now that the scroll was unfolded, the man in the painting seemed to have sensed it. He looked back, took a step forward, and was outside the scroll. He was still standing with his hands behind his back, looking proud of himself.

The only drawback is that its appearance is still a bit blurry and slightly transparent under the skylight.

“Familiar face”

On Cheng Qitian’s side, Shadow Ghost is also recalling: “I’ve seen him somewhere before for a long time.”

As he spoke, the man moved his hand in front of him and slowly made a fist stance. When the delusional state changed, the surrounding temperature had reached the point where dripping water turned into ice. But with this boxing stance, the temperature in this area of ​​​​the sky rose crazily. The sharp temperature change caused the airflow to roar and thunder.

Then, the man punched out, and in Tie Lan’s eyes, the whole sky was buzzing and vibrating, and people and scenery even had double shadows.

Yu Ci and Yinggui blurted out at the same time: “Lu Chen 1

Of course it was not the real Lu Chen, but a person who evolved from the delusion realm. He had no idea how much of Lu Chen’s fist intention he had brought with him. His cold murderous intention, like a maggot attached to a bone, was shattered by a punch at this moment.

Shadow Ghost was surprised: “Sure enough, she used the ‘Enter Dream’ method to drive away the illusion and turn reality into reality. But this momentum far exceeded her own strength. Could it be that she had swallowed all those demons?”

Still astonished here, Lu Qing unfolded his escaping light, rushed towards Tielan, and simply said the word “go” in his mouth.

Behind her, Lu Chen punched out and disappeared.

Tie Lan reacted. Of course, it was impossible for the Heavenly Tribulation Demon to be killed with just one punch. At that moment, he also used the invisible sword escape and shot it out. In Chengqi Tianzhong, Yu Ci hurriedly drew the power of the stars and heaven, and transformed into He took out two Hidden Fallen Flying Sky Talismans, regardless of consumption, and blessed them from the distance.

The external robbery demon was indeed unharmed that day. After being blocked by that punch for a moment, its murderous intention fell like an avalanche. At this time, Lu Qing and Tie Lan had already flown down hundreds of miles without a trace.

Yu Ci let out a long sigh in Cheng Qitian, and Shadow Ghost stood aside and reminded: “He’s gone over there too.”

“Huh?” Looking back, sure enough, under the deep blue sky, Lu Suhua had disappeared, and she didn’t know where she had gone.

Bewildered, evil fire rose up in him, and through Tie Lan’s mouth, he shouted angrily: “What the **** are you doing?”

Lu Qing was silent for a moment and said, “Do you want to borrow the mirror?”

“You are enough, no 1




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